Slipping Away

It’s been awhile.

The past week has been one alien-sucking-my-brain-out kind of thing. I am just very relieve that the week is over and I can rest somehow. Major burn out. Sigh.

I was always tired. The funny thing was that being productive or idle, I felt the same – tired. I was not even able to post anything here because I felt I did not have the energy to go type-type, but somehow I was able to visit some blogger friends and smile after reading what they have posted for the day.

I guess this is normal. There always comes a time when a person feels everything sucks right? And the sad part is that no amount of chocolate can correct it. My momentum in everything I’ve been doing is slipping away and I don’t know why. I am even thinking of leaving this site.


53 thoughts on “Slipping Away

  1. Retro Manila,
    yes, yes. god, i wish i’ll be fine. but i am getting there.

    thanks Kat. i’m feeling that it’s on it’s way to passing…

    kris jasper,
    that’s a nice way of putting it. thanks a lot.

    badly need that chocos sis!

    hey thanks for the visit. i’ll link you up when i find the energy.

    sure np. i’ll check it out when i find the energy.

    np. i’ll do it don’t you worry.

    many blogger friends have been sending me hugs. i found them very comforting.

    it does, doesn’t it? i’m kind of getting through it, konti pa!

    Miss Elle,
    i agree with everything you said. thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. that’s nice.. eto have started blog hopping again… but most likely will be taking a break din…

    hey, relax ka lang sis. if you dont feel like posting, then dont muna… pero wag naman forever… like what sis kaycee told me, dito pa rin naman kami pag balik mo. πŸ™‚

    tsaka review ka now diba for the board exam? the last thing you need is stress… surround yourself with positive energy. or better yet, you can post an interesting lesson you learned. hehe. basta sis. just relax. today is great and tomorrow will be greater! πŸ™‚

  3. it’s normal. you cant have 365 days of ecstasy… there will be days that you’ll feel “down”.

    Mine is otherway round though.

    I cant have 365 days of feeling down. there are days I feel happy too.


  4. Oh, that’s so all right! (Well, okay, it’s not, of you’re the one feeling poopy about the world as of the moment.) But hey, one day, when you’re okay and happy, you’re gonna laugh at yourself and this post, and ask “What the hell was I thinking?”

    It will pass. (And then it might come back again. ) But it will pass.

  5. tina,
    you are so sweet. thanks a lot. i’m feeling a lot better now. thank you!

    wow. thank you. i didn’t realize people like you exist for me. thanks a lot.

    yes i did actually took a break. a week long break. i’m feeling a lot better now.

    talk about it. major burn out.

    i am feeling better much better now. but still weak.

    lol. i was with my man nga kahapon. inaliw niya ko talaga kasi nga low bat nga ako.

    thanks bw. i think i’ll be able to post something soon.

    yes, yes i think i am getting well. o you have a very cute avatar hachi.

    thank you for the hugs. it’s just that i am always, always tired.

    thank you kira. i’ll check you out later!

    Miss Elle,
    i am feeling better now. how about you?

    i’m doing well, i’ve been out for a week but hopefully i’ll find the zest to continue. glad you enjoyed my posts. i am not dead when i wrote these things. and np, sure i’ll link you up.

    thank you. it’s not really just blogging but everything. i felt so tired.

    sure np. i’ll link you up.

    it is really a part of life. i’m tired!

    maybe i should try eating boxes and boxes at a time! lol.

  6. hi sis. yeah, take a break. πŸ™‚

    can’t say anything more because i, too, am in the same state. and yes, with the same thoughts — leaving the site.

    anyhoo sis, how are you feeling now? πŸ™‚

  7. hi friend!

    how are you doing?
    Thanks a lot for passing at my blog, about your question. DonΒ΄t be afraid of wearing what you want and for sure, that you look you commented at my blog could be good in a girl of any colour!

    a kiss my friend!

