Out of Stock

Last Monday, my man and I got some quality bonding time, just talking and hanging out. It was so cool and I really appreciate times like that because apart from being Babe&Babe, times like that make a tangible proof that we are good friends after all this time, about a decade!

Being good friends really make a lot for a relationship. I think it makes you kinder to each other! In terms of long term relationships, friendship is very important because it makes for a good foundation of your bond. It always help in seeing things out of a lover perspective thus keeps you in check whether what you areΒ  actually thinking is valid or merely an over reaction. [I know what you are thinking my man. I said helps – only.]

Anyway, no matter how good a friend my man is, I say he really makes a better, uh… my man. How do I know?

ME: Siguro kung dun ako sa school mo nag-aaral mahaba ang hair ko. [I think boys will like me at your school.] [He studies in a college were girl enrolless are like rain in summer.]

MY MAN: Hmmm… siguro nga. [Maybe.]

ME: Cute kasi ako! [It’s because I’m cute!]

MY MAN: Kaso hindi ka na pwede. [But you’re not available.]

MY MAN: Nabili ka na. [You’re already taken.]

[And he hugs me.]

So cute!

Okay. So I guess it’s PM Out of Stock. And I’ll have it that way for a long, long while, thank you.


23 thoughts on “Out of Stock

  1. hey there,

    just came accross your blog. this post is sooo cute.. makes me wanna hug and kiss my bi-ep haha:P

    hope its okay if i add you up in my blog πŸ™‚

    God bless… stay happy with your man πŸ™‚

  2. momisodes,
    thank you, we’ve been very kind to each other lately. lol!

    hindi ka talaga smart. lol! em.

    oo engr. nga, puro ganun yung school niya.

    salamat, sana nga din!

    college naman. lol!

    lol! oo nga eh, pwede rin pang inggit mode.

    lol! baka nga iyon ang dahilan, price pala eh no!

    second to that!

  3. naks naman! sabi naman ni kengkoy dun sa kaibigan nya nung isang araw, di na daw nya kailangan manalo sa lotto kasi ako na daw ang big prize nya, ehem. o baka naman kasi ang gastos ko, hahaha

  4. lalaine,
    i find that friendship is a solid way to jump start a relationship. it is a sure hit. lol.

    oo nga eh! nagquiver ang whiskers ko. lol!

  5. philip,
    will do very gladly.

    he can be very adorable when he wants to you know?

    naka, ang daming ants! lol. sabi ni niel nun nagka tooth ache ako itanong ko daw kay my man kung matamis siya. lol!

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