Fill In the Box

I thought we can change positions for awhile, this time, you do the talking in my blog. I have here three pictures of my cat Jin and his friend Clifford. It is up to you to supply in the dialog guys. Don’t disappoint now! I know you’ll be able to chain a good story line, go, go, go!




And oh, I was wrong with the counting cat thing! I’m sorry LOL! There are 11 cats, 11 not 10. And yey, yey, yey to K for still trying to count though philos and I had already said 10. And K really insisted on 11 and even magnified the image for me to check again LOL so there you go, there are 11 cats, yey to K!

15 thoughts on “Fill In the Box

  1. walongbote,
    happy holidays too!

    ano ang ginawa nyo sa pechay? we had fun too.

    you are cool K. malaki talaga si clifford, at syempre, red siya, red. pamasko? LOL

    LOL dalmatian na red spots yun LOL

    now i love that. short, witty, and funny. perfect.

  2. CLIFF: Bakit ba ayaw mo akong mahalin? Kahit naman magkaiba ang itsura natin, love conquers all.

    JIN: Hindi ko type ang pulang aso. Saan ka ba naman nakakita ng pulang aso sa balat ng lupa?

    CLIFF: Nag-iisa lang ako, at para sa iyo lang ako.

    JIN: Ayoko magkaroon ng anak na puti at may pulang spots. Ligawan mo si Miss Piggy. Di kayo magkalayo ng kulay.

  3. I told you so – eleven. E-L-E-V-E-N. hahahaha.

    My concerned was, wala ng akong reason to go the ophthalmologist to have my eye prescription kasi clear pa pala ang eye vision ko. Muntik na akong bumili kasi ng specs. LOL.

    The poopie scared the hell off of me, para syang biglang mabubuhay at rakrakin ang leeg ni jin.

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  5. panda,
    sleeping beauty LOL sleeping hair ball mas malapit LOL

    reading this i imagine clifford saying them with a loud, deep voice, like a gangster! LOL

    but you did not make your script!

  6. tRY KO…

    CLiFF: Jin, sa tingin mo, gaano ako ka-cute?

    Jin: hmmm? [half-asleep]

    CliFF: C’mon! Don’t play dead… If I know, may gusto ka saken!

    Jin: Whatever… [still, half-asleep]

    CLiFF: Hindi ka ba gigising? I’m gonna kiss YOU!!!

    Jin: Go on… nang magising na ako ng tuluyan…

    (hahaha.. kurni!… sleeping beauty ang drama?!)

  7. sheng,
    oh wow now that’s a nice story. a cat and a dog and jealousy! now i love that.

    yes i know that site it’s like cat friendster LOL i love your story line, it’s perfectly hilarious!

    OMG so funny! yeah i think jin is really that cranky LOL

    oo clifford the big red dog is my guest for today’s blog post! mahal ang talent fee niyan!

  8. waaaaaaaaaaah!! clifford the big red dog.. pinapanuod ko yan sa playhouse disney.. ang bangis ah,, nagbabonding sila ni Jin..

  9. Clifford: Jin…Jin…hoy…

    Clifford: Jin…bakit mo ako iniwan?!!!

    Jin: Lechec ka. Kung ayaw mo matulog, magpatulog ka ha. Puyat ako sa Christmas party.

  10. my internet is soooo slow wala pa ni ulo nila :)) hey i got an idea i heard there wa a digg site for cat articles called catster. i’m not sure kung sya pero you might want to try it puro cat articles lang pwede mo idigg dun :)) sigurado you’ll get visitors around the globe.

    Pic 1
    Jin Zzzzz
    Clifford Psst

    Pic 2
    Jin Zzzz
    Clifford I got a secret to tell..

    Pic 3
    Jin WHAT!!!
    Clifford I’m actually a hotdog in my past life O.o

    hahahaha corny!!!

  11. Clifford: Jin, I have seen a cute doggy in our neighborhood a while ago… she seems so cool with her tails wagging…

    Jin: Cliff, shut up and sleep, you saw nothing prettier than I am.

    Clifford: But she was really pretty, she has this nice wag…

    Jin: Ssshhhh, I am sleeping already, enough, I am more a beauty than she is…

    Clifford: Jin, are you jealous?

    Jin: Oh well, if you your eyes on her, then I am, now let me get some sleep.

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