Subtitles make the world a better place!

Every beginning comes from some other beginnings end.

I just graduated from college last Wednesday. I can’t say that the pain is over though, because really, I like the ten percent discount on student fare, and now that I am done with school, I’m thinking, “hey, what am I supposed to do now?” because really, things where way simpler when I was still at the university. I wake up each morning, shower, skip breakfast because I’m late, then go to school to meet my same old rusty, disgusting chair, attend my first class and skip the next two and I’m done.

However, it was the graduation exercises that proved to be interesting, make that very interesting!

First, we didn’t have it on some fancy hotel or restaurant but on a basketball arena more like it. But I found that it was understandable because we were so many we couldn’t fit in any local hotel or restaurant! The only thing I hated about it was the heat! It was fucking dehydrating! If I had known it would be that uncomfortable I would’ve passed on attending. Oh, wait, parents might kill me, so I guess, if I had known it would be that hot I would’ve brought a huge blower and have it all to myself, huh!

The second and most interesting part was the guest speaker. I could think of three reasons why he was most fascinating: one, he was a foreigner, a philanthropist who sends students to our school on his scholarship program; two, he was a most successful man – blind man; and three, when he started to speak, at first I thought, the sound system sucked because I couldn’t make a word out of what he was speaking, but later I realized that he was delivering his speech on another language! OMG! But there was a man beside him who proved to be the interpreter, but the sad part was, he wasn’t very good at English too so you could imagine how painful it was.

Wow. I was just amazed at what I was seeing then, a bit disappointed because I wanted to care about what the guest speaker would be saying to us, but as it turned out, it was something like that of Coffee Prince on DVD, only without the subtitles. God, I wish there was a subtitle; it was there I realized how I loved subtitles. They make the world a better place.

Oh and the third reason why the graduation rocked? All the people I love where there and they were over the top happy and proud of me, especially when I got up that stage and took my medal and certificate of appreciation, but I don’t want to elaborate on that anymore, do I?

So it’s all over. It’s so over. What’s that thing again they say after graduation? Ah, I remember.

I guess it’s welcome to the real world.

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