Mothers Don’t Get Sick, Do They?

It is human nature, denial, when something threatens us.

My mother was out for a week due to tonsillitis. Well, I’m not really sure if it was just tonsillitis, because it looked like she had the flu at the same time. I was not able to take care of her though because I was staying at the dorm. But she’s fine now. Thank God.

When I came back home last Friday, she was still feeling off and was still having a hard time to speak and her neck was still a bit swollen. As a health care provider, I should have looked after her, made sure to attend to her needs since she is still trying to recuperate. But I did not.

I think what I did was some form of defense mechanism. Denial. That I did not like to see her sick. That I am not used to seeing her ridden in bed. That she was weak and can’t hardly speak, her usual loud voice that echoes around the house gone. She wasn’t cooking or running around the house doing chores. She was just sick in bed. It was even hard for her to eat.

I love my mother so much that my system shut off in reaction to her current state because it threatens me, that it worries me so much, that maybe if I didn’t pay attention to it, it will go away. It was funny because my mother told me my father was actually not paying enough attention to her sickness, or with her needs. I told her it was a defense mechanism. That he did not want her to be sick or stay that way, that he unconsciously pushes her to go back to her normal routines just so he’d be assured that she is okay. I guess that is a normal way to cope, no matter to which side it leans.

Yesterday my mother was able to get off the bed and shower and eat. Then she was ranting because my father was asking her to do her usual stuff and she says she is still sick. She was ranting that mothers have a lesser state than maids because at least maids get a day-off but mothers don’t. I told her it was her fault, it was her who chose the role.

And I am very thankful she did.

This morning she was able to go to church already, to go to the market, and cook. I guess she’s really okay now. And I’m glad. I guess I won’t mind hearing her loud voice very early in the morning. And in no time, I’m sure I’ll forget that she got sick and go back to thinking that she is wonderwoman that when she suddenly falls ill again, I’ll start to wonder again, mothers don’t get sick, do they?

Oh well, it’s just that when your mother is so amazing you can’t help but believe she is battery powered or something.


31 thoughts on “Mothers Don’t Get Sick, Do They?

  1. that’s true. mothers seem to be invincible ano? thanks for dropping by my strawberrygurl blog. i enjoy reading your posts. nice work on the template, too. it’s so neat.

  2. neens,
    so true. mothers don’t have the right to get sick because of the line ‘what about the babies?’

    no problem, hope the spots vanish soon. i agree, so much depends on mothers that they hardly get any time to breathe!

  3. thanks for your advice on brown patches.

    am a mother, too, and about 2 weeks ago, i was ill and voiceless just like your mother. of course, i continued working but only refrained from talking so as not to aggravate my laryngitis or tonsillitis. people think i was not being friendly for the past two weeks.

    you are right, when mothers get sick, we don’t get to lie down and heal. we heal while working..because so many people depend on us.

  4. hey princess, thanks for stopping by.

    mothers get sick once in a blue moon. I don’t even remember the last time i got sick…God knows I can’t be sick other wise who will take care of my babies =)

  5. P.S
    I have a correction sa grammar mo—- can’t hardly speak should be “can” hardly. Double negative yata yun. Correct me if I’m wrong.
    Na-reduce ba siya ng konti? hehehe

  6. Lagi feeling natin moms don’t have the right to get sick, pero unfortunately they do get run down at times and talagang kailangan ma-recharge ang battery — kulang siguro sa laro ng “bookworm” , hehehe

  7. mhar,
    okey na siya, maingay na eh. salamat.

    siguro malapit na din mag flight si mama ko. lol
    oo usyoso nga din yun sa blog. lol
    baka naman nilagay mo sa blog mo kung gano siya kalakas maghilik pag gabi kaya sumama ang loob. lol

    nung ginawa ko to magaling na siya. sabi niya ang pagkain ng kalahating kilong ubas ang nagpagaling sa kaniya.

    i think my mom is battery-operated, yung pang sasakyan. lol

    corny nga eh pag mga nanay ang may sakit, kaya dapat ipagbawal na talaga magkasakit ang mga nanay. lol

    nice to know that the battery of your mother never malfunctioned!

    salamat. oo magaling na siya talaga. itanong mo kaya sa kanila kung anong tingin nila? tingin ko ang isasagot nila ‘eh di parang nanay!’

    thank you. i guess you’re right, well it’s human nature. we are scared to see them sick because we see them as strong people and when they become vulnerable we see it as a threat.

    hmmm… i’m not sure, because my father is also hard headed when it comes to sickness. he doesn’t want to go to the hospital unless his limbs are falling apart or he’s vomiting his small intestines.

    true, true. mom’s are the best.

    hindi tiga comment lang si ina kasi isipin mo madadagdag pa sa trabaho niya ang pag blog diba?

