Cat Scores!

Kulot, my youngest sister, likes to describe her relationship with Jin, my Siamese cat, in this simple statement: no relation.

She claims she hates Jin and even calls him demonyo [devil] because of my playful cat’s habit of scratching her each and every night – the only time my sister was unscratched was a couple of nights ago when Jin got sick with a sprained bump. She might as well be in pro wrestling or maybe in varsity football because of her precise and artistic way of throwing Jin and slamming him on the bed. But no, no, she hasn’t caused any serious damage yet though her plans of hanging Jin and having him get all hit by a car seems to pose a serious threat that would come some day soon that I better be on the look out.

But I think it’s all good, like a love-hate relationship fantastically disguised in a hate-hate one. Even though Kulot aims to throw him out asap, she takes care of Jin every time I’m home like when I don’t go home for days, she’s the one who feeds him and cleans his litter box. I don’t have a picture to prove it, but Kulot even decorated his old litter box with glossy pieces of paper from a magazine and it even has his name spelled and pasted neatly on the box.

But yesterday they were at it again. Just before lunch, Kulot showed up at our room with a juicy piece of hamburger at hand. Of course, as automatic as it could get, Jin ran towards her and was meowing and meowing for a bite. As usual, Kulot replied to his blabbing with this:

Ano? Anong sinasabi mo? Hindi kita maintindihan! Wala ka bang subtitle? [What? What are you saying? I can’t understand! Don’t you have any subtitles?]”

I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or what. I accused her of being selfish, of being so cold hearted – of course all in mockery – since she didn’t want to share any of the hamburger with my precious Jin. But the cat, instead of begging some more, was prideful really. He walked away from Kulot and had his back turned on her for the next moment.

Maybe his tampo [upset] effect stroke something that Kulot finally decided to say while holding the last bite of the hamburger, “Sige na nga. Jin! Halika dito, bibigay ko na sayo to [Fine. Jin! Come here, I’ll finally give this to you].

But the cat didn’t move!

So Kulot warned for the last time, “Pag di ka pa din lumapit kakainin ko na to! [If you don’t come I’ll definitely eat this all up!]”

Jin wasn’t moving. He wasn’t moving. In goes the hamburger and he finally turned but it was too late. No hamburgers for Jin that time.

But here’s the

good part: today, Kulot got her braces. And it will be quite a while, I’m sure of it, Jin would have all the hamburgers he wants.

Cat scores!

Oh, here’s a picture of Jin with my three younger sisters. Kulot is the one wearing yellow beside Jin. The one on top is Kulot being a good nanny to Jin, a rare moment caught on cam.

7 thoughts on “Cat Scores!

  1. wow! ayos to ah! isa ako sa mga mahilig makipaglaro sa mga pusa. nakaktuwa talaga sila! pero selfish ako, di ko binibigyan ng hamburger. sayang eh. lol.

  2. hay nku naman..,, plgi nga cnasbi ni ate n kpg ni wre2stling q c jin n maawa dw naman aq s cat nya.. at ang plgi q namang sgot bkit xa b nanawa skin??hahaha Hay nku naman tlga every time i woke up in the morning plgi nlang xang merong special gift. Curious?? edi ung marka ng claws nya na nka bakat sa skin q.. o cge..ikaw nga anung ga2win mo??..

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