Skipping Classes and an Abnormal Thyroid Gland

My younger sister, Ched, had always loved to tell me how uptight I was. That if she had to use pants to illustrate how uptight I was, she said my pants would not even be high at my waist but on top of my chest, barely missing my neck.

C’mon, I can’t be that bad! For example, last Tuesday, I did not attend most of my classes but instead I went out.

Um, well… if going out and eating with your family counts as being a bad ass? Oh well. So much for not being uptight.

It was about 10 am when Ched and our favorite cousin, Kuya Nap, went to my dorm. Well, I just woke up, and it was funny because he accused me of crying because my eyes were all puffy. But seriously, my eyes are really like that in the morning. So I washed up and later found myself in a local cafe where we ate for like two hours, then our parents came and told us that we were eating, again, lunch this time.

It was quite late for lunch, that me and my two sisters had to skip our classes that came at 1 pm. We were laughing about it because we were missing school but instead of friends or an outing to go to we were having lunch with our family. It was also during this time when I received a text message from Richmond telling me that he was about to go to the hospital for his thyroid ultrasound. Well, since my next class did not start in an hour, I decided to see him. But he came there first, and it was funny when he told me that the doctor arrived and that he was scared he’d eat him. I told him maybe he should have the doctor eat his thyroid gland.

When I arrived at the hospital, it turned out that it was the wrong doctor and we ended up waiting there for like two hours for an ultrasound that only lasted for barely 30 seconds, and I ended up not going to my second class too. Jesus. It was a terrible, terrible wait! I think Richmond and I were able to talk about everything and anything we had common knowledge with and by the time the doctor was coming I already had a headache. But it was not so bad. It was fun talking about the blogs we read and about the insane video blogs on YouTube. I particularly liked it when Richmond would imitate them. I think his act was hilarious and, abnormal. But it’s cool.

But the most annoying part of it all was what came after his ultrasound. The paper read that his thyroid was normal. No nodules, no cysts. I mean, c’mon that’s like an injustice we actually waited there for two hours and he paid P700 for it. I thought he was robbed. I mean, it might be more interesting if there was an eyeball there or maybe a goldfish that he actually swallowed when he was in kindergarten. But no, it was the most normal thyroid gland.

I guess the only thing abnormal was my day.


22 thoughts on “Skipping Classes and an Abnormal Thyroid Gland

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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  3. bw,
    i moderate my comments, yours was not spammed. kasi hindi ko nakikita pag ka na approve mag isa eh. si richmond, nakakainis nga eh nag antay lang kami wala naman palang sakit, asar. pero ayos na din at least hindi na ko mag aabsent ulit kung may sakit pala siya diba.

  4. Even if it you had to set up a tent at the hospital, the wait was well worth it ! Congrats to Richmond for being as healthy as a spring chicken πŸ™‚

  5. kengkay,
    oo ako nga, para tumibay ang aming pagkakaibigan. lol

    sana nga naging worst na lang para nagkasilbi naman ang pag aantay namin dun.

    kami lang dalawa ang abnormal.

  6. I’m glad to hear that his glands were normal.

    What’s wrong with missing a few classes? Oks lang iyan. It’s bad if it gets to be a habitual thing.

  7. there’s nothing better than good conversation to relieve the irritation of waiting. and the reward at the end was a healthy thyroid. things could have been worse πŸ™‚

    thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚

  8. ikaw pala ang kasama ni richmond ha. ako din nag cu-cut ng classes dati dahil aattend naman kami ng piesta sa bulacan, hahaha

  9. dyanie,
    asar nga eh normal pala nasayangan pa kami ng oras at pera.

    aantayin ko yung nike shoes.

    oo talagang gusto ko, justice yun, justice!

    kasi naman may sapi ako nung ginagawa ko to sa tingin ko nga kakaiba ang pagkakagawa ko nito parang… wala masyadong kwenta. lol

  10. hahaha ok lang yan no! wag kang magalala sabi ni kuya may next time pa s.m. naman para medyo malayo sa skul! hahahaha

  11. winkii,
    asar nga eh nainip lang kame dun tapos normal di ba injustice yun?!

    eh di sasabihin ko meron prediction, sigurado naman di niya alam kung meron o wala! lol

    oo nga eh basta ako di ko na lang sinasagot kunwari lowbat. lol

  12. Ahh, skipping classes… them were the good old days. In my early days as a corporate drone i could and often skipped work without any hassle from the office. Nowadays, it’s hard to do what we used to do pag tinatamad kang magtrabaho, what with those dang cellphones and all…

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