Cut and Paste

Cover design of the scrapbook we made

Cover design of the scrapbook we made

Last Thursday, my mentor told us that she needed our help in making the scrapbook of her daughter. It was an assignment in her child’s elementary school. Though you cannot really expect me to be able to draw, when the art involved only needs cut and paste skills, and a knack for design, then count me in, I am your girl!

I had so much fun doing the scrapbook because it made me feel like a kid once again, cutting and pasting and being messy! Plus, it was a group effort with my friends from the university student publication.

We started working at around four or five in the afternoon and we actually finished at around nine already! It was kind of tiring because it was midterm week but still we did it because we loved crafting. It was really so much fun!

Here is the cover design of the scrapbook we made. Now send me some love and tell me how cute you find it!


18 thoughts on “Cut and Paste

  1. panaderos,
    thank you. we had so much fun! but the colors were not my choices because i usually like orange and yellow.

    nung fourth year college ako huling gumawa nito aside from this one!

    i’m sure mageenjoy kayo ng anak mo, basta hindi noya lang ma cut ang daliri niya o buhok niya in the process. lol!

  2. Wow ang sipag ha! It’s cute! Sana sipagin din ako, haha! katulad ni Lei di ko pa rin naa-update ang baby book at scrapbook ng anak ko. Pero promise ko sa sarili ko na bibigyan ko na ng time yun one of these days. At isasama ko yung anak ko sa pag cut and paste. πŸ˜€

  3. TK,

    nakakatawa kasi hindi ko choice ang colors. ang bumili ng papel yung mga kasama ko, dalawang lalake sila tapos yan ang mga binili nila. lol!

    it’s very time consuming but it’s fun.

    siguro mabagal ang net connection kaya ayaw, or yung pc.

    major tom,
    i never saw it like that but come to think of it, yeah it looks like a cake!

    feeling ko nga kinder ako eh nakaka miss mga ganiyang activity.

  4. Oh i’m a scrapbook girl! i love doing it! it’s so peaceful looking at the pics, cutting some art materials, pasting and putting some captions! πŸ™‚

  5. BF,
    it’s for an eight year old girl nga eh kaya sakto lang ang theme.

    it can be bought on craft stores or any other department store. i don’t know how you call it but it’s like rolled tissue. lol!

  6. wow…that was really cool..i miss making those..when i was in high school, i was really fond of the visual arts…nung nagcollege ako nwala na..hehe! i love how “region 3” was made…how did you do it???

  7. cute naman..

    kung ako gagawa nyan baka isang buwan na hindi pa tapos. hahaha. yung baby book ng anak ko, ayun sinimulan ko nang 6mos. pa lang sya.. mag-3yrs old na sya, hindi ka pa naa-update.. 😦

    btw, i added you in my bloglist. thanks.

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