Sorry for the Inconvenience

Hey everybody it feels great to be tapping at this space again! I’ve been away for so long!

Anyway, thank you for all the love you continue to give me even in my absence. Thank you for still dropping by and waiting patiently for my update and for the comments, and keep them coming!

I would also like to ask for your prayers because tomorrow is the big day. You know… so please pray for me big time. My family and my friends have been praying and making all sacrifices thinkable, my Man is also doing the same thing. Please, please include me in your prayers, same as my batchmates too, because I have no intention to let everybody down.

I have so much to tell you because of everything that has happened while I was away and notย  blogging, and you won’t believe how cute Jin has gotten these days! So fat! LOL! I promise to post pictures very, very soon. I will resume my normal blogging activities on Monday and that includes making a round on your pages which I missed so much! I guess bonds made through the blogosphere are not that shallow as many outside of it claim. Looking forward to reading your updates everyone!

To everybody who posted a comment on my last post, Babe&Babe MMORPG version, thank you guys, my Man sure enjoyed reading all of your comments and it really makes him happy I tell you. Well, to update you about how we are doing in the world of ROSE, pretty well actually, we are nearing to reach the maximum level one can achieve which is level 210. You won’t believe how cute the costumes are at higher levels! I am kind of unsatisfied still though because there are items that are available only at the game’s item mall which you can only purchase through a credit card which I don’t have apparently so if there is anyone out there who is willing to buy me the wings I want just tell me fast it is less than Php500 and you will definitely make me a very happy girl! LOL. Oh, just in case you want to see and check the game out, the site is linked there all you have to do is register and download the game. See you there!

OMG I never thought I missedย  blogging this much! I guess I was just preoccupied with review classes and graduate school and of course, the online game takes a lot of commitment that my hiatus from this site was inevitable. But thank you everyone for waiting and I am definitely back.

By the way, I went to my testing center today and passed by Quiapo church of the Black Nazarene before going home. It was a very spiritual experience. Once I stepped inside I felt like I wanted to cry so much! During the blessing after mass, there were so many who were raising their envelops and pencils that they will use tomorrow. It was hair-raising, such faith. I am quite relaxed now but please, please continue ti pray for me as I take one of the milestones in my life tomorrow.

See you all very soon!

19 thoughts on “Sorry for the Inconvenience

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  2. kris jasper,
    thank you. grabe sana maging colleague mo na ko!

    thanks, namiss ko ang mga kwento nyo!

    oo isda LOL salamat sa prayers ha nakakatawa talaga ako ang nawala LOL gusto ko yang matinik LOL!

    kasi lahat ng mahal ko sa buhay nagsakripisyo nakakahiya sa kanila… salamat samahan mo ng prayers.


    wahaha! onga ikaw nga ang nawala imbes na ako. hehehe..=P

    magdadasal na lang ako mamaya bago matulog.
    kaya yan! Basta pusa! Matinik! Hakhak.
    Isda yun diba? hehehe..

  4. witsandnuts,
    nako sa online game nga yata ako naging mas busy eh! salamat ha. kagagaling ko nga sa testing center grabe sobrang hirap ng exam nahilo talaga ko eh hindi pa naman ako makakain hay…

    thank you, yan nga din ang sinasabi ko sa sarili ko bago ang exam awa ng diyos pagkakita ko sa exam parang nagbago na ang POV ko.

    thank you ng marami. sa tingin ko puro rants about board exam ang ikkwento ko now that i am back.

    thank you. btw, nagboard exam ka din ba beofre? ang hirap-hirap-hirap!

    did you receive my email? hay nako ang hirap nung exam namali pa ko ng lagay ng application number ko so na rattle na ko agad simula pa lang! pray na lang talaga pag asa ko.

    hey hey thanks for the drop i just came back and it’s nice to see a new face glad you passed by!

    hindi naman naaddict lang sa online game LOL

    parang ayoko na nga makita yung results pakiramdam ko heartbreaking eh…

  5. hello dearie PM! nku you were sorely missed talaga!
    rest assured you’re within my prayers too and to all who are in it…the grueling review is one thing and awaiting the results is another big thing…but nothing beats prayer and hardwork, keep ur spirits up ๐Ÿ™‚ …ooh and welcome back! ~

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