Master Rapper, Master Carpenter

I just had to laugh after thinking about the title of this post. But I guess it’s true. If there is a master of the universe and a leukemic master rapper, then certainly there must also be a master carpenter. And I don’t really have to go too far looking for him.

Presenting… a tiny look at Don Domeng’s wood furniture!

This wood furniture set greets people from our gate

This wood furniture set greets people from our gate with Ched

Don Domeng has many hobbies, two of my most favorite are his crafting and gardening! For his furnitures, he gets wood from actual trees who have fallen down like when there is a storm or when people cut their trees when renovating their houses; also bug tree roots who are drifted to shore that he gets from our beach.

Very sleek right?

Very sleek right?

When people come to our house, the first thing they always notice are our wood furnitures because they are very beautiful, and to think the wood came for free! Plus, Don Domeng also creates wood statues. Hmmm… I don’t know if you really call them statue or whatever. But we have two at home now, one is a dragon named wood and the other is an unnamed turtle. Maybe I will post pictures of them next time.

I believe wood furnitures such as these cost a lot in the market. I guess we are just lucky to have Don Domeng’s creative and artistic hands around to make them for free for the house!

19 thoughts on “Master Rapper, Master Carpenter

  1. ai walang picture ni wood
    wa mn xang exposure
    kawawa hehe

    gnda ng mga wooden crafts ni papa sa picture

    cge mgmula ngaun tinitinda ko na yn
    bili kyo sken hehe

    jowks lng papatayin ako nun..:D

  2. JC,
    jesus is the master everything, maybe even master chicken!

    padadalhan kita ng kahoy at pako magpractice ka LOL

    sabi ni don domeng basta mabubuhat mo sayo na LOL kung mabubuhat mo nga

    yes that is correct and it is very useful! ibenta kaya namen to? LOL

    kris jasper,
    hobby niya yan eh siguro ibebenta niya pag may bibili kaso pano naman nila kukunin eh sa middle of nowhere kami nakatira? LOL

    i know, they are pretty expensive everywhere!


  3. you are so lucky! that kind of handmade wood is very expensive in california. and look at the beautiful smile on his face. it shows in his work.
    i’d love to see his statues.

  4. i’m a big fan of wood furniture! grabe i grew up in a house chokful of wood fixtures kaya siguro kapag nakabisita ako sa house ninyo eh mang-aarbor ako ng ilang piraso. hehe

  5. jen,
    np. i also saw you at bluedreamer’s site!

    my father is a good craftsman. actually, he is good in everything!

    wow that is cool. father does not make rattan though. he just makes use of the trees he finds lying around.

    that’s good. if only i can LBC these couches to you LOL

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