The Antidote that Cured the Writer’s Block

It’s been awhile since I was able to write anything. I guess it is indeed true, that there comes a time in a so-called writer’s life where the ability to conjure anything longer than three sentences is like carving each damn letter in stone. I’m not sure if the well has gone dry though, because one time or the other I get the breaks I badly need. Like that time last January where I got chosen to represent our university in the upcoming CIRPS, which by the way is tomorrow, OMG!

Before becoming EIC, I have prided myself to be this award-winning campus writer, but as the myth of the EIC sumpa became my crown, it suddenly felt like my magnificent full-length wings were reduced to that of the majesty chicken wings could well manage to produce.

The pressure is unbelievable! And as time dwindles down, the intensity of fainting each time I’d remember the contest become more and more hard to fight.

But I guess when you are about to suffocate, something happens that gives you that much needed boost of confidence, or maybe that hard whack on the head that tells you to stop scaring yourself with silly assumptions that do you no good.

And I was probably about to suffocate – and die – that I had my share of cosmic intervention just this morning. It came as such a surprise that the smile it caused me was on a megawatt level – very much felt like I just received a bunch of roses and Valentine’s was just a couple of weeks ago!

See, as unfortunate as it was, my man was not the biggest fan of my passion for writing since it made me travel here and there from time to time and it was hard for him to take that (sometimes I find it cute, sometimes I’m not so sure). But the pleasant surprise he left me was enough to shot me up to cloud 9, not only because it was the sweetest thing in the world but also because it told me that he believes in me and that he knew I could do good and that I have his full support and confidence – at a time when even I doubted myself big time.

“oi bata ingat ka pag-alis mo at bumalek ka. hahaha! take care i love you. /peace. ^_^ galengan mo nga pala ha GOODLUCK! WOOHAHAHA kinakabahan na yan ui di ako na-me-mresure. ”

It was the sweetest thing in the world, and somehow, his faith in me became that oxygen line I terribly needed to keep myself standing and out together until tomorrow, and I’m quite sure it is enough to make me brave enough that even if I had to carve each fucking letter on stone just so I’d win it, I’d definitely take that chance – because of him.

As I type each letter of this entry, I realized that sometimes, the only cure to writer’s block is a tiny spark of inspiration… and a man who loves you.

5 thoughts on “The Antidote that Cured the Writer’s Block

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  2. MUSHY!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! not used to see, hear and read somehting from you like that! ahahahaha anyway, whatever, just to what you have to do and just go for it! hahaha

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