Out-house review

I must admit I’m a bad ass student. As a matter of fact, this semester I only attended my minor subject four times. I’m not sure my instructor noticed though. I know, I know, my instructor very well deserves to hand me a 3.0 but I seriously doubt that though. If I’m Sibyl Trelawney here, I guess I could well manage to pull somewhere between 2.0 and 2.5, a 1.75 if my instructor’s damn generous even!

Heck, one more manifestation of my awful study habit is the fact that, for this academic year where our college implemented a year-round in-house review, I only attended my review sessions for one and a half days – take note of the ‘and a half part’ as it is very important, which reminds me of one funny incident where I heard the mother of my best friend complaining that for two consecutive days, my friend had not been attending her reviews, and I was totally swallowing my humongous guffaws! I was like, what the heck, her absences are even more than the days I attended mine, how could her mother nag at her for that, Jesus Christ.

But hey, before you pray for my ultimate downfall in the local nursing licensure boards, let me say that I haven’t slept all this time whereas all my batchmates have been burning their books. I  do my own review session right at home, while lying on my bed and fighting hard not to fall asleep. See I bought this test book and I doodle on it, I mean, I answer it and read the rationales there. And I like it that way because it’s simpler plus there’s no need for me to sit for eight hours forcing myself to listen through boring lectures which I hardly get at all because all I could think of is the door out of the classroom.

But designing your own in-house review is still pretty tough. The discipline you have to enforce on nobody else but yourself is awful and the heart to fight the call of TV where you still have 100 remaining questions to answer is just unbelievable. But I’m sticking with this because somehow I kind of feel this is working for me.

But come to think about it, I’ll still have my structured reviews come summer starts since my mother had been so eager to enroll me on a local review center. Oh, I don’t know how I’ll fair there, but I’m seriously considering attending if they promise to hand out leakages a week before the actual exams, that would be great!

6 thoughts on “Out-house review

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  2. ahahahahaha what a comment…
    well just for me…
    it’s not so bad not to attend classes…
    especially if you already know about the topic…
    besides, if ever you’ll be having an exam, you are going to pass it though,…
    even if you didn’t listen inside the class for hours…,
    AND,you need not waste the precious time and voice of your professor squeezing his/her throat to teach like 50 students inside the class…
    see, you are being helpful! hahaha
    it’s a matter of perspective… and knowing what you can do for yourself… duh.(x.X)

  3. erm.. u oughto be happy with a 3.0, if u only went to those subjs four times… FA would be the best grade for u if yer gon’ be asking for fair grading

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