We Have A Situation

What is wrong with this picture?

Look at the size of my beloved Siamese cat’s head compared to his humoungous belly.

No, it’s not microcephaly, don’t be too trivial. It’s just that… Jin’s obese!

My sister Kulot would alaways argue with Jin each time she’d be eating a hamburger and Jin would ask for some. Kulot would always say, “Ano ka ba? Eh mas maraming beses ka pa kumakain sakin sa isang araw ah?” [What’s wrong with you? you eat more times in a day compared to me!] And the cat would walk away and turn his back against selfish Kulot.

But really, Jin eats more than five times a day. When he sits down, his belly touches the ground! He is so fat everybody at home call him Tabatino. Last weekend, we slept together and he was lying on my chest. I couldn’t breathe! I had to reposition him onΒ  my side so we can both sleep soundly and still wake up in the morning.



34 thoughts on “We Have A Situation

  1. “…its just that…jin’s obese”

    wahahaha! classic line πŸ˜‰ my baby dog was like that too; my bro said she looked like an over-inflated balloon

    diet ba si jin ngayon?

  2. mahiwagang sibuyas,
    he is so fluffy, so cute indeed.

    i think we should hire a gym trainer. lol

    kanin ang culprit!

    tabatino is from a local fantasy soap before. very cool indeed.

    the cat is a man. many think he is pregnant, but no he is just obese.

    now an obese chihuahua sounds interesting.

    i know, i know it’s very scary.

    thanks tina!

    two obese pals!

    yes 5 times, whew!

  3. haha sus me dapat magsama sila ng beagle kong si mielle haha obese na rin. sobrang taba na na pag tumatakbo sya eh hingal agad.

    idiet mo siamese mo kasi very prone yan sa heart attack lalo na sa tag init. yung aso ko dinadiet ko na at walang habas kung lumamon

  4. Very cute cat but seriously, I think he needs to lose weight. Like obese human beings, his heart must be working double-time just to pump blood into his entire system. Take care of him well. Cuddly and fat doesn’t necessarily translate to cute and healthy.

  5. haha! Tabatino is such a cool name =)
    sensya na ah, ngayon lang nakabalik, been busy!!! But i have to say I love that entry re pig drawings… really interesting πŸ™‚

  6. kira,
    someday cats will rule the world.

    dapat nga mag diet na ang tabachoy na to eh.

    pagulong-gulong na nga lang eh.

    grabe nga to kung kumain ng kahit ano, hindi lang rice, lahat!

    i know, but i don’t know what to do with him! i don’t want to starve him!

    yeah buy a cat and make sure you do not over feed your cat.

    tama ka, he is a pig, alright.

  7. if you have to reposition yourself because she is startig to hurt you with your weight, then she must really be heavy. better do something about the ebesity before things get complicated…..

  8. joyfulchicken,
    he does exercise! he runs in the backyard all day!

    he’s very fat!

    the cat is a he. i don’t know what to do with him!

    wow that was a very sad post for ginger and i think that policy for pets in HK is the best unlike here in RP where many idiots violate animal rights. did you adopt a new cat after ginger?

    kris jasper,
    well i was kind of thinking letting jin go to the gym with my man. lol.

    o man. i don’t know how to stop his meowing mouth from eating!

  9. Not a good sign. Letting your Jin remain fat will shorten its life span, as they say. Like us humans, obese cats also develop high blood pressure, tapos there are possibility of organ failure din, especially the heart, kidneys and liver (particularly hepatic lipidosis).

    It saddened me when I remember my Ginger.

    Tinakot lang kita. I think it is important to see your vet before you do anything like cutting his food intake.

  10. jen,
    the cat is a he and he is huge!

    o wow that’s nice. if i am filthy rich i’d set up a cat shelter. i can’t bear to give away cats. dogs i can give away. but cats, no.

    he is fat. over eating kasi. he runs around all day. kaso he eats all day din.

  11. That’s a FAT CAT pm.
    Although lacking knowledge in cat physiology, I think it’s not good for him to be overweight. Kailangan nya ng exercise. Maybe a mechanical toy mouse or a ball of yarn (yung malaki at mabigat para workout talaga, hehehe).

  12. lol:)i jst have to share ds.iv got issues w/cats b4.im a dog person.our home cud qualify for cats’ orphanage bec of my sister’s hospitality towards strayed cats & they get so fat in days of feeding program.many times amidst my sound slumber, the fattest of them all would jump from the top of a cabinet in our room wer he luvs to lounge and touch down on my chest i could have a cardiac arrest!it ended wen my baby niece joined the clan,and they were trimmed down to two.i hate to admit it but i missed dem…

  13. oh my… he (or she?) looks exactly like my siamese cat… hehehe… usually, male siamese are huge… females are like princess hehe! take care always… and best regards to all your pets! : )

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