Kit For The Cat

Yesterday was the celebration of Buwan ng Wika [National Language Month] in the university. My friends from the student publication joined in the many events particularly in the poster making contest. It may sound very elementary but I think they only did it for fun, plus the good news is that they won! I’m not really surprised but still we were happy their craft was appreciated.

Jhervy, one of our neophyte staff, won third place. Before he went to the awarding ceremonies, I was teasing him that if he doesn’t win, I will never speak to him again, but if he wins he should buy me Kit Kat [the chocolate] to share his blessing! LOL.

When he came back from the gymnasium, he happily shared that he won, together with two more of out staffs. We were congratulating them and we were very happy, but I was happier when he asked Jerwin, who won first in the slogan making contest, to get the Kit Kat from his bag that Jhervy bought for me.



Wow. That was so sweet. And I had not only one but two chocolate bars, yey me! Actually, I did not really expect that the boy would be serious about the chocolate thing but thanks anyway, Kit Kat much appreciated.

Thats Jhervy with my Kit Kats.

That's Jhervy with my Kit Kats.

Actually, when I started blogging, I told the staff from the pub that they should also try it. And Jhervy actually made his own wordpress account and was able to post a few mutterings but unfortunately, was not able to sustain it. His blog can be found on my links with the name AbyGgopLko.

Funny how I call him with his name in this post. I’m used to calling him by his pub nickname BekBek. Thanks Bek!

26 thoughts on “Kit For The Cat

  1. uy, buwan ng wika, naalala ko tuloy nung hayskul ako, super actvie din ako sa pagsali sa mga quizzes, slogan making contest na yan…mapa nutrition or buwan ng wika pa yan…hehe. πŸ™‚

  2. bloom,
    oo nga no? nagkasunod-sunod na pagkaen ang laman ng blog ko. lol! di ko napansin!

    yun pala eh bili ka madami tapos padala mo dito! lol.

    that’s good, it is very beautiful. you have a nice day too!

  3. hi friend!
    thanks a lot for passing at my blog and about your question, pf course you can wear that dress in a tropical country. It is so fresh πŸ™‚

    a kiss for you!
    have a great day,

  4. haler. hahaha. :p puro food ang posts! charap.. ahahahaha.. kelangan ko yang kitkat na yan.. nagbreak ako eh.. :)) have a break? have a kitkat! ahahahaha :p

  5. K,
    fortunately for me, and unfortunately for the cat, jin does not eat chocolates! lol!

    okay i’ll buzz in on you later! lunch muna!

    thanks for finding me. i’ll link you up later!

    thanks, ikaw ancient na sa links ko! lol. hmm… magmula nun, hindi na regular every 30 days ang period ko pero within a week delay dumarating naman. i still get pains pero hindi na yung ganun nakakabaliw! what do you suggest i do? help!

    chocoholics unite!

  6. given the choice, mas gusto ko twix kesa kit kat hehe. pero kahit ano oks lang, me vetsin dila ko e.

    salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ko (kahit di ka nag iwan ng link :D)

  7. utakmunggo,
    wala ba kit kat diyan?

    this is fun because of the kit kat present.

    i was not able to see the commercial with pandas. i missed your comments! thank you!

    ano ka kinaen mo nga kahapon eh!

    liza troyo,
    bongga! welcome to my blog! oo yun nga yun bigay lang yun sakin kaya dapat share your blessings!

  8. Now,i know…you even shared the kitkat with me that night….so, that is the reason why you said you are happy that day….thanks!

  9. potsquared,
    nakakatuwa nga eh!

    keitaro hanazawa,
    nako pareho pala tayo i also get migraine lalo na sa kisses!

  10. I also love kitkat lalo na yung kakagaling lang sa fridge. ayayayay, heaven with kitkat. pero moderation lang paglamon ko ng chocolates kasi mina-migraine ako.

    ang sweet naman ni Bekbek.:)

    mahingian nga din ng kitkat mga tao sa kweba ko, haha!

    good vibes lagi!:)

  11. witsandnuts,
    ang ultimate peborit ko hershey’s nuggets with almonds.

    hindi pa eh siguro nga kasi limited hindi na umabot dito. lol.

  12. i loooovveee kitkat. okay fine, i love chocolates. have you tried the kitkat dark edition and kitkat cappucino edition. they shouldn’t just make it limited edition. it’s just sick. it should be … always present edition. haha.

    =) congrats to them! great joB!

  13. Haha. I remember I won second place in a poster making contest in high school. I forgot what I did with the price. Probably just saved it. It was funny because I joined just for fun. I don’t really draw nicely. It was the concept that won.

    Kitkat and Meiji’s black chocolates (and of course, chocnut) are my favorites back home. =)

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