PM’s Hitting Back

Hey guys sorry if I was away for the whole week, not posting anything or hitting back at your sites. The week that came after my birthday was so busy I found it very hard to find any room to move! Anyway, I thought I’d give you recap of the things I’ve been doing while I was away.

Well, first off, my birthday turned out great. You all saw the post my Man did for me, it was the sweetest thing, and just the start of it all. The dinner party my family threw for me was also very special, and intimate because family members were only the ones present as I’ve requested it to be. I will post the pictures next time of my 21st birthday dinner held at out dirty kitchen. It was so much fun! And don’t even get me started about my cake. It was so delish! I had two sansrival cakes that was to die for! It was so good! Plus my former classmate sent me a puto cake that Mother Goose loved so much. It was really great!

The next day after that, we went to Jin’s first ever vet trip. It was kind of delayed really. But we really did not have time, and his first trip also coincided with World Animal Day 2008, it was so cool. Jin was behave in the vet’s clinic but he did not appreciate all the city noise. The sound of tricycles and motors disturbed him so much he would panick and cut my skin with his claws! We did not had him neutered though. My Man did not want it and so did Don Domeng. Maybe we will have Jin neutered after he fathers a batch or two of little crazy Siamese obese kittens. What I also learned from Jin’s vet trip was the reason why parents of the pedia patients I used to have in the hospital before cry when their kids are being punctured to start an IV line. When Jin was being injected with his anti-rabies shot it was like I am the one feeling the pain for him! The cat was well behaved but it was I who was stingy! So now I understand. I will show you the photos of his trip next time as I am not using my laptop now to do this post, all his photos are there, but I will post them as soon as I can.

Now when school started last Monday, that was when it all got crazy because last week was finals week. Ugh! I almost drown in requirements to pass! I was so busy juggling so much, but it is a relief that it is almost over, with only one more paper to pass on Monday. But it is not to say the paper is easy because it definitely is not! Ack! But you know what’s the good thing with all these? My Man has been very accomodating of me because I’ve been doing so much. He feeds me all the time. LOL.

Today, we spent the entire day here at home. He visits Jin each time he can, because the cat lives with me so they seldom see each other. What is interesting is that each time he comes here, he gets all bloated with eating so much because of all the food Mother Goose prepares for us. I really enjoy seeing that site. And oh, one more thing, Babe&Babe are back playing ROSE On-line. LOL. My Man and I are nuts with this game.

Oh, got to go. He sent me a message telling me to go on-line in ROSE now. He said he’ll meet me in Zant. Catch you later!


24 thoughts on “PM’s Hitting Back

  1. salingPUSA,
    oo nga talaga. it was very intimate. masaya.

    wow that’s nice of you to volunteer! kaso kawawa naman ang mga cats baka tumakbo na sila pagkakita pa lang sayo!

    hiatus again? why oh why?

    thank you. Jin Musang? interesting!

    yes okey naman si my man sa bahay tsaka ang tagal-tagal na diba, normal na yun. lol. opo post ko pics sa next post ko promise!

    np kira!

    weeeeee! so nice to hear from you! usap tayo ulit sometime soon!

    ganun ba? nako pasensiya na ha? i’ll check it out later.

    weh, nag aadik kasi ako eh. lol.

  2. belated happy birthday. 🙂

    nga pala, nakuha namin ung boto mo sa E[kwento]MO. kaya lang, di namin alam kung para kanino.. 🙂 di ka pa rin nagrereply sa email kaya di rin namin ma-count.. reply ka na lang sa email ha.. ^^,


  3. Belated Happy Bday ! May you have many more to come 🙂

    So Jin had his first trip to the vet eh? Good to know he was well behaved 🙂 Here we get letters from the vet reminding us of the check-up. Funny coz they put the owner’s last name in the letter so in your case for example, the letter will be addressed to Jin Musang 🙂

  4. ei, welcome back, and i’m glad to know your birthday went well.

    i just volunteered for an NGO that helps stray cats (and dogs) and part of the job is manning a low cost spay/neuter clinic so i’ve got to prepare myself for the sight of poor felines on metal tables, being worked on. jin was very brave, bravo!

  5. ceemee,
    thank you. the cat was well behaved. it was the mother who was making all the fuss during the injecting. lol.

    wow so many great words. lol. thank you! much appreciated.

    the best present was the ring!

    next time i’m throwing a party for bloggers only. lol!

    kris jasper,
    it was an amazing sansrival. it is so good because it is homemade. when i go there i’ll bring one. lol! puto cake is simple puto but shaped like a cake!

    his dad was not actually around when we went to the vet but it was okay because jin was well behaved it was i who was fussing! lol!

    thank you! i hope so too!

    rose online is a MMORPG like that of ragnarok and cabal etc. men go gaga over it. lol. it is from level up too.

    oh well i actually like aging. it makes me feel smarter.

    thank you!

    go sansrival! find a homemade one para mas special, kaso mejo pricey. the one i got was P500 eh 2 yun so ayon 1k lahat. lol.

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