PM Can’t Say No

Tell me. Tell me. Tell me how in the world can you say no to someone who looks like this:

Paawa [Pity Me] Effect


I think it is very possible that cats will rule the world in the future because of plain cuteness. In my opinion, it is a must for cats to be cool. If you are not cool, then you are not a cat. It is very well manifested by this quote from Rush Limbaugh on The Rush Limbaugh Show, “Dogs have masters. Cats have staff.”

See? How cool can you get than that? Darn.

45 thoughts on “PM Can’t Say No

  1. a dog would say to his owner – my master, my king, i would do whatever you want.
    a cat would say to his owner – my slave, my servant. do whatever i want.
    i agree with you cats are such sweethearts.

  2. carlotta,
    that’s nice to know. hanap ka ng ganiyan kacute tapos ampunin mo!

    pag nasa mood sila malambing pero sometimes kahit mag tumbling ka na sa harap nila deadma.

    hey hey. ako din busy eh. tagal ng hindi nagpopost. lol.

    Major Tom,
    that’s a sad experience. mag adopt ka na alng ulit ng pusa!

    i’ll try to find out if there are hairless cats for people who are allergic to them.

  3. oh, very adorable cat. I used to have a cat for a first and name him(or her) Ming-Ming (very original, eh?) but one night the kitten just disappeared and in the morning I found Ming-Ming just outside our door, frozen dead with ants all over his body. I felt so sad, but I couldn’t forget that moment and that one little cat I used to have.

  4. Cats are fun! 🙂 hehe sorry can’t relate Im not much of cat person 😛

    Sorry girl been busy, may utang pa ako sayo! Il send you a message when Im done 😛


  5. Hehehe, pusa pala kala ko bear. Im so amused with your statement there – If you’re not cool, then you’re not a cat. Hehe. Cool.

    One thing cguro na isang quality ng pusa that I would want in real life – malambing…

  6. panaderos,
    it’s because cats don’t give a damn about anything other than themselves.

    if you’re not cool then you can’t be a cat.

    i know, i know, you love arabella.

  7. I like cats too, even had a few of them in the old neighborhood along with our dogs, but am more partial to canines because I’m such a control freak, hehe. 😀

  8. keitaro hanazawa,
    he is my cat. the cat’s name is jin. he is a gift fom my man when i graduated in my first course last march.

    metz-empty streets,
    sure, thanks! i’ll drop by later.

    how about a chicken making puppy dog eyes?

    wow, that’s nice. ako din kaya magtayo ng ganiyan?

    wow. ganun ba? interesting. a bad mouth that will go to hell!

    that’s very sweet. mahilig din akong magpulot ng kuting. next time post ko ang pictures nila.

    perfectly adorable.

    cats are very cute aren’t they? malambing pa!

    i think the cats are awed by the movements made by what’s shown on TV. glad your back!

  9. Finally, somebody like me who is fond of cats. I don’t have one these days but when I was still young and growing up in a remote town in Pangasinan, I had a lot of good memories with my pet cats. They sleep in my tummy at night. Oh—I miss cats. Yours is very cute…..

  10. hahaha…. ang cute naman!!!!!! oh, how i really love cats (and dogs)! may pinulot nga ako ‘kuting’… i thought hes not going to survive because he’s really a baby that time… but, thanks God, he’s now doing well and very sweet to me! keep on postin cute pics of your pets! take care!

  11. Rush limbaugh? When a Gastroenterologist wants to examine his rectum, he inserts his anoscope in Limbaugh’s mouth. Hwag mo na lang kilalanin. He ain’t worth it.

  12. you should meet my friend. she’s alsoa feline person. =) i wrote the class prophecy and she wnated me to put that in ten years, she will be starting a feline home shelter in the US as well.

  13. Cute cat. I love the way he just innocently looks at the camera hehehe. Anyways just dropping by to say hi and I have to commend you on your blog and how attractive it looks. Keep it up and more power. Drop by over at our side sometime and help us improve and we’ll do the same in return. 🙂 More power.

  14. TK,
    ang totoo nga niyan hindi ko naman kilala si limbaugh eh lol! basta nabasa ko lang na sinabi niya yun sa RD.

    but if they’ll be interested i think they are more likely to succeed in ruling the world.

    ha? bawal ang pusa diyan? that’s not fair! bakit daw? walang ‘ya o!

    they really do! go cats go!

    pano ba ang tono niyan? aaralin namin ni jin. lol! ang alam pa lang namin eh yung siamese song.

    kris jasper,
    catnap? too bad. very bad. anong breed? baka naman sinusuotan mo ng diamond necklace kaya ninakaw?

    malambing talaga pero may times na hindi ka papansinin! thank you for the award and happy birthday to your blog!

    i believe a time will come that cats will rule the world. lol!

    waaaaa! ganun ba? allergic to cats ka?

    we can’t help but do as they please! hay… cat’s rule.

    rats cannot rule the world because they are… rats.

  15. i love cats too napakalambing nila hehe
    by the way i am now to celebrate my first year anniversary here in the blogosphere
    and in got something for you in my blog
    thanks for being a part of my blog my friend i treasured every comments and moments you spent there
    thank you again have a great day

  16. parang kumakanta lang sya ng

    Not a sound from the pavement
    Has the moon lost her memory?
    She is smiling alone
    In the lamplight
    The withered leaves collect at my feet
    And the wind begins to moan “

  17. cats are really cool. panu na ang kowloon house kung wala sila? joke lang musang. peace

    actually our family loves cats as well. my lola has 15 cats now in their house. too bad here in middle east, no cats allowed.

  18. Your Highness, that’s the only thing Limbaugh got right. It’s his only statement that I could agree with.

    Re: UTZ. kung may friends ka na GYN, just to be sure she may request for one once she examines you.

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