Sunday Morning

I have always been blogging in the past about how much wrestling happens between Jin and Kulot. It’s like they always have something to fight about like… food.

Yesterday, I did not know whether there was an eclipse or an alignment of the planets because something bizarre happened.

See for yourself.

I was not sure if it’s just because of global warming or the power of the holy spirit. But you can tell something is wrong with these pictures.

However, I still came to the conclusion that there is really no eclipse or planetary alignments yesterday because by night time… they were fighting again, over a blanket.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

  1. source,
    milagro nga eh magkabati sila.

    for a moment i thought it was like that well… until the blanket fight.

  2. gmac,
    o no that’s not me, that’s my youngest sister kulot. but you are right, they are both cute.

    they are also both very hungry. lol

    siamese cat siya!

    kris jasper,
    you should buy one too!

    got me all laughing too. lol.

    i’ve also had those experiences, like i want to squish jin to death because he is so cute!

  3. Grrr, my dead cat didn’t have that kind of bonding. All he did was to scratch his head on my legs, asking for his whiskas. Then again, that’s what I love cats – too cute to squeeze and hug.

  4. ferbert,
    there’s actually two new cats here. they are so cute. i’ll try to post their pictures next time.

    or it could’ve been just a hallucination.

    sabi na nga ba baligtad na ang mundo eh.

    he’s THE cat alright.

    nako UFC yan silang dalawa ang magkalaban laging championship, all out lagi.

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