One OFF Those Days

I am feeling totally washed out today, the first since a long while.

I just finished teaching my students, two consecutive classes since 7:30 AM. It went fine, not as bad as I thought it would be, but I definitely could do better.

I realized life really has a funny way of telling you that you are having an off day, by simply piling up one headache after another until you get so asphyxiated you want to hide and get away from it all. Ugh. I so hate this feeling.

But the good news, I know that this is perfectly normal. People have off days regularly right? Ugh. My head is so killing me.

I am thankful though that my system is not failing me completely. My head is above the water, rationalizing with my emotional, stressed, and run down self that it is really not so bad and I am just feeling this way because I am overwhelmed.

I think I better go get a sundae.

13 thoughts on “One OFF Those Days

  1. dyanie,
    i did take lots of deep breaths! LOL

    a lot of people wants to join me in my sundae, that is so cool! LOL. i am feeling better now bakerman. thanks.

  2. winkie,
    i know it’s normal. maybe it’s just a stupid excuse to get a sundae. LOL

    i will, i will. i feel like my flesh is separating from my body already! ugh.

    that’s what i did yesterday. i went home, slept, and watched TV – and i made sure i ate a lot. LOL

  3. Are you sure sundae wouldn’t give you more headache? hehe 🙂 We need to step on the breaks once in a while to catch our breath. I am at work right now I feel like I want to go home and watch TV 😆

  4. K,
    i am practicing deep breathing exercises. LOL. it’s just one of those days again for me. it’s annoying really.

    thank you for dropping by. that is exactly what i intend to do. i know i need a break.

    it’s not really the teaching, but i must admit that it is very exhausting. i enjoy learning how to be a good teacher though. i am looking into the future – sa north carolina future. LOL

    tara kain tayo nun. LOL

    i sure wish sundae and cheesecake are enough.

  5. alo–musta kana? mukhang challenging ang pagtuturo mo a—–ganun talaga—–you will learn a lot from that…..

    and here’s the trick, you have to master something if you are to become a good teacher—-learn how to be able to renew yourself everyday or after every stressful situation—that’s a skill and you will find it very helpful in the future~~~~

  6. pahinga lang yan pusa, este prinsesa musang pala..sensya na kase naman ang pusang andito sa gilid na bumabaril ang nakakatawag ng pansin ng bumibisita sayo..ingat..pahinga muna..

  7. and don’t forget to grab some hot-lemon tea as well, it would help drained those “headaches” away.

    i too are so much overwhelmed from the day I turned you-know-the-age and i just can’t seem to patch up what first to write. so now i just let my brain relax, reading blogs, and laze around like a complete eezy breezy cat.

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