Ma’am PM is back teaching in her classroom, beside the building under construction that competes with her voice each day, of course the sore throat is also back, albeit worster this time because now I feel as if my throat is inflammed and is being pricked each time I swallow, but the best news is that Ma’am PM is still very happy teaching, and learning at the same time.

The week before the holidays, I conducted an exam to assess my teaching and the assimilation of my students. Majority passed the exam, which was not surprising actually because they were the first section after all, plus I was not the one who made the exam. But I was still happy, at least they learned from me, and I think four even got a perfect score!

But the new year ushered a bigger challenge for me and my students. I was about to make an exam for them and give it right after instruction, plus my students were from the fourh section. The exam I made was not easy, for sure I knew that so I was nervous regarding the performance of my students.

But what do you know, it turned out all right! I was very pleased with my students when majority passed and one was also able to perfect the exam. They performed well, they helped themselves and learned, and I felt great so I congratulated them. When I did, one of my students replied, “Syempre naman, magaling ang nagtuturo samin eh [Of course, it is because we have a good teacher.]”

I never really thought learning can be this fun.

11 thoughts on “Learning

  1. yin,
    that is cool. ako din gusto ko ang mga teachers. but only the real ones. so many are fake eh, so annoying nga.

    my man has been nagging me since forever to drink tons of water. ewan ko ba kung bakit ang kulit ko parang iinom lang naman LOL wala namang leak kasi first class of the day eh LOL and my goal is for them to pass, pinagbuti ko talaga and i was happy it turned out well.

  2. Strepsils.

    No, actually, just drink more water para throat-clear voice-clear pag nasa harap ng class.

    Wala bang nag cheat sa exam or leakage dahil nakapasa lahat? JOKES.

    Pag ok daw ang mga grades ng students, magaling daw kasi ang teacher.

  3. ardyey,
    uu hindi ko nag maintindihan kung nurse ba ko o teacher LOL both na lang.

    it is rewarding but i think any profession is rewarding as long as you are passionate about it.

    ms. panda,
    oo flattered nga ako siguro dahil kasi kasama talaga yung flat bones sa aming lesson LOL corny ko.

    i saw the award it is very cute. thank you, thank you!

    patience is a virtue… which i don’t have. it’s a good thing i am teaching in college kaya hindi na sila makukulit masyado.

    thank you! nakakatawa ma’am nga ako.

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