Accidentally in Print

I’d like to share some news with you people. Two of my posts here in my blog will appear in the official student publication of our university sometime in August. I think I find that very cute. The posts that will be published are Special Hopia, Special Siopao [posted here last July 23] and Bleeding Love [posted on [July 6]. The story behind the publication of these posts are pretty interesting.

Of course you still remember Special Hopia, Special Siopao, after all, it is my last post. I submitted it because I thought it was very cute and inspiring plus I think it is pretty obvious I am so in love with Po. I intended that it be a literary essay, but I learned that it was to be printed as a column, because after I edited it, it turned out that they find it very political, which fits the opinion page perfectly. The thing is, early this academic year, I already told the people in the publication that I did not want to have and continue my column [the name of my column for the past years have been Prinsesa’s Anatomy, same as my blog, FYI]. It was funny because when I saw the paper I submitted, the words column po ito, sori! [this is column material sorry!] plus a smiley because they already know I did not want to have a column, but as it turns out, I still have a column. Oh well, still that’s very cute. Imagine Kung Fu Panda as a column that highlights politics, that’s so cool! Even though it just happened by accident, “I’m blinded by its awesomeness”.

The next post Bleeding Love is also an accident. It was not supposed to be in the paper because one, I did not submit it and two, that post is very personal. But since Special Hopia, Special Siopao cannot make it as a literary essay, they had to find one, and it turned out that they liked Bleeding Love when they read it here. I think they find the conversation between my man and the Red Cross personnel very hilarious. If you haven’t read that I think you should, you can still find it here. It’s very funny. Last night, I told my man that Bleeding Love will be published and I think he was as surprised as I am. Oh well. I think we are the official love team of the university now with that post, though he doesn’t go there.

I don’t know how all of you can see the paper. Maybe I can scan it and post it! Hmm… I don’t know. I’d like you to see the illustration that accompany Bleeding Love. It’s very good!

What I really like about me being accidentally in print is the fact that I know for sure that I’d be able to reach out to more people, aside from you wonderful people who read my blog. See, I am amazed by the power of words to make people learn, and feel, and experience even the things outside their reality. I guess, I am just very happy to be able to do and share all this that I write, uh, I mean, type.


30 thoughts on “Accidentally in Print

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  2. winkii,
    ang totoo nyan ako ang EIC last year. lol

    i did not forget! lol

    thank you!

    actually, the paper already told me that the post crazy monkey genius kulot is up next for publication in the magazine issue. lol

    thank you. it’s cool that my URL gets published too. lol

  3. buzzingflowerpecker,
    oo nga eh, natawa naman ako sa term mo level-up, naalala ko tuloy si my man ko, ayii. tsaka thank you ha. masaya talaga sa student pub ano?
    isipin mo na lang estudyante ka pa din ng buhay, kaya estudyante ka pa din. ano yun palubag loob. lol

    pasensiya ka na ganito talaga ako mag trip eh, at salamat nadaan ka na dito sakin, nakikita kita kay utakmunggo eh, ngayon andito ka na din. salamat nga pala ha, masarap talaga yun kasi hindi cat meat yun eh.

    oo nga eh sabi nga ni buzzingflowerpecker eh lumelevel-up na daw ang aking mga post. lol

  4. ayos ah. lumelevel-up na ang mga posts mo!

    congrats naman sa iyo. Nakakamiss din yang mga student publication na iyan.

    *feeling ko tumanda ako bigla sa thought na hindi na pala ako studyante..hehe.

  5. kuri,
    thanks, but i think i am too lazy to write something for the dailies. lol
    sure no prob, i’ll link you up too.

    you should watch the film! it’s soooo good! and thank you, i should tell K i can do something now, when he said he can sing i thought, well what can i do? lol

    you know what, i love your comments. funny and witty. i’d definitely scan it. lol

  6. Hi Princess 🙂

    I say that’s not accidental , that’s talent in writing. Congrats and more power to yah 😀
    I should watch that film, eh? I’ve seen but clips only.
    anyway, have a good week ahead!

  7. K,
    thank you. wow star na ko hindi na square. lol
    alam mo magandang idea yan, interesting din kasi kung ano yung reaction ng mga nakabasa diba. dapat mailagay din ang commenters. hmm… dapat magawan ng paraan yun! lol

    maybe i can post the illustration sometime this week. yey!

    i think my man is already threatened by my love for Po. lol
    can you believe that, kung fu panda a political column? wooohooo! well what can i say, “there is no price for awesomeness… or attractiveness.” lol

    wow. salamat ha? sana ikaw na lang yung judge sa press con sa bicol at cagayan. lol. sa buong college dun lang ako natalo! asar. lol

    grabe ang galen basahin nung wowowow na sinabi mo. lol. astig ka pala transper pa pero print pa din. wowowow din! lol

    major tom,
    yes, it feels soooo good because you people keep on making me feel great about it! a million thanks!

    thanks for the link. i will link you up too. minsan kasi nagbblog hopping ako tapos pagka naligayahan sa nabasa super comment ako. lol

    thank you, thank you. i’ve been checking you everyday if you’ve written anything yet. i’ll wait. lol

    lady cess,
    i will keep a copy then scan it so I can post it. lol. thank you!

    thank you ha, nakakatawa ano? sus! panoodin mo na ang kung fu panda! kasalanan pag di mo napanood!

  8. galeng galeng! that’s so great! hehehe. i read the earlier posts and agree that they are extremely print-worth. hindi ko pa napapanood ang kung-fu panda! waaaah!

  9. hello there !!!
    well thanks that my visit here was not accidentally happened
    i really go here to say thank you for visiting my blog
    i put now your link in my blog roll as an appreciation
    i will visit you here again
    have a great day kabayan
    hope to see you in my blog again

  10. Wowowow! Nangyari na din yan sakin. 🙂 Pero hindi accidental. Pinasa ko talaga, at hindi ako sa skul na yun nag aaral dahil nag transper ako. At ang saya-saya. Nakakapulpil. 😀

  11. when you mentioned ‘Po’ I thought,
    ‘hmmm, she can’t possibly be talking about
    Kung Fu Panda…’

    haha! I loved that movie!
    short but…. entertaining. truly.

    PS Congratz!

  12. That’s awesome. It’s always great to see one’s writing in print. It sets you apart, imo. 😀 And yeah, scan the illustration.

  13. Congratulations! You’re a star, and that makes you special (particularly in that post).

    Ma pa-publish din kaya yung mga “commenters” in that special entry? Sana hinabaan ko yung comments ko.

    Take it easy.

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