  8. unang una, nakakatuwa naman kayo ng mama mo, both blogging? (^0^)
    well, sabi ng ni tita Oprah Winfrey, pinakamahirap na trabaho sa buong mundo ang maging ina, and I agree.

    sa mommy po ni prinsesa, relax po kayo paminsan-minsan рЯЩВ

  9. That’s the biggest difference between mothers and fathers. My dad will complain about the smallest ailments, while my mother will never complain, even if she is really feeling badly.

    Moms are the best. вЩ•

  10. A great post. It’s so true. Moms rarely get a day off. It comes with the territory. I had the same reaction as a nurse when I saw my father ill. It really is difficult to see a parent weak and aging.

    Glad to hear you mom is alright рЯЩВ

  11. nanay. sarap pakinggan ano? miss ko na nanay ko. battery powered rin yon, lalo na sa bibig. ahaha.. hay naku. ngayon ako naman ang gumaganap na role ni nanay. battery operated rin kaya ako sa tingin ng mga anak ko?

    alam ko magaling na si nanay mo dahil naki-usyoso ako sa ibang comments.. nawa’y ilayo siya ni papa God sa lahat ng sakit in the whole wide universe!


  12. Princesa,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I guess we all feel that way about our parents. We don’t want to see them vulnerable because that’s not who they are. As for me I really don’t remember my mom ever being sick growing up! I hope your mom is doing better.

    Stop by again soon.


  13. Nature has made mothers strong and resilient, for what they have to do to take care of the brood ! Glad to know your mom is OKAY. рЯЩВ

  14. lol! buti nga hindi nag voluntary vacation si mama mo e, may nabasa akong true to life story..di sya nagpaalam, punta sya ibang city (sa US to ineng) para lang makapagpahinga sa habang buhay nyang propesyon..ang maging ina at asawa. Yun din sabi nya..daig nya pa ang katulong kaya it’s time for her to refresh naman.

    Buti naman okey na si mama mo at katuwa kasi nagcomment pa talaga sya рЯЩВ

    Katuwa ano, hanggang sa blog minamatyagan ka ni inay lol!

    nanay ko sumama lang loob sa kin nung nabasa yung isang entry ng blog ko lol!

  15. mama,

    tingnan mo yung avatar mo, kamuka mo.


    grabe ang cute ng avatar mo may bunny ears bagay sayo, gawa tayo ganiyan mo. yung pakpak ko vampirella gawin mo na.


    grabe ulang na ulang.

  16. oo nga iniinternalize niyang mabuti, di nga kami sanay ng walang maingay pag umaga eh. sabi ko nga bili ko siya charger, tinanong ko nga kung anong port gusto niya, bilog o square? sabi ni ate motolite na lang daw.

  17. hainaku thanks sa get well soon nyo pero well na ko ngayon napilitan lang. lol. kasi ayaw na nila kumilos eh ako na lang daw ulit. lol. gusto ko pa magtaas na paa. bute pa ang cellphone may charger, kaya sabi ni kulot bibili niya ako ng charger, eh san ko naman sasaksak yun?

  18. dimaks,
    i think that is the most amazing thing about mothers, their going and going and going thing. she’s okay now, pinagluto niya na kami kanina, pero yung dinner tatay ko nagluto.

    bute naging okay din ang mama mo, at may nagpapakaen na sayo! lol

    nako si mama iniinternalize masyado ang sakit niya! lol

  19. Mothers won’t admit things that way, I mean even if they are sick, they’ll not admit it para di agad mag worry ang mga anak – on the other hand, my mom doesn’t want to get sick (we don’t, right?) but when they reached certain age dapat nag papa-check up sila pero she refused dahil you know, the gastos daw and all that medicine intakes.

    I always says that my heroes in life are Mothers, those who get up early, feed their kids…

    Hope your mom is doing great!

  20. Dapat kahit may sakit siya,

    you know how to handle situations.

    Kasi naging bed-ridden na din si mama. рЯШ¶ Mahirap.

    Nagkaron kami ng denial, oo, pero kami na ang gumawa ng karaniwang ginagawa niya para samin.

    hanggang sa gumaling siya totally.

    hanggang siya na ulit ang kumikilos… ^^, hahaha


  21. they do get sick but they got this energizer-powered-like being the keeps them going and going. glad she feels alright and recovering right now. take care of her.

  22. tonsilitis ba iyan.?
    wag mo siyang pabayaan.. рЯШ¶
    mahirap kapag may sakit sa pamilya lao nanay,
    kasi siya dapat ang nag-aalaga. db?
    take care of her na lang. рЯЩВ

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