Happy Holidays Everyone!

Today is the 24th, meaning Noche Buena feast later at midnight! Yum! I can hardly wait. For me and my family, Christmas is an important time of the year. We really get to be filled with the holidays spirit though the whole family managed only once to attend the four a.m. Misa de Gallo! LOL. I am also starting to wonder what kind of games we will play at midnight after eating. See we are your typical happy family, celebrating the holidays together. And don’t even get Kulot started on the possibility of celebrating it with somebody absent. LOL

Tomorrow all of my nephews and nieces from Don Domeng’s side of the family will be here. I do not see those kids a lot and seeing them running and playing around the house each Christmas day makes me feel warm.

This Christmas is also special for me and My Man because last year we did not celebrate it at all because we were fighting so much! But that factΒ  just makes it better this year, and we are very happy.

And to make matters more interesting, I am posting my Christmas gift for him after challenging him to guess what’s inside. LOL. I’m sure he’ll never figure it out. And I hope he likes it!

Guess what is inside!

Guess what is inside!

Yesterday he was so tired from last minute shopping, going round and round the city trying to figure out what he’ll give me! LOL. He said he started hunting at around after lunch and ended up buying something at seven p.m. Now that was serious effort. LOL.

He e-mailed me the photo of his gift for me, just so I can guess. But I don’t have a clue too!

This is My Man's gift for me. I wonder what is inside! LOL

This is My Man's gift for me. I wonder what is inside! LOL

It is hard to say who will end up having the best gift, but I am kepeing my fingers crossed.

Happy holidays everyone! All the love from me and Jin’s heart!

21 thoughts on “Happy Holidays Everyone!

  1. Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚

    Ang galing naman may games pa ang celebration nyo! Sana kami din! Haha! Nakiki-Christmas lang ako kina Carol at naki-sali sa exchange gift nila dahil wala namang celebration dito sa bahay pag ka Pasko! Hahaha!

    Pet ba yang nakabalot na regalo? Hehehe! ^____^

  2. huhulaan ko kung ano ang laman ng gift mo…





    hahahaha he would definitely feel so bad about it…

    imagine having a neurotic sister as a gift…


    too bad…

    better watch out you…! haha πŸ™‚

    and he’s gift to you will be…


    a ref?

    hahaha at least that’s the first thing that came to my mind! hahaha

    Peace! haha

  3. JC,
    i wonder if it contains a dead chicken?

    i know so too! and i’ve been to your new place. welcome to wordpress!

  4. dyanie,
    happy christmas too! just a few more hours!

    you too, happy holidays! i knw you’ll make it a rockin’ christmas party!

    nako sana nga makakita ka! mamaya na yun ah! oo may games pa para kaming nagcchristmas party LOL

  5. anu nga ba maganda gift? wala pa ako gift kay chizmosa sna makakita ako ngayon lunch break sa greenhills. anu laman ng gift mo? polo shirt? πŸ™‚

    Meri Xmas! saya nman ng celebration nyo meron p games πŸ™‚

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