Model Cat

Take a moment to think about this: where have you seen this cat?

Looks familiar?

Huh! Is the sketch pretty or what? That’s Jin on pastel and sand paper, sketched by a friend. It’s very good right? This was the original photo:

Very cool, right?

24 thoughts on “Model Cat

  1. miss elle,
    jin is very vain.

    i wish i could’ve done it myself.

    it is! i find it very lovely indeed.

    so you tell me. so you tell me. lol

  2. prinsesa, you said
    “he is very good, and
    the cat is very cute”
    so reading between the lines
    your friend isn’t very cute
    and your cat can’t draw?
    lol. just kidding.

  3. K,
    sabi ni my man if gusto ko daw ibibili niya ko ng she-Jin para magkapamilya ng mga siamese, eh kaso ayaw na ng bwena pamilya ko, masyado daw maarte alagaan kaya yan pag agaw-agawan na lang natin si jin.

    strike a pose yan lagi!

    wei vines,
    winner diba?

  4. Nice sya.

    So pwede mo na ring gawing banner kasi mas nakakatakot yung tigre kahit asteg.

    My nephew has more than 10 harmsters, binibigyan ako ng dalawa, sabi ko kung pusa yan, pwede.

    Pa arbor naman si Jin.

  5. utakmunggo,
    ewan ko nga ba, ako nasa toilet nun eh.

    actually pinagawa ko talaga yan. lol!

    thank you. i’ll link you up too.

  6. Nakakatuwa naman si Jin mo, nakapag-inspire ng isang artist. 🙂

    Yung isang kakilala ko sa Flickr, nakapag-inspire ng maraming artists yung hamster nyang si Chmurka:

    Yung mga hamsters ko, ako lang ang ‘artist’ (maarte 😛 ) na inspired gumawa ng kanilang blog with matching photos and videos.

    Gusto ko yung reply mo sa comment ni fjordz… 😀
    Ako man, a hamster person and a cat person — but I don’t hate dogs (or any other pets).

  7. fjordz,
    yeah, i am a cat person. but i don’t hate dogs.

    major tom,
    the cat is a he, and yep, a 6-month old Siamese

    i can’t do that, ever.

    he is very good, and the cat is very cute. lol

    i can’t draw!

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