It is amazing how much our subconscious minds reveals about us – to others and even to ourselves. Last night, I delivered a report in class regarding reflective teaching and as a motivation, I used free associations. It is simple really. I say a word and my classmates will blurt the first thing that comes into their mind. I made sure the words I picked were provocative and the results were crazy!

Here are a few subconscious mutterings of my classmates and my professor:

Eggs – My eggs

Peanuts – Big

Pills – TRUST

Heaven – Sex

Pussy cat – Girls

When i got back to the dorm, I tested my list on my sister, Ched who is a third year nursing student. It was hilarious!

Pussy cat – Dolls

Sex – she laughed so hard! I wonder if I want to ask her subconscious muttering… or maybe not.

Tae [Stool] – Ako [Me]

Oral -Medicine. She paused before she said this so I asked what was the first thing she thought: sex

Hard -Boiled Egg

Balls -Ahhh… testicles?

Noodles –Pampahaba ng buhay [for a long life]

Movie – Ang Tanging Ina


I think now is also the appropriate post to include the erotica tag that snglguy sent me that required me to come up with a short erotica of not more than 200 words, and with the following words that can only be used once in the story:

1. sleepover
2. whip
3. handcuffs
4. leather
5. sexy
6. threesome
7. hairy
8. shotgun
9. squeeze
10. explosion

I usually take a short time in answering tags but this one proved to be a challenge that took me all week. Here goes nothing. My 192-word trying-hard-to-be-erotic story.

What started to be a simple dinner is turning out to be a sexy fire dance. His killer cooking skills, her hot come-and-squeeze– me frame and lots of wine proved to be a powerful threesome. By the time he serves the chocolate mousse dessert, he was sure she’s going nowhere but sleeping over, or maybe staying but definitely not wasting any time for sleep. She did not want a single slice of the mousse he offers but dips her finger on the whipped cream and sucks it hot and slow in her mouth. He was surprised but delighted. His prim perception of her dramatically changed into a vixen clad in a red leather dress when she hopped on his lap and started to rob his mouth with torrid kisses, pressing her full chest against his, all the while hismanhood aching and feeling handcuffed inside his jeans. She was pleased by his reaction as she feels him hard like a loaded shotgun pressing into her waiting for a huge explosion any minute. She unzips his jeans and feel his hairy package. Oh it is definitely going to be a long night.

Okay so how did I do? Maybe RJ, Kat, bw, and Manilenya, especially joyfulchicken can do better.


24 thoughts on “Es-ih-eks

  1. utakmunggo,
    so pareho kaming wholesome na bastos? lol!

    i’m wondering too what kind of peanuts are those! lol!

    anong heaven variant kaya yun?

  2. 192 words only ? That’s great. Not sure if I can do it in 200 🙂

    Peanuts – big ? Wondering what variant it might be..hmmm… ( finger pointing at my temple ala Arsenio Hall hehe 🙂 )

    Heaven- sex ? Whoa, reminds me of my post on the Nature of Sex hehe 🙂

  3. author siya ng princess daisy, i’ll take manhattan, lace, at iba pang cheverloo. hindi siya erotic writer pero yung mga eksenang ooh aiyeehhh aaahhh sa mga obra niya ay talagang nakakakiliti sa isipan. hehe

  4. piapot,
    long and hard? kung ako maiisip ko firebolt ni HP.

    nakakagulat minsan ang mga revelations through this free associations, uh, madalas pala. sino si judith krantz? sabi nila hindi daw erotic eh?

    oo masarap nga yun pero hindi ako bumibili kasi feeling ko magtatae ako, hindi ko lang alam kung bakit iyon ang naiisip ko basta pag si mother goose ang nagluluto dito sa bahay, ayun kinakain ko.

  5. basta ako alala ko sa eggs eh byahe -kasi everytime we take a bus going to somewhere eh they always sell those quail eggs in plastic with little triangles of salt 🙂 yummy! basta wag lang luma 😉

    thanks for dropping by. see you again 🙂

  6. bonggang bongga ang free association chovarloo ah. someone did that to me once. turned out, yung answers pala are your views on life, love, sex, marriage, and some other things na meron sa buhay ng tao.
    na-nosebleed ako sa erotica post mo ah. hehe parang galing sa pahina ng libro ni judith krantz.

  7. hahahaha halimaw ka talaga musang! hahahaha go! go! go! hahahaha basta ko natawa nung ginawa ko yan kina mama, dalawa lang ang nagmarka sa ulo ko na sagot niya eh…


    hahahaha long and hard daw oh???? hahahahaha

  8. vhincent,
    di ko alam eh pero ang gulo talaga ng klase nakakatawa!

    it’s just a tag, okay lang yan. galengan mo ha. lol!

  9. Oh, I read this on Sngl Guy’s blog—and uhm, my mom reads my blog!

    Okay, let’s see what I can do with those words.

  10. So what was your grade on the report ;)?
    for sure mataas, in your writing its already funny, and for sure napatawa mo prof nyo…

    Hey thanks for adding us to your link, added you also.

  11. panaderos,
    thank you. i thought it was funny. nakakatawa kasi ngayon lang ako gumawa ng ganito natatawa ko sa sarili ko. yung ginawa mo natawa din ako dun talaga. lol!

    tama! o kaya ilagay nyo ‘wag basahin’ o sigurado lahat babasahin yun! salamat sa pag ad.

    that’s the point. i want to test them. maybe how green they are. lol!

    yes and my man too. i’d check it out in a moment!

    kala ko give you time to imagine and fantasize. lol!

    i am so looking forward to your post. don’t disappoint me, i have high hopes in you. lol!

  12. salamat sa tag! sige gagawin ko to, bigyan mo lang ako ng ilang linggo hane? medyo dudugo kasi ang ilong ko sa english. hahaha!

    nice try! hindi hardcore, parang R-18 lang. hehehe.

  13. lol i like the post hehe thanks for sharing princess
    and btw do you love sci-fi films? if you are interested you may want to see my latest TOP 5…ITS TOP 5 MOST RENOWN SCI-FI WRITERS AND THEIR FAMOUS SCI-FI FILMS..
    have a great day!!

  14. hehehehe! sabi nga ng prof ko, para mapansin yung poster na ipapaskil namin sa mga pader, lagyan daw namin ng malaking ‘SEX’ na header. head-turner poster labas nun. hehehe. 😀

    btw, added you to our links as well 🙂 thanks!! ♥

  15. winkii,
    ako bilog lang ang naiisip ko isagot sa balls eh!

    it was tough. i guess i’m sticking to writing about my cat.

    oh well it’s still a nice try for a virgin. lol

  16. Hahaha, good work, princess… not as graphic as Panadero’s piece — soft core ika nga — but definitely Hustler Magazine-worthy. You have it in you kiddo, a little more imagination and you’ll make it as an erotica writer. No, really, I’m serious… 😀

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