My Man Is Such A Pig

But I must say he is a very cute pig!

I told you he's a pig. LOL

But I must say he is a very cute pig at that. LOL. I think pig suits him. He could have been born on the year of the pig. LOL.

I’ve been wanting to post this during the holidays but was just not able to do so. Do you remember my post where I posted our gifts to each other that we were guessing what’s inside? Well, the cute pig pillow was the thing he got from me. It was really interesting how I got that pig. I was in SM Pampanga doing the Christmas mall rush and on my way out I passed by Toy Kingdom and saw this adorable pig and immediately thought of my Man. It was so us. LOL. Babe&Babe right? It was perfect.

He says they sleep together hugging each other from then on. I think I should watch out. The pig might be too cuddly he’d fire me as his Babe. LOL.

9 thoughts on “My Man Is Such A Pig

  1. niel,
    kainis nga eh gusto ko nga maging mataba siya eh!

    LOL it’s the secret of our relationship: we do stupid things together!

    nung makita ko pa lang yan naisip ko na perfect gift ang pig na yan, so cute!

    sa toy kingdom yan galing, marami pang iba, may sheep din kaso walang musang eh LOL

    ayan yang pig muka niya LOL

    LOL it is a cute pig. at kakaiba talaga ang texture niya, it is fun hawakan.

    LOL it is cute, and stupid! LOL

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