Today we committed murder

While everybody in the world were probably glued to their televisions in wild anticipation of the Pacquiao-Marquez II, I must admit that before the actual fight,  my sister, my father, and I were busy doing something else – murder.

It began when my youngest sister noticed something wrong with Happy, our dog, blind dog.

“Yuck Happy, kadiri ka!”my sister exclaimed with utmost disgust in her face, then she called on my father to fix Happy. I, on the other hand, just remained seated on the same living room, laughing my heart out due to the horrible expression that painted my sister’s face.

Ikaw na ang mag-alis,” my father told her, him not wanting to get up from his comfy divan and trusting that my sister’s able enough to fix the matter with Happy.
My sister made a horrendous face again, but seeming that she was too bothered by Happy’s situation, she thought about a solution in order for her to be able to help the blind dog. She went up the stairs and when she came down, she was wearing disposable gloves, and I was probably on the ground now, hitting the floor because I couldn’t contain my laughter any longer!

See the problem with Happy was, my sister found out, was fleas. The dog had quite a number of plump raisin-sized fleas tucked disgustingly on her feet, and my sister was just so grossed out about it, she couldn’t bear not removing them but at the same time was so nauseous about the idea that she has to touch the over-fed fleas, so the solution, gloves!

When my father saw how desperate she was, he volunteered to help and pluck the yucky fleas off Happy. He and my sister started their efforts to unplagued Happy, and I… I continued to laugh till I had a stomachache.

Then my sister had another problem! “Saan ko ilalagay ang mga ‘to?!” she complained referring to the obese fleas they caught already, since she couldn’t murder them on the living room floor but she couldn’t leave Happy yet because the ‘harvesting’ is still on going.

My father instructed her to just place them on the floor but she panicked! “Eh baka tumakbo yung mga ‘to!” so she decided it was about time she went out in the garden to finally kill the giant fleas.

I was having such a nice laugh, and I was curious as to how she’d execute the pests that I followed her outside. I found her kneeling on the ground, with the fleas probably screaming and begging for her to spare their lives on flea language that we can’t understand. My sister was holding a small rock and pounding on a fat flea that was first on death row. When she saw me, she was annoyed. “Ayaw mamatay, ang kunat!” OMG. if so much laughter could kill I’m sure I’m cold now. Then she added, “Wala na bang mas malaking bato dito?!” then she stood up and looked for another instrument of terror, after instructing me to pay close watch on the fleas on the ground so that no one escapes.

It was then that my father also went out to see us, apparently with more relatives of the fleas. “Pa, ayaw mamatay eh!” my sister complained. So my father threw the cousins and Uncles of the first flea captives on the ground then on a split second merrily smudged them with his foot, leaving a disgusting taint of blood on the ground, which I think my mother won’t be so jolly about. And that was the end of the fleas.

“Eeeewwwww!” my sister and I screamed, completely grossed out. But you know what? When we looked at the fleas, amazingly, death or alive, they still look like raisins! Just more disgusting.


5 thoughts on “Today we committed murder

  1. Nagkakuto nun yung aso namin nung Grade 1 pa ko. Sobra sonrang garapata at kuto kaya nakalbo sya. Tapos nung umulan nagkaubo. Kadiri itinapon na lAng sya ng tatay ko sa ilog nung malapit na syang mamatay.

    PS Ganito kung pano mglagay ng picture. Punta ko dun sa pinagsusulatan mo ng posts mo. Tapos ilagay iupload mo dun yung picture at iresize mo sa tamang size. Kunin mo yung codes tapos ipost mo sa widget mo. 🙂

  2. OMG!!!!haha..its so funny..i thought kung ano ng murder yun…this is interesting…hehe.. you make me laugh this day…haha..

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