Out-house review – again

As you might as well know, I was notorious when it came to attendance in the in-house review my university gave last academic year. The one and a half day I attended felt like a ruptured cerebral aneurysm on my head. But that’s that. However, since my two best friends were also at the college of nursing with me, it has been my habit to annoy them when it comes to their obsessive attendance with the then in-house.

One time, I had them both in my house and I was answering a test book when they arrived, and as natural as it was, I started to quiz them and it turned out that they didn’t know much about the questions in the book, which I accidentally happen to know so I would tease them and say out loud, to the danger of a tonsil laceration, “Ano ha, yan ba ang napapala nyo sa kakain-house nyo?” and I would laugh the most evil laugh in the world and, and choke.

Now a week after graduation, we are now attending review centers, and yes, I have not skipped class, yet. The fun part was, on the first day of the review class, they gave us a diagnostic exam, a pretest. It was 250 items and I expected that my neck would very well be broken as I go in one gallant attempt to hurdle each question with all the intellectual capacity of my peanut-sized brain, or, guess the answer, which was most likely what is to happen, and I know so because I know I was a slacker. But something happened that changed my mind from playing to a semi-serious state. They said whoever tops the exam gets a prize. Wow. I like prizes.

So I had a goal: to nab a seat, first five in a class of almost 200, I think.

They handed the exam good for two hours. I finished with an hour to spare. I wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad sign though. All the cum laudes are still answering and pondering heavily. Oh well, what the hell, who cares anyway.

It was seven PM and the moment of truth. I was nervous, because I was dying to go home. I hated all the blah-blah and frankly, at the end of the day I found myself not caring anymore about the prize because I was too tired, I just wanted to leave and fucking rest and I was disgusted by all the unnecessary talk still happening, it pissed me really.

But I liked it when they said I was fifth place.

3 thoughts on “Out-house review – again

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  2. My school also had Northcap review center as our in -house before the board exams last June 1 and 2. We have to attend every weekends for that. The thing that pisses me off big time is that the school said the grades from the drills we do in this review will be incorporated in grades at school which I think is stupid and fucked up. First of all, desperate, dumb students tried to check their own papers, shocking everyone of the heavenly scores that they get. The tired, underpaid, mediocre nurses who serve as proctors/watchers/yayas of us dont’ really give a shit. In the end, these students who get staggering grades in the transcript of records because of this system didn’t pass the board exam. Lesson here is, don’t be stupid enough to believe what the review centers tell you. They’d say they care for you, love you—and even use the name Of God in their slogans to make you surrender your hard-earned money and then leave you like shit!

  3. i think doing a self review and an in-house review makes a lot of difference… first is that when you are in house there is a possibility that you are going to stack on what the reviewer was telling you but if youre going to do it on your own… mmmmm maybe you can ask some of the passers and gain some ideas…

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