PM Cooks Chopsuey

The past week proved to be a horror story when it comes to not having any free time because it was midterm week, and this week so far proves to be laden with so much traffic from the midterms aftermath. I am going crazy with the study load but hopefully I’d be able to breathe again next week. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that one.


This is a conversation I’ve been meaning to post for sometime. I think this happened last week when my man and I are on a fast food line looking at the menu.

ME: Ano kaya ang kakainin ko… [I wonder what I would eat…]

MY MAN: Ano bang gusto mo? [What do you want?]

ME: Ikaw ano bang gusto mo? [You, what do you want?]

MY MAN: Chicken na lang. [Chicken.]

ME: Eh ako what do I want? [What do you think should I have?]

MY MAN: Hubby. [Me]

Let’s dedicate this space for yet another tag I received from the soon to be Dad of the kutings, RJ.
Here’s the rule..
Click copy/paste, type in your answers and tag four people in your lists! Don’t forget to change my answers to the questions with that of yours.
1. Four places I go to, over and over:
a. Balanga City. It’s 28 kms. from where I live but I go there always because the university is there. lol.
b. KFC. I practically eat here everyday because it’s the nearest fast food, just in front of the university.
c. The Student Publication Office. OF course, I work here.
d. Bagac, Bataan. It’s home.
2. Four people who e-mail me regularly:
a. Friendster updates
b. WordPress updates
c. My Mama Jasmin, my aunt from NJ
d. My Mama Baby, my aunt from… I forgot where she is in U.S.
3. Four of my favorite places to eat:
a. Home. My mother is the greatest cook on Earth.
b. KFC. I love their mushroom soup.
c. Crown Royal Hotel. I don’t eat sisig but their chicken sisig is to die for. It’s my man’s favorite.
d. Java Jam. Aside from the fact that it’s owned by my friend, I really love their egg sandwich. I can eat it everyday.
4. Four places i’d rather be:
a. Beijing. So I can drool all over the Olympic God Michael Phelps.
b. Home. I miss Jin already, plus I have a present to give him – a new collar. But it’s still red.
c. Iron Chef America Kitchen Stadium. I really wonder how its like to watch the show live.
d. Practically anywhere with my man or with my family.
5. Four TV shows I could watch over and over:
a. Iron Chef America. It’s amazing because… I can’t cook.
b. Any cartoon. During those rare times I do watch TV, I prefer cartoons anytime over local shows.
c. NBA Finals
d. Barefoot Contessa. It’s also a food show but I find it special because she seems to capture a lot of heart when she cooks.
6. Four people I think will respond:
Lastly, for those who thought this post was going to be about me cooking chopsuey, this is all I got to say: the only thing I can cook is instant noodles and I DON’T EAT VEGETABLES!

25 thoughts on “PM Cooks Chopsuey

  1. chroneicon,
    alam mo naisip ko sa SPO sexually pre occupied!

    i’d look forward to your post about that tag!

  2. chroneicon,
    nako hindi 2nd floor lang. ang malupit pa niyan sa iskul ko isang building lang ang may 2nd floor.

  3. snglguy,
    medyo, kaso KFC na ang pinaka malapit sa skul as in pag labas mo ng gate KFC na eh tinatamad na ko lumakad mas mahal ang price ng lakad ko kesa menu ng KFC! lol!

    hindi ko na nga alam ang gagawin ko pano ko magagawa kumain ng veggies eh? basta sa susunod na olympics pupunta na ko para makita si michael phelps at himatayin pag nangyari na yun.

    don’t they have KFC there?

    i’m trying but i don’t think it’s working for me. my man forces me to eat veggies to the point that sometimes i hate him for making me eat them!

    thank you!

    SPO? i’m not sure i follow.

    i see it’s a real song. nakakatawa naman!

    dapat next time gravy na lang orderin mo. lol!

    i’m actually flattered when people tag me because it makes me feel they remember me somehow, or they want to know about me. self-indulgent ba?

    sa tapat din ng school ang KFC pero hindi pa naman ako sawa kahit araw-araw na, lol!

    salamat sa award, so sweet!

    really? that is so cool!

    yes, it’s killer. i think i eat it everyday!

    np. oo masarap talaga, yung original ang gusto ko.

    you should marry a great cook!

    maybe we can team up and join iron chef. i’d boil all the water you need!

  5. I love the Contessa too – not too complex recipes and something I can cook hehe πŸ™‚

    She actually worked as a senior staffer at the Budget office at the White House and left the job coz she just wants to cook! Gutsy girl !

  6. ..bigla ko nabasa yung comment na KFC … iw iw
    sorry ha medyo allergic na ako dun kse yung office
    namin KFC lang ang katabing fast food so meron time puro yung kinakain namin before… atleast ngayon meron na goodah. (natry ko na 1 week kfc ang lunch)

    the best way talga baon.. hehe

    Hey we have a gift for you, pacheck n lang sa blog namin.

  7. ME: Eh ako what do I want? [What do you think should I have?]

    MY MAN: Hubby. [Me]

    wahahah. that line gave me some memories. haha. linya ko rin yan dati.

    hmmm. KFC. dati hindi nila kinakadena ang gravy sa table. ngayon ginagawa na nila yun. im am to blame. back in ROB, natatakot sila pagkumakain ako dun kasi I keep the gravy as prisoner in my table (isabaw ba naman sa chicken, mash, kanin … kung pwede nga pati sa brownies eh.) haha.

  8. lei,
    napag usapan na namin yan. payag naman siya maging cook namin. domesticated yun eh.

    syempre ako kaya ang prinsesa niya.

  9. when i’m still single, i don’t know how to cook din and eat a few kind of vegetable lang.. but when i got married i was forced to learn how to cook and eat vegetables since my husband is into food and he’s ilocano so mahilig sya sa gulay..

    when i discovered that he’s a better cook than me.. i taught him the recipes i knew na.. tapos ayun sya na ang nagluluto pag pareho kaming nasa bahay. palusot ko.. “kaw na, mas masarap ka magluto e” πŸ˜‰

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