The Year of the Chocolate

Farewell 2008!

Farewell 2008!

Today wraps up 2008, another year, another calendar to burn and a new one to buy. In retrospect, I think I’d name 2008 as the year of the chocolate, if my term applies. To me, this year is like me happily eating tons and tons of chocolate but only to have the most terrible migraine after.

2008 was a tough year for me. My character took a really bad beating from the events that had happened this year, and if I could remember properly, I had felt the most pain this year than any other year I could ever remember. It was a case of a fatal migraine, one more ounce and I probably would be recorded as the first ever dead casualty from chocolate overdose.

It was one blow after the other, the first half of the year left my eyes shrunken time and again for different, sometimes the same, causes that has left me dehydrated for a very long time, my peanut size brain reduced to the size of a mustard seed because of cellular dehydration. Disappointments and heartaches came one after the other and I started to wonder if I possibly had a birthmark on my butt that I haven’t seen before, because really, I could not explain why everything did not fall for me.

But then after some time, things started to change, and I was lucky because even when my character was beat up, all the blows only made me stronger, and wiser, I am very thankful for that. There came the point where all the PEA and endorphins from the chocolates I have consumed started to work its magic after the horrible migraine had fried my brain. I started to see the purpose of the troubles, and I began seeing how good I have come out of the strife.

I became a very happy, productive, and mature person this year, partly because of all the missess I have had, and partly because of all the love and wisdom I have gained from them all and those given to me by the people around me. I was happy. I am happy, very happy. If someone would ask me to trade everything that has happened to me this year for all things bright and shiny, I would never budge. This year is the hardest, but definitely the most beautiful. I felt every inch like a flower petal, crushed and ground only to extract the most fragrant perfume of all. If you want to buy I sell it by the bottle, limited edition so hurry. LOL.

I cannot count how many good things transpired in my life this year because they are so many, if not equal then much more than the pains I have felt. After all the trials there is a reward in the end, I saw that clearly, and believe it or not I am really thankful for all the disappointments and heartaches I have had because if not for them I would not be appreciating all the joys I have right now. I am a very blessed girl to have come to grips with all that because I became a new and improved me, which is very important if I am to share myself with others, especially to the ones I love dearly.

I feel that everything around me has improved a thousand times better, and I know it is partly because I have improved myself a thousand times better too. All the migraine from the chocolates I have eaten were worth it. But if you’d ask me to eat that much again next year, I’d say maybe I’d take it but less than two tons please. LOL.

Have a happy new year everyone. A blessed one to come for all of us. I’d also like to take this time to thank all of the people who love me and who have touched my life in every little way, hugs to everyone, thanks a lot, everything meant a great deal to me, including you all my blog friends, thank you.

See you all in 2009! It is going to be the best year of our lives.

27 thoughts on “The Year of the Chocolate

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  2. Hi Sep. I must say I am truly honored that you considered my ‘I feel’ line to include on your compilation.

    I am very much willing to participate and is giving you my permission to capture that line. I admire you for your cause too, in what you are trying to do. I checked out your site – very interesting! I am excited about your book and good luck on working on it!

    If you need anything more feel free to contact me. And may I add that the image that accompanies that blog post was taken on our very own beach resort – that makes it more special.

    Thank you again! God bless!

  3. Hello!

    My name is Sep Kamvar, and I’m a digital artist and computer scientist based out of San Francisco. A few years ago my collaborator and I made a project called “We Feel Fine” (, which collects human feelings from the Internet. Basically, it searches blogs for occurrences of the phrase “i feel”, and when it finds an occurrence, it automatically adds the surrounding sentence to a database. The project has been running for more than three years, and collects around 20,000 new feelings per day, having collected around 13 million feelings in all.

    We are currently working on a book about We Feel Fine to by published by Simon and Schuster. In assembling the book we have searched through millions of feelings captured by We Feel Fine in hopes of selecting what we believe to be the most powerful. From statements that made us laugh to ones that made us cry, the most important criteria was that they simply made us feel. One of these selected statements and images was authored by you. The statement reads :
    I feel that everything around me has improved a thousand times better, and I know it is partly because I have improved myself a thousand times better too.” The image is the one above on this page.

