Happy Birthday Babe

Hello, birthday ni Babe [PM] ngayon kaya ako muna ang magbblog ngayon.  – My Man

Wow pang 5th birthday mo na to na together tayo. 🙂 Naalala ko pa yung unang birthday mo na nagkasama tayo, 16 ka pa lang nun ngayon 21 ka na waahahaha! 🙂 tignan mo nga naman tagal na natin naglolokohan este magkasama hehehe! Kasalan na lang kulang! Mga another 5 years pa siguro bago yun sandali na lang yehey. hahaha. Nakahanda na nga ang Ring eh.

Birthday Present

Ang hirap pala magblog, nakita mo na Babe kahit mahirap nagblog pa din ako, love kasi kita. Hanggang dito na lang dumudugo na ilong ko… Happy Happy Birthday Babe. I love you.

55 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Babe

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  2. philip,
    thank you!

    nilalanggam na nga kami. lol! salamat po.

    thanks, oo nga eh 21 na ko ngayon imagine that!

    thank you but it is I who just celebrated my birthday, not him. he was the one who posted that entry as a treat for me on my birthday.

  3. I pretty much suck at reading tagalog, but from what I can understand, you and your man have been together for five of his birthdays – is that right? Well, belated happy birthday to him, and I guess it must have been a good one, as you have not been back here to blog another entry. 😉

  4. ched,
    hoooooo….. nga.

    that’s cool, at least nagtuloy-tuloy na diba.

    no, oct. 3 ako matagal na no hindi ako nagpopost. lol.

  5. miss elle,
    thank you and i still accept late gifts. lol! he is so sweet. i blame him for all the toothache. lol!

    oh that’s so cute! ang tagal nyo na! and i think that advice is great. we are not rushing. it’s just that we can’t get enough of each other! lol.

    ang sikreto ay pag ka addict at pagkahumaling ng labis sa isa’t-isa. lol! thank you!

    thanks to you too!

    thank you! and it’s been awhile nice to hear from you again.

    you can’t imagine how happy i was when i saw this. he is the sweetest. and i find your experience with your man hilarious. i like your post because it is honest and true. was that a friendster blog?

    short but definitely ant material!

    it’s my birthday last oct. 3 that was what we were celebrating. birthdays have been very important to us since we don’t have an anniversary!

    thanks a lot!

    thanks, will do!

    it is the sweetest. i get a rush just by looking at it. thank you for dropping by. much appreciated.

    happy birthday to us!

  6. wow, how sweet.

    I couldn’t even force my boyfriend to greet me a happy birthday on my blog. And on the one occassion he commented on my blog, he used a fake name and acted all innocent when I asked him “What were you doing in my blog?”

    happy birthday, pm. enjoy being 21, and i wanna share something I wrote when I was turning 21 here http://katpusa.blog.friendster.com/2006/05/forever-21/

  7. that’s very swweeeet….. 5 years is an achivement. Me and my girl had it going for 7 years and 8 months and we are still going strong. Hope you do the same. Don’t rush into marriage. Better if you are both prepared before jumping into it. What is important is you love each other, that’s more binding than a piece of paper from the city hall or wherever….

  8. sheng,
    thank you. yes, i do have a sweet man. unfortunately, we have not been to five cows yet!

    wow thank you, i am also looking forward to that next 5 yrs. lol! maybe next time we can throw a party and only blogmates can attend! lol!

    thanks for the advice. i hope it’s fine too. lol! we are wearing the rings now. excited? lol! you know he is very happy with all the comments his post generated.

    glad to talk to you that night. lol! hope to catch you later again.

    thank you for the greetings. well, we are really kind of ant material. lol!

    oh that’s cool. sabi nga ng kapatid ko na nakaduty sa NICU that day, madami nga daw akong kabirthday.

    i was surprised my man became my reliever. letters are not his thing kasi, he likes codes more. lol.

    lol. that’s cute. ant material. thank you for the greetings and take it easy on that career!

    kris jasper,
    how i wish you can mail litson many people will be happy!

    thanks. i think we did not stop eating for three days. lol!

    indeed it’s sweet. thanks for the greetings.

    thank you!

    thanks sis. oo nga eh sabi din ng nanay ko. lol!

    thanks chicken. and yes, it was a marriage proposal.

    wow long time! thank you!

    thanks. you understood the language?

    kumag. mapansamantala. lol!

    thank you. nice to hear from you again!

    but i’m not so old! lol. i like your story. tama ba namang itanim sa lupa ang ring? lol!

    pwede kami na igawa ng storya sa dolls mo no? lol! ant material.

    ……… ayan na ang mga ants!

    thank you. we sure had fun.

    thanks for the link. wag ka na mainngit, darating ka din diyan.

    thanks. sure, will do that later.

    thank you! hope so too! lol.

  9. Wow! Happy Birthday sa kanya..tanda nya na kamo lol!

    how sweet! naalala ko wedding ring ko, di pa kami hiwalay nilagay ko na sa paso sa labas ng bahay, ayun dinampot ng kapitbahay lol! oks lang kasi nangingitim naman sya e hehehehe!

  10. buti nalang nagblog si hobby nya para kay PM… ahahhaha sigurado gud mood ulit sya… di kami malologot sa mga deadline… belated ulit

  11. hi there…pasensya na sobrang busy sa career…hehehe..minsan na nga mkapagpost ng blog…bitin na nga ako sa ppp ko.anyways, sweet naman oi…i remember the days when anjan pko sa pinas.tsaka nung single pa c lola…always kiligin when it comes bf bday…tsaka gifts and everything para keepsake…yahooo….tnx 4 da visit….

  12. oooh,wow…
    happy bday PM!
    i say this as a big sis,another 5 yrs wud be fine:-)
    and ‘the ring’! well broadcasted, that’s sweet…
    ‘the babe’s man’ , ur the man!

  13. ang sweet mo naman…the guy must be very lucky! minsan lang nagtatagal ang relationship ng mga kabataan like your age but to you and your babe..congrats!sana nga church na ang tuloy mga 5 yrs. after sabi mo nga. at ang cute ng ring nyo ha!

    keep it up!pwede kaya akong mang -gatecrash sa birthday ni Babe mo?hehe! happy birtdi!

  14. Wow, Happy Birthday! You sure have a sweet man, he’s blogging for you even if he’s nosebleeding for that. hahaha.Happy Birthday! And I hope you had a fun bday eating desserst at Five Cows!

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