Mouth temporarily closed for renovation

It was mid-morning, I was lying on my back with my head awkwardly elevated and my eyes closed. I heard an irritating sound and it was then I decided to open my eyes. I couldn’t make out what I was seeing because I’m totally blinded by this intense white light, the fight that my eyes waged getting weaker and weaker by the minute.


Nah, I’m not dead. I was just on a dentist chair getting my teeth quarried, the holes so big I think whole peanuts could well fit them – and how I wish I’m exaggerating but I’m actually not.

God! You know what, I’m the type of girl who could well manage to bungee jump but is just petrified big time by a trip to the dentist. I hate it!

But if there’s any realization, I realized the glory keeping your mouth shut could bring. I mean, my cute ass was practically sewn unto that dentist chair for approximately two hours and the time I spent with my mouth kept open like it was some new found cave up for exploration was also approximately two hours. Wow. I think I’d like to keep my mouth shut for the rest of today.

I also thought giving blabbermouths and gossip-mongers free dentist trips is a good idea. I think they’d like that, and because they can’t keep their mouth shut, might as well put it to good use and give their toothies a good run down. All is happy in the end.

As for me, well, though I think the dentist chair is really a torture chamber in disguise, it can’t really stop me from having that next Hershey bar on the fridge, can it?


6 thoughts on “Mouth temporarily closed for renovation

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  4. right on track with the tsismis people thing… hahaha strap them so tight and dig deep into their tooth! hahaha i think that would make them good people… cleaning their mouth… ahahahaha at least… everything that will come out of their mouth will not only be the latest news but the freshest too! hahaha

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