Be Mojacko Campaign

C’mon, say ‘moja’ with me!

For the longest time, mass media had brainwashed society to think that stick figures and hunky frames are what is supposed to be considered beautiful. But I mean, what the hell, beauty is a relative thing right? But I’m not about to rant commercialism. I just wanted to think aloud, because really, I think I am having a strange, funny thought.

See my man had been frequenting the gym for quite some time, and really, what’s supposed to be done by a gym, was done with him (yeah, yeah, figure it out I’m not going to say the S word). But my problem is, I don’t really like pieces of meat though they can be a joy to the eye, really. I told my man I wanted him to be fat because it’s cute. Haha. Like Mojacko fat. Do you remember Mojacko? The round orange alien from an anime GMA 7 showed from long ago. I think I was in elementary school then. Anyway, that was when I decided to launch the ‘be Mojacko campaign’. It’s an anti hunk campaign against my man. Huh!

I’ve been totally uncooperative with his efforts to bulk up though I must admit so far I’m doing a poor job. But I guess it’s not so bad since I told him about it. He usually goes to the gym late afternoons so what I’d normally do is invite him out to eat and he’d go with me and I’d make him eat a lot until he’s stomach feels so heavy he’d be sleepy. Rice has been my best friend. I’d make him eat extra rice-s. Haha. Then I’d give him dessert, usually ice cream and sundae, with fries. I don’t really know but I like seeing him eating all these food.

But to be honest, the progress of ‘be Mojacko campaign’ is very slow because even when he eats a lot he manages to keep the pounds off beautifully. Sigh. Usually after I fed him three full plates worth he’d still have the will to go to the gym and sweat all the food I’d given him. But sometimes, I’m happy to announce that I triumph over him and he’d be too full and lazy to work out. Sweet. But I guess his sleeping habits are also my enemy because if he’d also get loads of sleep I figured my scheme might work much more. See, he’s the type to stay up all night watching DVDs and movies on TV. That guy.

When I told him what he thought about me wanting him to be fat he said it was exciting, to see me try, and fail I presume. But I’m not about to give up just yet. He’d be Mojacko before he even knew it. His muscles better watch out.


6 thoughts on “Be Mojacko Campaign

  1. ma jasmin,
    hehe ayos lang po siguradong mas maaliw ang mga readers ko sa atin. haha. hindi kasi ako nagrereview ng sinulat basta pag tapos na post na. haha. ayun kaya ko pala gusto ng mojacko it runs in the blood. haha

  2. 3rd paragraph- “he’s” stomach should be “his.”
    i hope you don’t mind these corrections. People are reading your article so be more careful typing and try to review it before sending.
    Ako rin ayaw ko ng muscles, gusto ko “bilog” like Papa Marcial, hehehe

  3. bw,

    you should listen to your wife. it’s not cute you know, hugging what seems to be a log. lol

  4. My wife also tells me a “little belly” won’t hurt 🙂 Agree, too much commercialism in men’s muscular, flat bellied body and women’s thin and anorexic frames 😦 At the end of the day, no one seems to measure up to these perfect bodies anyways.

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