What’s In A Name?

This post was inspired by this comment from ysrael:

Now, I know why you are called prisesa musang you are fond of cat. (but musang is a wild cat?)

Some people who blog use pseudonyms instead of their real name for many reasons. It can be to sustain anonymity or just to create this on-line alter-ego. The fact that those who blog and interact through comments do not really have a clue what the real person is like in flesh adds to the mystery and appeal of the activity. One plus factor of blogging is that everybody tends to like everybody else because most times all we get to see is the nice or creative side of that person.

But really, what’s in a name? I’d like to pry into your affairs and maybe you could tell me why you are using that particular name to mask your true identity in your domains. Why is ‘whatever-name-you-are-using’ your name?

To be fair, I’d start off. Actually, Prinsesa Musang was a fusion of my two nicknames. So I did not make them up just for blogging purposes, they really are my nicknames.

Prinsesa was first coined by my man about four or five years ago to remind me that I am his Highness, then people from the university publication also started to call me Prinsesa because they loved teasing me that I was elitista. Of course that was not true, it’s just that I have different ways than them and I was fortunate enough to grow up in a very sheltered environment, thanks to Don Domeng and Mother Goose.

Now Musang is another story, a horror story. This came about a year ago when I was the Editor-In-Chief of the university student publication. My editorial board and staff gave me the nickname because they find me as wild and as mad as a wild cat, which what Musang is in English, each time we’d be working and beating deadlines. I drive them crazy and shaking in fear of my anger when the work gets behind time or when something I want done was not accomplished on time. You can say I was very much like Anne Hathaway’s boss in the movie The Devil Wears Prada. I value dedication, commitment, and excellence in my work that’s why I accepted no excuse for not meeting those qualities.

When I was about to start a blog, it was hard to choose which one to use, plus I like them both so I decided to put them together, and so Prinsesa Musang or PM came to be born.


23 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. You’re right, we have so much in common. I was also a campus journalist, and I was the incoming editor-in-chief had I not been expelled!(looong story)Here’s my site:katcarneo.wordpress.com.

  2. Kat Carneo,
    nakakatuwa naman kasi talaga ang mga pusa diba? tsaka nakakatuwa yun prinsesang pusa! seems like we have so much in common, pati ang prinsesa ay pareho.
    hindi ko maclick ang link mo sana mag comment ka ulit dito tapos lagay mo ang URL mo para mapuntahan naman kita.

    amazing naman ang mga kaibigan mo, nakapag gawa pa ng kwento pang soap opera.

  3. maganda ang pen name mo. masyadong matapang πŸ˜‰

    ang name na gamit ko ay bigay lang sa akin ng Friend ko …nag imbento ng story about my past life .. at dun isinilang ang the_empr3ss “isang empress na itinakwil dahil sa pag ibig” hahaha…

  4. hmmm, actually, it’s the name of your blog that caught my attention.it felt so related to my own nickname, which is katpusa. if I haven’t gotten used to kat’s world which is also the name of my friendster blog and my multiply site, i would have called my wordpress blog prinsesang pusa. ang my man also calls me prinsesa….

  5. manilenya,
    mabute hindi mo ginamit yung tondogirl, kasi baka hindi kita basahin kasi diba stigma yung tondo. yung bobang pinay naman, i guess we are all bobo in our own rights diba?

    wow i like that ‘it’s what you think that counts’ kaso i don’t like counting! lol! oo nga eh, medyo miranda ba? lol! dati nga tinawag pa nilang ‘hatorya’ ang office namin because of me eh. i’m not sure if you know ‘hatorya’? it’s from a local fantasy soap. i don’t watch it though, nalaman ko lang nung nagsimula na sila tawaging ganun ang opisina. lol!

    you like what? my name or your name? lol. i think people enjoy calling me musang. it has this nice feel in your mouth when you say it eh.

    no, i’m not the uma type i’m more of the cat woman type.

    and it was given to me by the people i love most.

    ang bait mo, ako kasi hindi eh. i’m a fire breathing dragon.

    snuggly? lol! parang ang taba mo nun, mojacko type kasi snuggly. lol!

    how about you? why panaderos? when i was three years old it was my dream to be a baker.


    ang cute naman ng pinanggalingan ng name mo!

    dapat ikaw din, kung san galing yung gandarinako? tama ba?

    nice one, lol! naisip ko nga dati bakit love eh lalaki ka nga. sure i’d do the tag. nakakatuwa naman sa post ko na to dalawang beses ako nakareceive ng tag. lol!

    musang is a cat, a wild cat. am i wild? hmmm… lol!

    para kasi silang ginulpi ng musang pag namimiss sila eh.

    minsan pahirapan din magisip ng name no? si my man nga nahihirapan bigyan ng pangalan yung mga character niya sa mga on-line games din.


  6. wow interesting genesis of your handle.

    excuse lang nila yun na they can’t beat the deadline. truth is they can write the article in advance. di naman daily ang issue ata ng org nyo kaya they still have weeks to prepare it. Pero pilyo mga ka-org mo haha. musang ang pinalayaw eh number one kalmotera ang mga musang sa gubat haha

  7. Hehe… so now you’ve embraced the combination of the an elitist and a wildcat huh? :p Mine’s supposed to highlight my rather philosophical nature, but “philosophos” is too long, so I cut it to philos… which quite ironically means “lover” :p

    Btw, I hope you do memes cause you’ve just been tagged.

  8. it is interesting to know how people ended up with their blog ‘names’ — ako naman kengkay kasi my nickname is keng and my friends would use kengkay kapag naglalambing sila o kapag nagagalit sila, hehe

  9. When I started blogging in 05′ I thought of several pseudonyms but most were either taken or just too plain weird. In the end I just settled for “Screwed up AKA snglguy” (I took out the letters i and e just for the heck of it) because, well… I was kinda screwed up, and I am single, hehe. But I eventually shortened it to just “snglguy” a few months later after some bloggers began referring to me as “screwy”. Funny thing though, some bloggers thought that snglguy is short for “snuggly” or “snuggle guy”… hay.

    Oh btw, I have a tag for you…

  10. wow. you’re an EIC rin pala ng publications. i was also one. haha. and they all call me mommy madz. hahaha. mother goose daw kasi coz whenever i give deadlines and they dont meet it, i give them another day grace period and i even help them finish it. tapos when i know they have exams, sometimes i take the bulk of the work muna so they would have time to study. =)

    i love your name. very interesting.

  11. I can tell you – it’s a cool name πŸ™‚

    Hopefully you’re not the Uma Thurman type in Kill Bill coz I’d be really scared hehe πŸ˜†

  12. I’m was an internet purist who believe in the classic line “It’s not who you are that matters in cyberspace, it’s what you think that counts.” I believed in keeping ourselves anonymous. But recently, because of those wonderful people I meet in our blog, I’m starting to shed my privacy.

    BTW, You remind me of Atticus (www.mayamanako.blogspot.com). Her staff (who are also bloggers) actually call her “Miranda Priestly”

  13. hehehe katakot ka pala πŸ™‚

    Ako, what’s in a name? simple lang…taga manila ako.. I was thinking of using tondogirl since i am from tondo but it’s too Amy Austria lol! saka parang neneng masyado.. I’m too old for that.

    Yung Bobang Pinay naman…..kasi boba ako lol!

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