    I am contacting you today to ask if you would allow us to include your image and statement in the book. We think this is a really beautiful sentiment and would love to include it.
    Please let me know if you would be interested in participating. It would truly be our honor. If you decide you would prefer not to be included I thank you anyway and hope you will continue to express yourself as openly and beautifully as you did in this case.
    Sep Kamvar

  4. bw,
    i’d like to get one of those chocolate boxes! i think that’s a great idea!

    jessy mark,
    LOL i think i let your daughter down with this one. it’s not actually about the chocolate but the caffeine content of the chocolate and people have varying tolerance of this stuff. it just so happened that i sucked at it. LOL

  5. Chocolates is a delight for our taste buds ,but it is not good for our health . My 7 year old daughter loves chocolates & some times she skips her meals ,so that she could have more chocolates . After reading this I feel the danger of chocolate overdose . I will make my daughter read this post & realize her mistake .

  6. Year of the chocolate..LOL πŸ™‚ Because of the recession, people started quarding their wallets by gifting out boxes of chocolates instead hehe πŸ™‚

    Wish you an even more productive and more abundant 2009 Prinsesa !

  7. chiquesan,
    LOL sige mag apply kang hardinero.

    inamag na ang blog mo bago mo nilagyan ng laman.

    thank you, and to you too!

  8. merry christmas, este happy new year! haha nagblog na ako ulet! xet katagal… hahaha at least may new year’s resolution akong magbago ng katamaran sa pagsusulat…. hehehe

  9. ok yun ah.. basta makikiani ako kay papa ng kung anong pananim niya sa patch.. er.. mag aaply na lang akong hardinera dun.. ahaha..

  10. dotep,
    katapusan na natin ngayong 2009 LOL dapat nasa dyaryo ang pangalan natin. this is our year.

    kris jasper,
    i pray that 2009 be a little less expensive for you!

    happy new year din. wala na nga palang pechay sa patch ubos na bago na ang nakatanim dun ngayon basil na.

    oo nga eh but half a year is a very big chunk of misery and i spent most of the next half getting over them LOL year of the panda be this 2009? LOL

    LOL kumokontra yata ang keyboard ah? oo nga kadalasan disgrasya pa pag nag resolutions eh maybe it’s better if we just do what we want to change in us and not say it any longer para just in case it won’t work we won’t feel so bad about it LOL

    happy new year and happy new site to you! LOL yes, yes, i like that saying. i think that is what i wrote for my annual last march LOL

    oo year of the chocolates LOL para maiba naman lagi na lang ox, rat, rooster diba? para bago naman chocolates, almonds, and cookies naman! yey!

    happy 2009! this will be the best year of our lives i jsut know so, i can feel it.

    will sure do! i really feel that i will make all the hits i’ve missed last year LOL i hope you will too!

    same to you kira! more fashion galore for you!

    gasoline dude,
    it’s been tough but the harder it is the better we become right? cheers to us! by the way, did you spend your holidays in singapore?

    i wish i can share the chocolates but the fat cat ate them all already LOL

    likewise! 2009 will be the most colorful year ever i just know it!

  11. What doesn’t kill us, will only make us stronger.

    Congratulations on surviving a tough year, and best of luck next year. Let’s make it the best ever!

  12. What doesn’t kill us will only make us stronger. I seriously believe in that and you’re coming out of 2008 as a much better and stronger person after all the trials you went through. Congratulations!

    Happy New Year, my friend! Take care always. πŸ™‚

  13. happy new year!!! we get another year to correct mistakes and improve what we’ve already been polishing through the years. i’d say NO TO RESOLUTIONS (we’re all just talk anyway, right?) and YEW TO ACTIONS.. (pwera the kind that involves the threadmill)


  14. naman!

    subok na ng panahon!

    buti na lang kalahati lang yung nakonshum ng misery sa taon mo princess M. kundi…

    apee nyu yir!!!

    sana taon na natin to…

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