PM’s daring Tagalog

I was out in your comment boxes for this past entire week because I was terribly swamped with work in the university’s publication office, and was even out to Angeles City the last days of the week to lay-out the paper. It was tough, tough work but I am very happy to announce that the work was done and it is fabulous!

As senior editor, it was my job to see everything runs smoothly, and to make life a little easier for the moderator of the paper. I really enjoy working in the publication because it gets all my creative juices flowing perfectly. One concrete example of this was the fact that I have written a short story in Tagalog all because we had to beat the deadline and the two short stories the staff passed where short of desirability. So to make ends meet, I had to whip out a short story on the spot – in Tagalog!

The thing is, PM is a native English writer. Tagalog is an unknown territory. But I dared. I thought of a concept while taking a bath and started whacking that keyboard. After printing, they told me the story was good. Yey me!

The title of the short story is Labing Pitong Taon. It is about a daughter who despises her father because he is an OFW, and what happens when he returns afterΒ  being away for 17 long years since the birth of the daughter. It deals with powerful mixed emotions, not one at a time, but everything at a time. LOL.

Maybe I’d post it here next time. I don’t have a soft copy so that means I have to type everything so I think I’d do that for my next post. What I’m happy about is the fact that I tried something new and it worked out just fine. Yey me!

18 thoughts on “PM’s daring Tagalog

  1. yey you!

    naalala ko tuloy si London dun sa TV series na The suite life of zack and cody…


    lagi niyang sinasabi “yey me”, and it’s cute and funny!


  2. chiquesan,
    nako pinangarap mo pa talaga. ang init kaya dun. but more than that, it is so hard work every time i go there. nakakamatayt LOL but it’s the hard work kaya mas masarap ang pakiramdam every time we win.

    opo i will share it, sa weekend!

    nako oo nga, tagalog writer ka pa naman! LOL post ko talaga yan, hopefully with the illustration that accompanies the story from the paper.

    oh then what are you waiting for – update! update! update!

    you won’t have to wait long. sa weekend i’ll post it. nako kinabahan yata ako. LOL

    the philippine educational system is so substandard! LOL did you know that the government like spends only P7 per student? that is so far from what thailand spends or the US which is like more than a hundred thousand per student.

    nako sorry ha terribly busy talaga. but happy first blog birthday to you! malapit na din ako! next month!

    LOL it is interesting now that you’ve mention it LOL i saw it na when i went at your site. that is so awesome bw. thank you!

  3. “I thought of a concept while taking a bath and started whacking that keyboard ”

    hmm..very interesting way to harness your creative genius. πŸ™‚

    yeah, that’s what we call stepping out of your comfort zone which could be a great experience for you πŸ™‚ Maybe you can post it in the future πŸ˜‰

    Hey, I got something for you to pick up in my blog 😎

  4. It’s good to be out of your comfort zone. This reminds me that I’ve not been regularly (supposedly once a week) blogging in Filipino for my Kwentong Kayumanggi series. I’m sure you had fun while drafting your Tagalog article/story. =)

  5. nova-san,
    LOL is that the case? maybe you should practice more! when i post the story read it then pass a comprehensive reaction to me LOL i’m not very good in written Tagalog though, i stink LOL

    i will post it when i get a soft copy from the office LOL though it is only a page long i am kind of lazy to type it LOL

    LOL di nga halata no? maybe in writing here but when you see me i think it shows LOL

    okay, okay i will post it next time LOL

  6. Ahhh… good for you! That makes me envious. Because I grew up in the States, my reading and writing level in Tagalog is like 2nd grade, or maybe even worse haha, although I can speak and understand. I’d love to read it though, or at least attempt to read it! πŸ˜‰

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