Isang Kababuyan [A Pig Story]

Have you ever pictured yourself, how you would look like if you were a pig?

Apparently, Richmond thought I’d look like this if I were a pig:

I think I still look hot

I think I still look hot

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I from the student publication took a Pig Personality Test. It’s a non-scientific test but it was fun. We were instructed to draw a pig on a clean sheet of paper and whatever comes out of our pig portraits has a corresponding interpretation in relation with our personalities.

This is My Pig Portrait

This is My Pig Portrait

I drew this oinky at the center of the paper. It says that I am a realist. Other possible positions include at the top of the paper for an optimistic person and at the bottom of the paper for a pessimist.

My pig is facing front and that says I am a direct person who enjoys playing the devil’s advocate who neither fear nor avoid discussion.

If you will draw a pig and it tends to be facing the left, it depicts a person who values traditions and remembers dates and birthdays well, like these pigs:

I think Rems pig looks like a cat

I think Rem's pig looks like a cat

Guardian Angel Acostas pig is a wild boar

Guardian Angel Acosta's pig is a wild boar

If your pig is on the opposite of that, you are innovative and active but you have neither a sense of family nor remember important dates. I knew no one who drew a pig facing the right though.

My pig does not have a lot of details, just a jump suit, and a pig with only a few details like mine suggests that the person who drew it is emotional, naive, cares little for details, and is not afraid to take risks. However, decorated pigs with many details reveal analytical, cautious, and a distrustful personality like these members of the oinky family:

Ekos Pig mightve been a weight lifter

Eko's Pig might've been a weight lifter

I was actually surprised by Bunsos Pig

I was actually surprised by Bunso's Pig

If your pig has a complete set of legs, you are a secure, stubborn person who sticks to details, as is Piapot’s pig:

Looks like a cow to me

Looks like a cow to me

Mine has only two though because two were hands and the other were feet, and the interpretation is that I am an insecure person either that or I am living through a period of major change, which i must agree with.

Other details worth looking into are the ears because the larger the ears are, the better listener you are as is with Bek’s care pig:

Beks Care Pig

Bek's Care Pig

The ears of my pig aren’t that huge neither tiny, just average I think. Now this is the best part of the pig anatomy study. The longer the pig’s tail, the more satisfied you are with your sex life! OMG!

This might sound very funny, but this is what my man drew when I asked him to draw his pig:



So why not draw your pig today?


29 thoughts on “Isang Kababuyan [A Pig Story]

  1. It was so you! “My pig is facing front and that says I am a direct person who enjoys playing the devil’s advocate who neither fear nor avoid discussion.”


  2. soulsheik,
    what would cats do if not sleep?

    pigs are sophisticated this way. lol.

    nako ayoko mag alaga ng pig baka maging vegetarian ako, yay scary!

    sabi ng kapatid muka daw itlog eh.

  3. Ang cute ng pig mo. It reminds me of a cartoon kaso nakalimutan ko title. I remember doing that too during our training. I draw my pig at the bottom part of the paper – I was a pessimist daw.

  4. utakmunggo,
    ganun ba, bakit naman walang buntot? mahalaga ang buntot! lol.

    i love pooh too! snglguy? yes, i love his comments and i visit him as often as i can.

    miss elle,
    thank you so much. hugs! find time to relax, have to avoid that burn out!

    lol. at least some were accurate.

    kris jasper,
    that he is checking something out above. lol. wow. i haven’t seen anything like that before. maybe because people don’t normally draw a pig looking up because it is hard to draw.

  5. pinag-drawing din kami dati ng baboy. yung akin, towards the right, pero nakaharap naman yung mukha. hehe. at devil’s advocate nga raw yun. napahiya ako sa buong klase dahil innanounce pa yun ng teacher. Pero kahit totoo na wala akong sense of dates…meron pa rin akong sense of family, ano.



  6. PM! Missed you girl. anyho0, just stealing some time to respond to this very cute post. dont have much time though. so0o love pigs. not the real one though. have always been a fan of zashikubuta stuffs. hehe.

    read your previous post too. glad to know you’re up and smiling sis. πŸ™‚

    dont worry will steal more time to come back here. mwah πŸ™‚

  7. hihihi… panu pag ingkit yung mata o kaya malaki yung nostrils?
    nu ibig sabihin nun? hakhak!
    toinks! ang kyut talaga ng mga babuuuuuuuy!!!
    i lab pigggs!!! oinks!

  8. major tom,
    wonder how long your tail will be!

    this is a very lovely perspective of pigs don’t you think so too?

    oh no i can’t go on a veggie diet. i’m afraid i’ll change into a rabbit. but i’m a cat!

    maybe you should also draw your pig!

    that piggy icon did wonders for my mood! inspired me to blog again. i was wondering what is an entrecard?

    draw it, send it to me and i’ll tell you in detail. now get drawing! lol!

    glad you enjoyed it. my pig’s tail is curly so it’s hard to measure. lol.

    p is for PM!

    apparently yes. mon thinks i’m from deep under. lol.

  9. those pig drawings are lovely, i didn’t know it could reveal your personality though. i shouldn’t have read the interpretation and instead proceeded to draw my pig .. that way i could have had interpreted my pig the way you have described it. oh well i have to check my co teacher’s pig then… hmmm..see if it matches her personality.. we usually draw pigs when we teach kids the letter p πŸ™‚ p is for pig.

  10. haha, i couldn’t help myself, i had to scroll up and look again at the size of your tail.
    love all of the pig pictures, and the analysis. it’s interesting (and fun) to learn about yourself in non-conventional ways.
    i’ll never be able to look at a pig again without looking at the tail first.
    also, everytime i see a pig in a jumpsuit, i’m going to think of you.

  11. I love the pig heheeh, cute, but admitedly i couldn’t stop laughing at that piggy icon you have dancing there πŸ™‚ hehehe Returned the favor for the link, do drop by as often as you can and I’d recommend signing up with entrecard its a cool way to get to meet other talented writers and contributors πŸ™‚

  12. LOL. I don’t think I need to draw, Il just send you my photo is that alright love? wahehe πŸ˜›

    Will draw later and will send it to you πŸ˜›


  13. I never thought becoming “a pig” could be a cool idea. But now I’ve change my mind with this cool idea and concept. Wonder how I look like as a pig. perhaps with an eyeglass or in a kamisone, which I loved to wear at home all the time.

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