Finding THE One

This is still in relation to my last post ‘is it okay to date a friend’s ex?’.

As I’ve said, in that article I’ve read, there are many mind-boggling questions really worth pondering. In the course of my days, I’ve proven that questions are easiest to answer only when we are not the person really being asked [like we just heard someone ask it to another person on the bus or wherever], or given that the question was being thrown at us, it is easier to answer if we haven’t experienced such thing.

Most of the time, the hardest questions are the simple ones. The questions which people assume that we know the answer by heart because they seem pretty simple, but in reality the answer is lost in our subconscious or in other cases, we just don’t have a clue.

On the same page as the question ‘is it okay to date a friend’s ex’ is a query that also really, really caught my attention, which goes this way: how do you know if s/he is THE One?

I thought it was a simple question, but you know what? When I tried to ponder on it and come up with my own answer, I was just at a loss! I didn’t know what to say, or maybe I do but I just can’t put it into words. Really it felt ridiculous.

So here’s what I did: I asked my man a while ago as we were eating lunch about what he thought was the answer to that question and our conversation went this way:

ME: Sa tingin mo paano mo ba malalaman kung siya na yung para sayo? [How do you know if the person is THE one for you?]

MY MAN: [ponders for a moment…] Paano nga ba?… Ewan ko ba. Hindi ko malaman! [laughs and looks at me softly.]

ME: Eeeehhhh! Ano ba namang sagot yun? Sagutin mo na kasi yung seryoso. [What kind of answer was that? Answer it seriously.]

MY MAN: Sige, sige. Hmmm… [Okay, okay.]


[still thinking…]

[still thinking…]

ME: Ang tagal naman! [You’re taking too long!]

MY MAN: Eh kasi basta alam ko na ikaw na yun! [I just know that you’re THE One!]

ME: Ganun ba? [Is that so?]

[secretly melts inside…]

MY MAN: Eh ikaw anong sagot mo dun? [How about you, how do you answer your question?]

ME: Ewan ko, hindi ko nga din maisip eh. Mahirap pala talaga sagutin. [I don’t know, I can’t think of anything. It’s really a tough question.]

MY MAN: O tingnan mo na. [See.]


[still thinking…]

ME: Ah alam ko na! [I know the answer!]

MY MAN: O anong sagot mo? [What is your answer?]

ME: Alam kong ikaw na yun kasi kasi kahit na ikaw na ang pinaka nakakainis na taong nakilala ko, ayaw ko pa rin mawala ka sa tabi ko. [I know you’re THE One because even though you are the most annoying person I’ve ever met, I still want you beside me.]

MY MAN: Ah ganun. Maganda yang sagot mo ha. [Is that so? You have a good answer.]

And we both ended up laughing.

In the end, I guess you know THE One when you can’t think about anyone else, or in other cases, when you can’t think of a number two, three, four, five, and so forth.


35 thoughts on “Finding THE One

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  3. THE One is that person na mahal mo pa rin even if he already made you break your principles and standards. pero kung ako rin tinanong ng ganyan at biglaan, hindi ko rin masasagot ng maayos. pero your man is right, alam nya na ikaw iyon pero hindi lang niya maexplain. it is normal.

  4. eggbreaker,
    lol inspiring ba? sana nga mahawa na lang lahat ng tao sakin para in love na din silang lahat!

    ikaw talaga sino naman ang naalala mo? lagot ka kay kengkoy niyan. lol! may pakurye-kuryente ka pa ha!

  5. hmm, alam mong sya na yon kasi nagkakabasahan na kayo ng iniisip. alam na agad kung alin ang tatanungin nung isa, nagkakaintindihan kayo ng isang sulyap lang, bawat hagip ng kung ano mang bahagi ng katawan ninyo e parang may kuryerte — at hindi lang kayo ang nakaka-alam na kayo talaga kundi pati na rin ang mga nakakakita sa inyo… waaaa, parang may na-alala yata ako sa mga pinagsasabi kong ito πŸ™‚

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  7. leah,
    sometimes i attribute soulmate to friends not really for a lover.

    lol. i think that’s got to be a challenge, when you can no longer have sex. lol

  8. “In the end, I guess you know THE One when you can’t think about anyone else, or in other cases, when you can’t think of a number two, three, four, five, and so forth.”

    So true ! That only means you’re satisfied with him. The challenge is how long will this feeling last and people say it is possible it will last until the day when you can’t have sex any longer πŸ™‚

  9. i believe there is really someone for everyone. You just feel it. Yung parang feeling mo soulmate kau. iba yung feeling. You can’t imagine your life without him.

    Ewan, basta. I feel right now that I have found the One for me.

