Why ‘let it be’ when there’s ‘letter E’!

It was disturbingly hilarious.

The last episode of American Idol cued this piece of memory in me. On the first week of the Final 12, Brooke White sang the Lennon-McCartney song, Let it be. I found her performance very heartfelt and moving, but I must say it was not my most favorite version of the song, not the most that affected my breathing space.

The best time I heard Let it be sung was when I was in Zambales, yes, during the CIRPS essay writing contest, and yes again, where I almost died. It was lunch time, awfully hot and terribly dusty, my mentor and I walking pass a construction in the Ramon Magsaysay Technological University, where we saw a guy taking his rest under the shades. He was singing a song, out loud, with all his heart, and tonsils.

“Let it be, let it be… Let it be, oh, let it be…” this was what we heard, being sung by the guy – or so we thought.

Once we got pass a bit off the construction, we could still hear the guy carrying his tune, and you know what? All along the man was singing, “Letter E, letter E… Letter E, oh, letter E…”


When my mentor and I finally absorbed the guy’s version of the song, I tried to ignore it because it was just too much, I thought it was so out of it, but when my mentor started laughing, oh boy, we surely had a good release of our stress!

If there’s any learning, I realized that really, this life is a matter of perspective – some people ‘let it be’, while others try to make it their own way and just letter E!


One thought on “Why ‘let it be’ when there’s ‘letter E’!

  1. Why letter E, pwede nmang b,g,t,p atbp. hahaha
    Letter E letter E, Letter E oh Letter E, speaking words of wisdom Letter E… hahaha pwede pwede

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