  8. It does happen believe me. I have many times thought of closing my blog. Blog at your leisure or call a time out. You need a good rest. Blogging is fun but there are more important things than blogging ! My 2 cents πŸ™‚

  9. right..weariness, burn out.. it is just normal..just don’t indulge in it..and don’t think of ever leaving this blog… coz i think it’s really really didn’t lose your knack to write good stuff…
    I’ve read your writings in extra when i was in hs…and this past week, saw you again in lumos… I asked my pal to get me a copy, though i’m not in bpsu..i just want something to read..and i recognized you.. so i tried to check your blog out.. but that’s all! haha.. πŸ™‚

  10. don’t leave please. T_T even though i rarely blog hop nowadays… i visit your blog and enjoy your posts a lot (very interesting).

    i do hope you are feeling ok by now, dear. *HUGS*

  11. madel,
    thanks ha. toxic lang talaga siguro talaga the past week. ewan ko ba!

    Doc Cat, uh, i mean K,
    wow K, thanks. ang problema wala pang 7-11 dito sa bundok under construction pa, honest! wala naman siyang sakit, ay meron pala obesity. lol.

    oo basta hahanap ako ng energy!

    thank you. i hope so too.

    hey thanks that’s a nice way to put it. i’ve been sour for a week hope this week will be a better one for me.

    yeah, i think that breathing exercises will do great. wish me luck!

  12. dont worry, dear… you’re just being human and that’s understable! just take time to de-stress! inhale, exhale… relax, rela, relax… try to have some quiet time for yourself…

    take care and hope to see a ‘smile’ in your next blog again! : )

  13. I’ve felt like this many times. Burnt out, tired, and even angry about blogging. It’s normal. I think you just need some time to reflect on your own. I consider this feeling something akin to a writer’s block – a blogger’s mood swing or something like that.

    Anyway, hope you get some rest, a little time to yourself, and we’ll see you back here in a little while, feeling 100% and blogging happily away! πŸ˜‰

  14. hey, everyone needs to slow down a bit or even retreat. But you don’t have to quit.
    and everyone gets tired, that’s normal. take a break, and we’ll see you when you’re better.
    take care, sweet =)

  15. Is your Jin sick? ‘Passable’ daw ang sickness ng cat sa owner? Hahahaha.

    Take a short walk from your house to the nearest 7-11 store, then buy some popsicle, lick them till it melts into your mouth then go back again and buy some more.

    Pag katapos nun, refreshed ka na, nakapag exercise ka pa.

    Doc Cat.

  16. go take a break. but dont go on quitting esp this site. we’ll understand if you’ll take a leave for like 2 weeks or so but permanently leaving?

    we all get burned out, tired, sad and existence seems like just an annoying everyday thing – all routine, all rules. but we get out of it sooner or later. its just fate’s way or time’s way of telling us to slow down, take a break, look back and see the bigger picture.

    i hope you’ll be fine. =)

  17. utakmunggo,
    double hala.

    thank you, salamat… gusto ko na nga kumain ng scented candles o kaya maligo sa hot choco.

    cute nga talaga. kamuka niya si my man.

    salamat ha. link you up later too.

    grabe thank you po ha… nagsimba na nga ako kanina eh.

  18. tsk tsk. walang iwanan!!!!

    ganun tlga. may mga times na you’d feel like everything you do and everything that happens sucks… but don’t let that overcome you…

    kaya mo yan! at walang iwanan!

  19. Just relax and take it easy sis.

    “Don’t fight with the pillow, but lay down your head
    And kick every worriment out of the bed.”
    ~Edmund Vance Cooke

    I think that’s good advice.

    “And the sad part is that no amount of chocolate can correct it.” – Dapat siguro “Chocolates and Kisses.”

    Take care.

  20. wil,
    salamat. napapagod lang siguro ko talaga.

    thanks ha. ayan sumasayaw na siya thanks to you.

    i wish i’d feel better.

  21. Leaving this site? Now, don’t go overboard. hehe. But seriously, we all experience burn out. Just take a break and go do something relaxing and if need be, take a blog hiatus.

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