Upside Down

I hate it when I leave something well but it’s disabled by the time I get back.

Yesterday was quite a busy day for me, but no matter the day load I have, family comes first: so when I woke up, before doing anything, first things first – I played with my cat, Jin [Jin is a 4 month old Siamese cat, a gift from my man when I finished college a couple of months ago.]

Jin loved playing at our backyard since he spends most of his time at our room. I figured he must be a worm during his past life because he loved plants. I’m not really sure if he really loves them or he just enjoys the scratch he seems to get each time he passes b y them. All was well and I knew he had fun and by the time I had to leave, I sent him back to our room so he could finish his breakfast and maybe get some sleep again, then I’m off.

But when I returned last night, Jin did not come to greet me at the door, but he was looking at me from the bed where he lay curled up. I picked him up but he went all ballistic and he meowed loudly, which is something he doesn’t do very often, so rare that my father was worried about the possibility that Jin was mute. He curled again and wasn’t moving a muscle. He looked irritated and watching him all still like that I knew something was wrong about him! He usually infuriates everybody because he is always running around and scratching someone’s skin, so him being all quiet and still worried me a lot.

When my neurotic sister came into the room I asked her what was wrong with Jin, what happened to him for heaven’s sake!

Pia told me she wasn’t really sure because the whole afternoon, Jin was his rightful self, bugging and annoying her so much because as she cleans our room, Jin kept on chasing the broom. But she remembered something, that when she came back the room, one of our other kittens was also inside. Jesus Christ. Jin is terribly scared of other cats, big or small, he’s just terrified, but I can’t say the same goes for dogs though. There was a bump near his tail so we figured he must’ve climbed on the window screens when he saw the kitten and was unfortunate to fall thus the bump.

God. I was so worried because his behavioral change was massive. He was quiet and not moving and he wasn’t even playing with his paint brush! I was very restless, I didn’t know what to do! But I figured maybe all he needed was a good rest since his sprain or strain or whatever it was would be self healing, I’d observe him till tomorrow then if things doesn’t get better I’ll take him to the vet.

I realized I was so scared and worried for him because he was sick, and to think he was a cat. I figured, what more if he was human, like a real kid or whatever. That must entail a monstrous amount of worry and stress. So I slept with Jin beside me last night. Me all careful not to move and be still as possible so I won’t nudge him because he doesn’t like being touched all of a sudden, I figured it must be hurting him, so there we lay side by side with our favorite blue blanket, praying that tomorrow would bring a new day and he’ll be suddenly okay again.

And what do you know, he was suddenly okay again!

When I opened my eyes I heard my sister cursing Jin because he was throwing and scattering all the sand from his litter box on the floor.

I guess this would be the first time I loved him trashing the room!

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