New Improved Recipe for Nilaga [Stew]

Cat Stew

Ingredients for the Stew

To us Filipinos, nothing beats a hot bowl of nilaga [I think nilaga is stew?] anytime. We are suckers for this, and sinigang [sour pork tew] too! But to put a little twist to our old fashioned, oh-so-tasty nilaga, how about this new recipe?

Potatoes, cubed

Pechay leaves

fish sauce and pepper to taste

and… a huge cat for the meat!


That is Kulot’s cat, Tudder. He really sleeps in that bilao [it’s like a thin wooden plate, a huge one!] beside all of Mother Goose’s vegetables in our dirty kitchen. He is a fat cat too right? LOL I think all of our animals at home are huge! But Tudder is huge primarily because he is very fond of eating carbohydrates as opposed to the usual common carnivore diet of cats. He likes to chow down on bread, usually pandesal and rice! LOL. What’s more funny is that he is able to use his paw as actual human hands do when getting food inside a plastic bag or on a plate. I guess that’s talent!

COUNTING WITH COUNT PM UPDATE: yey to philos for being the only person to get the number of cats right! They were 10 cats there blog friends. You see half a face of a cat at the end of the line. And they are all our cats, and not all of our cats were present on that picture still, so you can imagine how many cats we really have. But good job to everyone who tried to count!

14 thoughts on “New Improved Recipe for Nilaga [Stew]

  1. hehe… poor kitten 🙂

    Seriously, I’m a fanatic for sinigang. Methinks pork sinigang ( minus the fatty stuff ) tastes better than beef 🙂

  2. waaaaaaaahhhhh
    wag mu itutuloy ang binabalak mo ate!


    am beri prawd op yu my cat!

    talented talaga yan eh mana sa ken..

  3. jennifer,
    i really don’t know how it tastes like and i will never eat it. i just thought if tudder will be stew meat he’ll be a good meat. tingnan mo ang taba-taba o!

    nako BF you’re back! i’ve been heading to your site wa ka naman, so glad you dropped in!

    now that is one scary thought.

    of course they are real ikaw talaga ang ikli na nun ah? LOL oo masarap nga ang nilaga at sinigang sa tingin ko jolibee should serve that sa branches nila abroad diba?

    hindi ah parang discrimination yun, pwede din sila sa prito, adobo, menudo, morcon, inihaw at kung anu-ano pa!

    me too, cat’s are just so adorable and to put them in a pot wiht boiling water is just too much.

    but i love cats in the house. and we have birds and dogs too. i wonder when will we have a chicken…

    LOL OMG you are right may isa pa nga so there are 11 in all! do not worry my mistake i will give the yey to you in my next post LOL oo all of those belong to us kulang pa nga yan eh absent pa yung iba. trip nila ang dirty kitchen namin, ayan diyan sila naglalagi.

  4. sensya na, di ko natiyagaan basahin.. kala ko kasi pekeng pusa yung iba… hehe

    nilaga at sinigang….

    nilaga eh masarap pag may sawsawan na patis tapos malalaking patatas…

    sinigang masarap agad kasi di na kailangan ng sawsawan…

    sarap niyan! malamig pa naman…

  5. haha. poor cat. he finally finds a nice place to sleep, and you want to put him in a stew.
    it’s not something you should joke about.
    tomorrow he might poop in your soup to get back at you.

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