I Feel Good… And You Will Too

This is for my man.

And for my blogger friends, especially the ones who commented on my post Accidentally in Print.

As promised, this is the illustration of Bleeding Love

As promised, this is the illustration of Bleeding Love

This is the illustration that will accompany my post Bleeding Love that will be published in our university paper any time this August. The drawing depicts my man and I’s yin and yang relationship, especially during important or crucial times in our lives [Thank you, moja.].

The original sketch is only in pencil and ink but Piapot and I decided to color it with color pencils.


I think the title of my last post Awards Night and Day is the reason for this quite surprising situation. Whether it’s a coincidence or not, here’s the news: I received yet another blog award, this time from Roxy.

This is Award No. 2

This is Award No. 2

Again, I don’t know what’s the criteria why I am given this award, but I am still very thankful for the appreciation that my blogger friends are giving me, making my stay in the blogosphere worthwhile.

And once more, the best news is that I am hitting the love back, just to say how brilliant I think you are.

To Snglguy, for always making my head grow big each time you tell me how good I write. Thank you for making me feel brilliant, and I think you are brilliant too, especially for that erotica meme that you gave me, I believe I will never forget you for that reason.

To Panaderos, for making me discover the fun when other bloggers add you to their links. Thank you for doing that simple act when I was just starting to find my space in the blogosphere. And for claiming to like my erotica meme!

To utakmunggo, for being one crazy mom and one funny blogger! Thank you for the simple stories that touch me and make me laugh. I was especially drawn to you when you shared that you were a C.I. before you left the country. I dream to be one too. [All of you who reads me can pray for me!]

To Madz, for always leaving nice comments, and for being a good friend to your friends. When I saw your pictures on your gimik, I thought you are really cool.

To Manilenya, for being one of the first few people to read and talk to me when I started blogging. Thank you for the funny and wonderful conversations. I think you are very honest in your posts, and that rocks!

To neuroticsister, first for keeping the name that I gave you, and second for being a pretty cool sister and a sponge bob. I mean, shock absorber. I believe that you will soon get all my crowns in the student publication.

To philos, for never failing to make me salivate with his stories about food and restaurants, and for being one of those few people who always left me comments when I was just starting to make my way in this blog. And also for that brilliant interpretation of the photo hunt clouds when you used steam clouds! I think that’s really cool.

Now, all you wonderful people can also share this gift to other bloggers by doing so:

  • Put the logo on your blog.
  • Add a link to the person who awarded you.
  • Nominate at least seven other blogs.
  • Add links to those blogs on your blog.
  • Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

All these award giving and saying thank you really makes me feel good. I certainly hope this feel good thing rubs off on you.

Also, this makes my resolve stronger into creating that Golden Musang trophy! Yey me!

27 thoughts on “I Feel Good… And You Will Too

  1. roxy,
    akala ko nga mali na naman yung napindot ko!

    ikaw talaga pinaka madiin ko na nga yun!

    wish ko nga drawing ko yan eh kaso color lang! oo nagcomment siya parang mang asar!

  2. PM’sMYMAN!!!
    sige lang… ayos mo tol!

    at malamya pa din siya magkulay! ahehehehehe (x.x) patay ako neto! hahahahaha

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  4. utakmunggo,
    panalo ka talaga! lol!

    thank you! thank you!

    my man says it looks christmas-y!

    kris jasper,
    that’s a good idea! abstract! maybe i can also do that because i really suck at drawing!

    nakalimutan mo pasalamatan yung moral support ng friends mo na sina sano at boss arthur.

    i tried it the other day but it said you were not available?

    thanks! sure i’d check it out later!

    syempre yan lang ang kaya ko eh! pero mas magaling si piapot.

    iniisip ko nga ano ba talaga ang criteria ng mga award na ito eh?

    MY MAN,
    ikaw talaga nag comment ka nga sa wakas ng panahon para lang asarin ako! hmp!
    …at dahil pers taym mo, compelled ka ng magcomment sa bawat post ko kung hindi… ikaw din! hehe!

    thank you! may awards night sa animalandia, sama ka?

  5. wow! the sketch is amazing! really nice! well, what can i say but congratulations for your latest award! you deserve it for having a wonderful site and interesting topics! keep it up, girl! cheers!

  6. Maganda pagkaka-color ha, ang galing nyo naman dalawa ni pia, kaso lang… tumulong ka ba talaga magcolor? hehehe šŸ˜† ui 1st comment to! šŸ˜‰

  7. huwaw… anggaling mo palang magkulay e…

    hehehe.. i used to use colorpencils din as medium nung college pa ko sa plates namin.. kakamiss din kasi puro 3d na sa computer ang ginagamit.

    congrats sa award.:P

  8. wow awards keep on coming to you and i think you really deserved to be awarded for having this wonderful blog
    have a great day
    by the you might want to see who are those solo performers that gain much popularity as they leave their group of where they came from at my blog
    hope to see you there
    more power and God bless

  9. šŸ™‚ I love the yin yang art.

    btw, to send me a private message on the right side of my site, look for .Welcome to stalk. underneath is *live chat with roxy* click on that and it’s goes straight to my gtalk. Im online 24/7 šŸ™‚

  10. PM,
    muntik na akong maiyiak sa sinabi mo…
    maraming salamat sa award na ito,..
    thank for my sponsors, lacoste, bench, adidas, Dra. Vicky Belo… ajejejejeje..

    “I believe that you will soon get all my crowns in the student publication.” – this is really really tough! but i’m doing the best i can at all times! šŸ™‚ thanks for backing me up all the time! sa kalokohan at kaartehan! hahaha mwaks!

  11. salamat, musang! ay em so tats!! i would like to thank aling panyang’s wigs for my hair.. and patalinhug funeral parlor for my mek up..

    this award is for the people. šŸ˜€

    *feelingera mode*

  12. sandy,
    thank you. i thought it’s very pretty too!

    yes, i liked the concept of the illustration too and thank you!

  13. roxy,
    thanks, it’s just that i really don’t know!

    your welcome, and thank you.

    salamat winkii! did ginebra win last night?

    thank you bw! mon also gave you an award!

    sa animalandia kasabay ng arte y pico, kaso hindi ka animal pano yun?

    it means it’s an award. np!

  14. Thank you very much for the award. I don’t know what to say except a big Thanks! You didn’t have to but in any case, the award is very much appreciated. šŸ™‚ Looking forward to more of your posts.

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