Ang Alamat ng Ice Cream [Ice Cream Legend]

Lately I find myself often wondering about taking a job, because between schooling and waiting for the results of the board exam, I find this itch that makes me want to be more productive in a way that will also send something in my pocket.

Coincidentally, I found this ad on a national weekly magazine that searches for young lifestyle writers to add to their staff so I decided to give it a try and send in my resume.

As I was in the middle of making and sending it yesterday, I received a message from Kulot telling me to meet her at a local coffee shop. I told her I was doing my resume and will come after I sent it.

She probably waited for an hour before I came! She felt cobwebbed when I arrived! LOL

Kulot waiting... and waiting...

Kulot waiting... and waiting...

I am a regular at that coffee shop and when I arrived they told me that Kulot was waiting for a long time already. So I decided to give her a treat so that she will feel better after all the wait. I think it worked!

Ice cream works best!

Ice cream works best!


17 thoughts on “Ang Alamat ng Ice Cream [Ice Cream Legend]

  1. snglguy,
    baka mamulubi ako pag hagen daz LOL malakas pa naman kumain ng ice cream tong si kulot LOL kagagaling ko lang sa site mo andito ka naman pala sakin LOL

    yes she is my sister. she was not that mad at me though LOL but i agree that ice cream is a good way to apologize and it works very fast!

  2. Is Kulot your sister? She’s a cutie pie. =)

    Ice cream is always a good way to say “i’m sorry!”

    I hope that after that, she finally accepted your apology.

  3. K,
    oo masaya nga LOL hindi ko nga alam kung anong nangyari sa apply ko eh LOL

    eh di ako yung apprentice mo LOL pwede na yun!

  4. Just wait/think too much for the result, it’s stressful. Enjoy while you wait, treat yourself some ice cream, not letting other people wait for you…. like what you just did. LOL.

    That’s interesting, a young lifestyle magazine. Gudluck!

  5. panda,
    oo nga no kaya lang kasi hindi ako madunong mag edit turuan mo nga ako LOL

    that is my sister, kulot. hse is half-human, half-lunaris bear.

    kris jasper,
    nako oo nga! di bale pumunta ka na lang dito lilibre kita!

  6. haha.. cute! natawa ako dun sa part nung naghihintay siya…

    ini-imagine ko: siguro kung inedit yung pic niya na parang talagang inagiw na siya kakahintay sayo… i can’t help laughing!




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