Babe&Babe MMORPG Version

ME: Wala na kong fruits. Bili mo ko. [I’m out of fruits. Buy me some.]

MY MAN: Oo sige teka lang, antayin mo ko. [Sure, wait.]

ME: Gusto ko ng bagong dress, yung blue. [I want a new dress, something blue.]

MY MAN: O yan na fruits mo. Sige hahanap ko bago dress. Ano pa kailangan mo? [Here are your fruits. Okay I’ll find you a new dress. What else do you need?]

ME: Um… ewan ko. Ano pa ba? [Um, i don’t know. What else do I want?]

MY MAN: Sige, sige, bibili na din kita bago shoes, gloves, at staff. [Okay, okay, I’ll also buy you new shoes, gloves, and staff.]

ME: Yey!

MY MAN: O eto na, suot mo na lahat. [Here you go, wear them all.]

ME: Bagay ba? [Does it look nice?]

MY MAN: Oo mas maganda. [Yes, that’s better.]

ME: Thank you Babe.

As much as I wish my Man shops for me like this in real life, I must say that these conversation happened inside our virtual world, as both of us have been spending our bonding time playing together ROSE Online [Rush On Seven Episodes Online] of North America, an MMORPG [massive multi-player online role playing game] like that of Ragnarok and Cabal.

Though I have been neglecting my blogging duties because I am busy playing ROSE with my Man, one advantage of it is that we get to bond and hang out more through ROSE, plus it is really his thing so I guess me playing is plus points for the Musang girlfriend, LOL. Aside from that, I find it really cute, how my Man is still the same caring person online and in real time. He spoils me even in the virtual world, buying and giving me everything, picking me up from respawn points, and practically giving me everything there is! He is such a sweet gentleman even in the MMORPG reality!

And oh, here are our pictures outside of Junon Polis and inside the Canyon City of Zant, cities inside ROSE Online.

Babe&Babe in Junon

Babe&Babe in Junon

Dating on virtual reality

Dating Virtual Reality Style

How about matching clothes?

How about matching clothes?

I know, I know. His character looks flashier than mine, and way cooler. That is because his level is way away from me. He is a hawker, level 100! While I am only level 53, a muse, but I have only been playing for three days! LOL.

The bottom line is that we are having fun doing something together, and this time, it is actually something that is more of his interest. The lesson? Computer gaming can be a pretty cool thing girlfriends. I believe many take it against there men. But hey, believe me on this one, your man will love you more if you can get this stuff and it proves that aside from being a rocking girlfriend, you are also his friend. Super plus points!

49 thoughts on “Babe&Babe MMORPG Version

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  2. PM! Update update! 😀 hehe. 😀 May bagong nahanap si Peli na game, Nostale pangalan. Pwede ka magtayo ng bahay at magtrain ng pets! Kasalukuyan kaming nagreregister. Hehe. Kwento ko sayo kung maganda. 😀

  3. waaaaaaaaah!!!
    so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!
    hehehe.. nice to hear that both of you are having a good time together, as always… pakasal na kayo!
    hahaha. joke lang. =P ang cute nniu magbonding time. hakhak! Mabuhay kayong dalawa!!! =)

  4. hi there! how i wish i learn how to play that one… it’s kinda cute… i’ve seen games like that in one of the episodes of csi-new york… totoo palang may ganyan hehehe! have a great day!

  5. natuwa naman ako sa blog mo, talagang mahal mo si My Man, totoong masaya yun kasi kasama ka niya sa larong kinagigiliwan niya, kewl na kewl ang dating mo, ika nga, pogi points! (ganda points pala, hehehe)

  6. cute nung mga pics.

    i remembered i used to do this in ragnarok. magpictures kasama mga friends tapos nakaupo kami ng isang hilera (ung mga characters ah).. ang cute cute…

  7. that is so gosh darn cute

    okay, i’ve learned something valuable here—i have to make sakay to my boyfriend’s likes. the thing with us is that we have almost nothing in common and we just spent our last weekend with me in his house, but watching TV separately. maybe we should try that ROSE thing, even if i suck big time in any kind of video game.

    hurray to Babe and Babe!

  8. very cute! ayos ah… ive been asking my friends pa naman kung ano cool online game now kasi tagal na ko di play… na-busy sa studies but now, here i come. hehe. 🙂

  9. witsandnuts,
    it is a very fun way to get quality time. it builds friendship and cooperation too!

    bilis ng paramdam ah!

    there are a lot of positive things. i’ve written a full length article about it kaso mahaba para ipost dito eh. lol.


  10. melai,
    ano ba pangalan ng anak mo? cool ang game i last till morning nga din eh. lol.

    it’s fun kasi eh, and it’s more interactive. masaya. try mo.

    mama jasmin,
    missed you dropping by! wala lang po akong maikwentong iba lately masyado at tamad-tamaran po magblog kaya para may kwento langgam mode na lang muna. galing po kaming manaoag, pinagpray namin tayong lahat.

    online games are addicting!

    flying sexual organs? interesting. lol!

  11. My,my,my— sobrang in-love yata tayo. Madalas “My Man” ang nababasa ko sa blog.
    It’s nice to be young and in LOVE— matamis at kulay rosas ang paligid as long as you don’t become “foolish”. Always keep your head above your heart. Know you ARE a precious jewel and that you are loved. INGAT.

  12. cliffnotes,
    nung una mahirap nga pero konting paturo lang ayos na, tyagaan lang tsaka dapat interesado ka talaga.

    wait till you see how our characters look now!

    i will post what we are wearing now. they are better looking. lol.

    it is a very useful tip and i believe you will also love it in time pag naiintindihan mo na. akala kasi natin worthless pero pag natry mo na ma appreciate mo na din.

    weeeeeeeee! i so love your comments!

    panalo diba?

    it’s my way of telling him that his interests matter to me.

    that is so cool! sigurado cute din kayo! pag hindi na busy si peli sabihin mo itry niya ang rose. mas cute ang characters at mga gamet! natry din namen ni my man magragnarok kaso sandali lang, ako pala sandali si my man buong HS yata ragnarok!

    i have proven it and it is actually very healthy!

  13. But hey, believe me on this one, your man will love you more if you can get this stuff and it proves that aside from being a rocking girlfriend, you are also his friend. Super plus points!

    very true! kahit nde ka marunong at magaling basta nakita nilang interested ka…. mas magiging maganda takbo ng relationship… mas magiging close pa kayo bilang friends at nde lang lovers… hehehe… cute ng characters nyo… =)

  14. pretty characters! MMORPG din pala ang Rose online. 🙂 ganyan din ako kay Peli pero sa Ragna and Perfect World naman. busy na kasi siya ngayon kaya tumigil muna kami. sana magkasama tayo sa isang online game para mag-double date! hehehe! 😀

  15. wow…

    this is cool.. actually, dalas nga namin mag-away ni batman dahil diyan sa mga online games na yan haha:P

    thanks for the tip;)

    happy babe&babe MMORPG onlinegames day!

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