Going Beyond

Looking through

Looking through



33 thoughts on “Going Beyond

  1. late comment. sorry naman. ngayon na lang uli ako nagbasa ng blogs.

    normally when i go to the beach, there’s always this time (a short one) where i look at the horizon. the sea. the endless sea. from one point to another.

    and napaka-emo tlga ng mga moment na ganun.

    kaso at some point it makes me think, napaka-endless ng sea no? although we all know when we keep on looking further, we’d see another land, but always the feeling is different.

  2. mon,
    bulag ka talaga, ako yan.

    it’s a nice set up, maganda talaga ang sunset dito sa amin eh.

    ako din hindi eh tsaka ayoko kaya sa tubig mamatay, baka ma high blood ang mga fish na kakain sakin.

    em my man,
    when that shot was taken, yes i was very much sad.

    oo nga ang tagal na nun ah?

    there are times when words just make everything worst.

    miss elle,
    dito sa bataan, sa resort ng tatay ko. punta ka.

    very deep right?

    di ko naisip ang kanta na yan para dito ah. lol

    i can’t swim so i won’t dare go deep.

    oo ako yan and i did not enhance the shot, ganiyan talaga ang kulay ng langit that time.

    i loved seeing the beauty of the waves as they crash against the shore and against each other.

    dito sa bataan, sa resort ng tatay ko. punta ka din.


    o wow, thanks to you too.

    yep that’s tiny me punta ka din dito sa bataan.

    it really does say a lot kaya no need for me to explain.

    lol. baka ganun ang mga isda magsabi nun.

    yes medyo emo nga.

    very true, nice set up no.

    kris jasper,
    then go home!

    it surely is fitting. sometimes i am more interested with titles than the post itself.

    i am really the type of person who usually gets everything at the same time like when i have work, i’m over loaded with work and when i’m down, i’m depressed. it’s a kind of extreme thing always for me.

    pusa din naman ako eh.

    lol. everybody has to have an emo shot.

    of course not. i can’t swim. lol.

    one of those days i guess.

    it happens when it happens. but it’s a very sad photo.

    piapot tool it upon my request.

    thanks tina, will do.

  3. oh wow, is that you? hehehe… inggit ako ha… with all the water around you… sure, it’s very relaxing to be there! away from the ‘metro’! take care and have a great week! : )

  4. hope you did’nt thought of walking further the spot you were standing PM…kidding…:)
    and i hope you gained inner peace that moment…
    sometimes we just have to be shut up to hear our inner self talk to us…

  5. PM,

    It’s okay to be speechless and wordless. It’s okay to be lost now and then. And it’s alright to be alone when we seek our questions just beyond the horizon … the answers are in your heart.

  6. ahehehe sabi ko naman sayo, wag kang magpapakalunod, kasi kahit gusto kitang sagipin di ko magagawa at di ako marunong lumangoy! haha

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