  10. eggbreaker,
    wag wait ng wait, minsan kailangan maging agresibo.

    thank you, makikita mo rin yung taong pinaka nakakainis sa buhay mo.
    sige link mo ko, salamat.

    it’s a very tricky Q.

  11. That’s a good answer, the one you gave your man hehe

    The thing about this question is that it is indeed very difficult to explain and expound on it.

    I also agree with your man na basta you just know deep in your heart and the very essence of your being that you want to grow old(er) with that special someone. πŸ™‚

  12. mon,
    talaga ha sige nga pano mo nalaman? site personal experiences. lol

    mahiwagang sibuyas,
    medyo selfish ang dating ha pero tama, siguro ganun na yun pag hindi mo ma imagine na may iba siyang kalambutsingan. lol

    di ba kung gusto mo makasama forever and ever amen mahal mo na yun?

  13. Finding the right one always end up in finding the wrong one. No matter how hard you try hindi pala ito nakukuha sa plano, at sa taas ng expectation mo, pero may tsamba rin kaya nga may element of luck din ito. I was married at 38 but before that I knew she’s the one because of the trait and character she had. Idon’t think of love that time because Love is overrated word. Kaya nga everytime my wife ask me If I really loved her, I said yes (but I don’t know if I said that honestly, All I want is to be with her for the rest of my life.

  14. lawstude,
    ganun ba? aba dapat dun pala ako magpunta eh kasi naman natuto ako lumangoy sa P.E dati pagkakuha ko ng classcard ko hindi na ulit ako marunong.

    hindi pa naman ako magaling sa math.

    sige itanong mo tapos orasan mo kung gano katagal bago makasagot.

    sinungaling pala si THE One. lol

    natawa nga din ako nung napansin ko eh. tsaka nung nadinig ko yung kwento “bababa” sobrang tawa ko talaga!

    oo nga may point ka diyan.

    jet li? ngayon ko lang nadinig yun ah?

    wow. i like that can’t live without thing.

    lol. in the end luck pala ano? lol.

    i’d make my man ready your comment! lol

    eh syempre ano pa nga ba. lol

    can’t live without? so i guess, THE One is like air. lol

    makakarinig ka rin niyan for sure. antayin mo lang.

    you have a point. and don’t look for THE One. madalas pag hinanap mo namamali eh! lol

  15. “Alam kong ikaw na yun kasi kasi kahit na ikaw na ang pinaka nakakainis na taong nakilala ko, ayaw ko pa rin mawala ka sa tabi ko.”
    i love this words sana makarinig din ako o maranasan ko masabuhan ng ganyan
    you are so sweet
    have a great day

  16. Finding THE One is just one of those things where we know the person is the right one for us after having spent time with him/her. There is an X factor that keeps us wanting or longing to be with that person constantly.

    Congrats to your man for gaining the affections of a perceptive and smart lady like you. Take care. πŸ™‚

  17. LOL. I like your answer. hehe. Your hubby’s answer of “basta” …. I don’t know about that one. hehe.

    seriously, I don’t know if there’s such a thing as “the one”. But my definition would be someone that you’re compatible with, that has a similar sense of humor, that has similar goals or outlook on life, and of course, someone you have chemistry with. And even if all those are present, sometimes a little luck is required. πŸ˜€

  18. LOL. I definitely can’t argue with your answer πŸ™‚

    In my own experience, I also couldn’t think about anyone else. It wasn’t a question of, “is he the one.” It was more like, “I can’t imagine my life without him.” πŸ™‚

    Great post!

  19. How do I know if she is THE ONE? Hmm, lemme get back to you on that… wala pa kasing nagkakamali sa akin eh, hehe.

    Seriously though, I don’t believe we’ll ever know, not in a million years. Because the man/woman you think is your soul mate, now, would more than likely end up as your worst enemy. Perfect example would be me and my ex-wife…

  20. The conversation made me laugh, for the most part, the translation in English. No, don’t get me wrong, esp this:

    MY MAN: O tingnan mo na. [See.]

    It’s weird, a long sentence is translated only one word. I remembered we have this client who asked me about the translation of the word “Baba Ka Na Ba” in English. Sabi ko hindi word yun, kundi sentence. Sabi nya, no, it wasn’t a sentence to me, which he replied, “babababakaba”. One word nga naman (sa tunog).

  21. i think basta meron na talagang closure between them eh ok na yun. it may be weird pero date pa lang naman eh. malay mo sya ang para sayo.

    about ur Q? they call it children’s island kasi yung beach nya ay perfect for children. mababaw pa rin kahit malayo na sa shore.

    have a nice day prinsesa.

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