PM’s Smiling

The course of my days have been perfectly mimicked by the bad weather we have been expereincing lately due to a storm. But I must say I am definitely feeling a lot better this time as compared to the past weeks where I terribly felt like I’ve been run over by a truck. My momentum is still offguard but I’m glad I managed to pull myself together to come up with a post, albeit not the best that I can offer. Nonetheless, I am smiling now  for many reasons.

For one, I am deeply amazed at how emotions transcend time and space. I am again surprised by the power of words, of how mere words paint sincere concern and support. Hugs to all my blogger friends who took the time to comfort me when I was, and still am, majorly sizzling and burnt out.

It was really fascinating, that even when we do not know each other personally, haven’t even met and clueless even about the true names of each other, you have made an impact on my emotions, and many of you have uplifted my drowning spirit.

Of course I know I am not yet okay but I am feeling better. I still feel a dire need to be able to breathe and be happy. For now, this is what I have to offer. Really, my sincere thanks to everybody who place importance on me and my well-being. People like you inspire me to continue what I do and do it with my best.

I am smiling and my warm hugs to everybody.


I also would like to share this message I got from my Kuya Nap. Hope it can produce a chuckle out of you as it did to me.

Kahit nasasaktan ang isang tao, pinipili niya pa rin ang muling magmahal.





32 thoughts on “PM’s Smiling

  1. witsandnuts,
    i can feel the hug from abudhabi. thanks!

    he is really wonderful.

    mojo potato,
    glad i was able to make you chuckle.

    i think kerengkeng is in itself funny.

    yes,yes, thank you so much. i think i’m coming through.

    it’s burn out. major burnt out. sigh.

    it’s very thought provoking. lol

  2. Hang in there, young lady. You have a lot going for you. Life challenges us every once in a while but it also becomes meaningful when life’s lessons show us what we are capable of achieving. Take good care of yourself.

  3. The connection in blogosphere is really wonderful. As if we know our blogmigas & blogmigas so well and vice versa. We are truly concerned if someone is not updating a blog or if he/she is been quiet for a time. Giving you hugs from Abu Dhabi! Happy weekend, PM. =)

  4. snglguy,
    maybe that’s the rpoblem. i don’t drink! lol.

    i find the way kerengkeng rolls in my tongue funny.

    thanks nova. yep, another day. remind me to breathe!

    Major Tom,
    i know, it can be very irritating no?

    thanks, i hope so too.

    kris jasper,
    yes, yes i am taking it slow. i’m sure i’ll come around soon.

    saling PUSA,
    maybe i’ll get tired of burn out soon. lol.

  5. mon,
    wag mo na kong icheer ako ang napapagod sayo eh. lol. see you sa saturday.

    nako malaki talaga ang ligaya na nadulot sakin ng dancing baboy na yan. bute na lang andiyan ka!

    parang vicks no, can cure all!

    that’s a wonderful way to put it, very nice, very apt.

    siguro nga tama ka, pero hanggang speculate lang ako di ko pa natry eh. lol.

    salamat ha. yun nga eh naubusan yata ako ng sunshine at bubbles. lol.

    thanks a lot. i am very thankful for all of you who took the time to comfort me, grabe salamat.

    will try badly to do so!

    yes, yes, i’ve proven that somehow.

    waaaaaa! i am turning emo.

    i’m trying, i’m trying!

    thank you, thank you!

    keitaro hanazawa,
    salamat, yes i know i’ll be okay. he is very adorable, ain’t he?

    sending back my meow!

    yes thanks. the quote is very funny no?

  6. Mainit na mwahugs to you, our blogger friend!:)

    You’ll be okay din.:)

    Kahit nasasaktan ang isang tao, pinipili niya pa rin ang muling magmahal.




    — panalo talaga iyang si Kuya Nap. Parang gusto ko na tuloy siyang i-friend, haha.

  7. glad you feel a little bit better. just remember that we all went or go through the same hoops of burn out and stress and hopelessness. sometimes we feel sadder thinking we’re alone in these miserable emotions. the truth is, the world is full of people who are sad. =) but we all have friends to uplift our spirits. smile … bigger! hahaha.

  8. PM!!! hugs hugs hugs! 🙂

    glad that you are smiling again. kaya mo yan! kaw pa. lahat naman ng na eexperience natin now ay may purpose at may reason. just keep the faith and be strong. 🙂

    that’s the magic of internet. we may not know each other personally but I’m sending you right now my warm hugs to let you feel that I understand what you’re going through.

    you take care always ok? ;P

  9. I so agree.The mundane concerns of this day to day life can get the better of us sometimes…But keep that sun up in u!You don’t know how your rays have lightened up someone else’s life…you’ve got an honest and bubbly page here:)
    just wandering around…Godbless!

  10. no greater feeling than love, i always say. pero alam mo, kung lablab lang, hindi mo alam kung anong lab talaga unless you’ve given birth to a child. kasi pati tatay nung child na kala mo sukdulan na ang lablab mo eh nachochorva pa rin ng lablab sa anak. ganun.


  11. That’s great to know, PM. I feel like quoting Ally McBeal “Today is going to be a…less bad day. I can feel it,” and when it starts to get less bad, it get’s a little better, and better.

  12. buti naman medyo ayus ka na..
    hakhak. tinan mu lang yung babuy na nakembot.
    hakhak. ang kyot, kasing kyot ku.

    may nabasa ako sa blog ni kuya monmon,
    magaling si Miss S..
    hakhak. anu sinabi nia sau?
    pag ako siguro nagcounsel sau
    baka magpakamatay ka na..
    tsktsk.. naku! delikado! hahahaha!!!

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