I was accidentally tagged by batopik to do this meme that requires me to share ten things about myself. I say by accident because at the end of her post  it said she was tagging the first ten to comment, and what do you know I was number 10.

So here goes. I think I’ll call this the ‘I tag’ since it’s so self indulgent. LOL. But I am not doing this post alone. To lessen the amount of conceitedness and to ensure accuracy, I am asking My Man to dish the ten things about me first, then we argue about it and after some ‘Im not – You are to’ exchanges, post them below.

10. I don’t eat veggies. I’m afraid I’d turn green if I ate them, or I might turn into a rabbit or a farm rat. That is scary. But since My Man started nagging me to eat them, late last year I’ve been trying to put them in my mouth then swallow as fast as I can so I don’t throw up. LOL.

9. I always have a headache. It makes me feel like Psyduck, you know the pokemon. When I am busy and covered with paper works, I always end up popping tons and tons of pain relievers before finishing anything at all! LOL. I am such an idiot.

8. I am addicted to pokemon. You might find it weird for someone my age but I really do like them [refer to Psyduck above LOL]. But I don’t play with cards or gameboy, thank God. I just enjoy watching the series on DVD which My Man gives me from time to time LOL. I am a very spoiled girl. I find the idea of pokemons very intersting, and violent at the same time ironically. LOL.

7. I am really Musang. My Man was brave enough to suggest this. LOL Musang=sunget. Sometimes I am PMS mode all throughout the month. Oh well. I remember when I was editor-in-chief of the university paper, my staff chills just knowing I am coming to check their progress. I was Miranda from the Devil Wears Prada. They look at me and see the devil. LOL. But it paid off you know. The trophie cabinet went over flowing.

6. I always complain about my weight. This is purely the idea of My Man. He says I am obsessed with my weight. I am so not! But he says I am. It’s just that over the holidays I gained 10 lbs. from 100 I am now 110 and I stand 5’3. My cheeks are all round and so piggy-like, I swear. I am so looking forward to loosing weight. Ugh.

5. I am so hooked with on-line gaming, ROSE on-line, with My Man. You know this of course. I like playing this role playing game. But I only enjoy it when My Man and I play together. But lately we have not played a lot because my sisters also started playing it so they end up being the ones playing with My Man LOL. But I understand. And My Man also spoils them in the game. Brats. LOL.

4.I could have been born with an exoskeleton on my head. LOL. That sounded so complicated whereas what My Man told me was only that I am hardheaded. Hmmm… I bet I can’t argue that one. I can really be hard headed but I think in a good way for me, but a bad way for him. LOL. It’s just that when I want something, I want it, and what I have fixed on my head ain’t going anywhere but there. I am determined, and I don’t give up. So don’t mess around with me. LOL.

3. I am the sweetest girl. This is what My Man said and it came with a warning, “Sa akin lang ha. [Only to me okay.]”

2. I am in cooking mode lately. Everyone who knew me in college knows that all I can whip up are cup noodles and hot water, but not anymore! I’ve been learning how to cook and so far the results are not half bad. They tell me it’s good, either it’s really good or they are good liars LOL. I think I can survive now even when I end up stuck in the middle of nowhere. So maybe I cannot fight wild gorillas but at least I can feed myself while they haven’t come yet right?

1. My Man says I’m sexy. Right. I don’t even know why I agreed to put this on this list. LOL. And he instructed me matter-of-factly to quote him [“Eh basta sabi ko eh,” he said like a brat. LOL] with this statement. He can be really sweet you know, either that or he just still doesn’t want me to hit the gym for some reason. LOL.

So that’s that. Hmmm.. this ended up as ‘My Man’s 10 things he wants to share about PM’. LOL. But it’s cute. At least for us it is. LOL. And I am also tagging the first ten people to comment on this post. I know you can do a better job than us so good luck, and it is always nice to know a little more something about a blog friend!

17 thoughts on “Ten-Ten-en-Ten-Ten-Ten

  1. batopik,
    i think nag mellow down na ko unlike my EIC days. LOL. ang cute no? i always ask my man to download for me. ang dami na nga eh. gusto mo hiramin? LOL. yes you ar right he is the sweetest most adorable man.

  2. bw,
    now that is an interesting idea LOL i am intrigued… but i still refuse to eat veggies LOL

    walong bote,
    naisip ko na din yan so i try to consume a lot of fruits. baka madaan sa prutas eh LOL

  3. oh i hate veggies too before, but then afterwards I realized the benefits of eating beges.. alam mo yun, ayaw ko kasing mabarahan ng cholesterol sa katawan, so I try my best to eat veges.. ayun.. editor in chief ka pala kaya pala ang galing mong sumulat. 🙂

  4. cindyrella,
    ugh. veggies are like so… green.

    parang it’s nice to hear that veggie salad with grilled fish on top. i don’t know basta ayoko ng veggies!

    at least better late than never diba? LOL. basta mag aaral na ko magluto!

    LOL i think nabawasan na ang kasungitan ko now don’t worry.

    nako oo nga i remember yung post mo about them ang ganda-ganda tingnan ng veggies mo!

    oo maganda siya. maraming clothes at malawak ang map. try mo masaya.

    ang tagal mo nga nagbakasyon! sipagan mo na ulit!

    yey meat!

    what’s that supposed to mean? LOL

    kris jasper,
    it’s migraine. ugh. and sinusitis. ugh again. and i hate exercise. fact no. 11 about me. LOL

    ewan ko basta hindi kami friends ng gulay. and yes he is a sweetie. sipsip. LOL

  5. So you hate veggies and you always have a headache. Since most drugs are derived from plants, maybe you should try eating veggies for a change and see if your headache goes away ! hehe 🙂

  6. hindi din ako kumakain vessgie dati. not until nag college ako… nahiya na ata ako sa mga kaibigan ko eh… hehehe… pero syempre pili pa din mga kinakain kong gulay 😀

    sweet ni bf mo… ;))

  7. If you always have headache, pls have it checked. It might be a symptom of something else.

    anw, you always moan of your weight? lol! Just be physically active and you’ll see the difference.


  8. maganda ba yung rose? after mahack ng account ko sa ragna hindi na ako nglaro ng kahit anong online game..

    psy aiaay..psyduck!

  9. tiningnan ko muna kung 10 na ang comments, hahaha

    alam mo ako dati rin, masuka suka kapag gulay na ang ulam, sa pansit nga sinusungkit ko ang mga gulay bago ko kainin e, haha

    pero ngayong may sarili kaming gulayan dito sa alemanya? hay naku, masarap na ang gulay sa akin 😀

  10. I got the guts to eating veggies when I was still in college – I never really like eating green – but when I first had my veggie salad with grilled fish on top, it was heaven.

    Nice to know your ten’s. Whoelse will say “nice” things about us, syempre ourselves diba?

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