What Comes After Pre-Monster Syndrome

Just got out of the hospital today. Rm. 309.

My left hand is still sore from the intravenous catheter that happily tortured my being for the past 22 hours. I’ll make this story short and sweet and hopefully, a little less humiliating:

My friend Mon had always been fond of declaring to the world how monsterize I become whenever I suffer from PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) monthly; he even blames my PMS for my cat’s horrible attitude problem. However, the big secret from Mon was what comes after my pre-monster syndrome. And what came after PMS caused my overnight stay in the hospital last night.

I had the most insane, body numbing, and breath vacuuming menstrual pains ever – literally, yesterday around 11am that I had to be rushed to the hospital after my sister found me cold, shaking uncontrollably, looking a shade between paper white, pale yellow, and black, and a hair strand away from loosing consciousness at our dorm yesterday. I looked so horribly dying that after giving me three tablets of medications she managed to phone our mentor, one of our friends, my man, and our parents in split nanoseconds, if not probably all at the same time just so I could be sent to the hospital because she was panicking as hell. As she was trying to call for help, I was trapped inside myself, my whole universe pinpointed on my tiny uterus causing me the most disgusting, face contorting to a 9 scale kind of pain.

It was amazing, how much pain I felt. A sudden shot of pain burst from my hypogastric then spreading all throughout my abdomen that I couldn’t stand anymore, all my muscles suddenly with a life of their own. All of my extremities numbed and my mouth was open just so I could suck air. It was terrifying and horrendously painful.

When we reached the hospital, I had somehow recovered from the sudden painful episode because of the medications my sister gave me, though I still had to be placed on oxygen therapy. The hospital insisted that I be admitted, and so was the wish of my parents via phone, so there I went, rm. 309.

I was already on my room, with nasal prongs on my face for the oxygen and my parents arrived, my mother crying and panicking but relieved at the same time. Then all my friends from the student publication came and people from my dorm and my classmates in graduate school.

The funny thing was, when all my visitors arrived, I was already feeling better that I did not look the bit sick. I did not even have an intravenous line, but only a heplock for my injectable medication! So by the end of the day we were already laughing off what had happened to me.

But I was thankful, that I’m fine now, and all of the people around me really showed their love and concern and support. I was so touched. My man even got me flowers! I know I got everybody worried. When I was at the ER my sister and my man were ghostly white. My mentor was telling my mother that when they found me I looked like I was really going! She even told my mother that she was lucky she did not see me on my acute episode because it could’ve given her a heart attack. God. It was terrible.

But I’m okay now. And thank you to everybody who cared for me and went to see me.

So what comes after pre-monster syndrome? Insane dysmenorrhea, and a lot of love.

13 thoughts on “What Comes After Pre-Monster Syndrome

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  3. hay naku.. aminin mu na-miss mu lang talaga ung hospital kea ka nagkaganun… kun nakita mu lang sarili mu…. matatawa ka… dapat vinideo namin un… peo yan normla kana ulit.. mabuti nman..

  4. hahaha ched, di lang bwisit, superdidooperdidooper bwisit! aba inipon ko lahat ng super powers ko para di magpanic nun! hahaha inaagaw ko na nga yung oxygen when she was already feeling ok!!! (x.x) hehehe but despite the nerve racking and stinging migraine episode of her pms, am glad my yokai sister is alive, and of course I too!

  5. ayan kakabasa q pa lng ng blog mo,. ang unfair noh? dapat may PMS din ang mga lalaki!hahaha, anyway, buti n lng at ok ka na. 😉

  6. Sad to hear about that. I can not imagine kung gaano ang anxiety attack na inabot ng Mama at Mommy mo.Kung diyan ako kasali na din ako. Hay, buhay—-another day to thank and praise the good Lord—problem is not MAJOR . Next month pag medyo sumasakit na don.t wait na sobra ang sakit before you take med.as long as you do not overdose yourself and damage your kidneys naman. INGAT lagi….:)

  7. tina,
    thanks, i feel so much better now. grabe talaga yun!

    tama ka dyan! haha sabi ng doctor macorrect daw to pag nagka anak na ko. langya tagal ko pa pala magtitiis.

    nagulat nga ako eh ang dami palang nagmamahal sakin kahit na musang attitude ako hehehe

    yung CTP program classified as graduate school yun hehe di na kita sinabihan nung nasa ospital ako baka pagtawanan mo ko eh

  8. for me, one of the indications of being a true is that he/she will pay you a visit whenever possible, in times if sickness.. glad you are feeling good now.. with the lots of love swarming around you.

  9. glad to hear that you are well now. 🙂 *HUGS*

    and it’s so nice to see people caring for you…

    “through good times and bad times.. ”

    Be Well always. 🙂

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