How About Ma’am PM?

I am never fond of dressing up, much more dressing up in formal clothes. But yesterday, I found myself wearing this black, ruffled and embroidered top paired with slacks with matching heels. LOL. I kept on asking my Man how I looked. It felt really weird to me, as if I am a wrapped veggie sandwhich!

Oh well. I think the funny clothes was worth it though because I had my very first teaching OJT yesterday! I did not teach already though but only observed my critic teacher in his three classes. But I will teach next meeting which will be on Tuesday! Two of the three classes only and we will be talking about minerals and the skeletal system. I will be teaching Natural Science 2 btw and I am very excited!

Watching my students learn from Sir O, I think they are very active learners and they enjoy activities in class. They are highly participative, well maybe because Sir O makes sure they are involved in every learning activity so the class is highly interactive. I know I have a very good mentor and I am really looking forward to learning many things. I guess the only disadvantage is that since he is very good, my students will be expecting a lot from me and I have very big shoes to fill! I am excited though, teaching is what I really want to do.

After two of the classes, I had a break and went to the canteen. On my way out, I heard two students call, “Ma’am!”

Opsie. I had to stop and look at who they were calling and what do you know? They were calling me!

19 thoughts on “How About Ma’am PM?

  1. bw,
    LOL hindi ko nga papicturan ang sarili ko eh siguro sa demo teaching magpapaicture ako pero ineefort ko talaga nagmamake up pa nga ako which i don’t normally do LOL

  2. carver,
    i am really interested on how a blueberry bush looks like. you see i haven’t seen one yet.

    thanks pero malalaki na yun hindi na siguro masisindak LOL

    hindi ko nga alam ano papatawag ko sakin sa mga estudyante ko eh!

    mam nurse LOL

    sa ateneo din walang mam mam at sir sir eh pero ewan ko ba siguro ganito talaga ang kultura nating mga pinoy magalang kuno LOL

    but i don’t want to be young again LOL

    ako yan!

  3. “Hello Miss, este M’am”. It’s an honor to be called as such.

    In my work, we don’t call Sir or Mam to our bosses, we keep things as simple yung lahat pareho-pareho.

    Sa atin kahit yung mga sikyo sa Dept Store tawag nila ganun, I know it’s a form of respect pero nakaka-degrade isipin minsan sa mga taong nagsasabi nun.

    My Ate who is a boss of her restaurant, yung mga waiter tinatawag sya ng M’am naiinis ako ha?

  4. Best of luck with the teaching. Thanks for visiting my site and to answer your question, I haven’t planted new bushes. The old ones didn’t die completely but they only had a few branches that leafed out and grew after the damage from the drought. I’m hoping they will do better again next year. Starting whole new bushes would take so long to get big like the old ones, I probably won’t do it.

  5. kulot,
    magjojoke ako ng batman sa tuesday.

    yun nga eh hindi na ko nakapagpapicture eh! di bale sa tuesday LOL hindi naman tapya-likeness i hope din LOL

  6. wil,
    thanks. it’s very exciting and i really like doing it!

    nurse teacher ako no LOL basta gagalingan ko para maging favorite ako ng mga estudyante ko!

  7. astig naman!

    hindi ko alam na pagtuturo pala ang kukunin mong profession… may balak ka? kapag— [ayokong dugtungan]…

    naalala ko tuloy yung teacher ko nung first year high school ako, sa earth science…magaling siya…

    hindi ko akalaing mangingibang-bansa siya [oops… pang entry?]

    kasi kumuha siya ng nursing… ayun…


    go mam PM!

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