A Multiple Choice Irony

I am the type of person who loves exams. I don’t know, but there’s something about exams that make my heart flutter in excitement. Maybe it’s because I like a good challenge.

My sister Ched has just discovered the life of an OR intern nurse last week. After the first training day, she told me in surprise, “Ano ba ang gusto mo sa OR? Ayoko dun, nakakatakot! [What is it that you love about the OR? I don’t like it. It is a scary place.]”

She knew that when I was an intern I loved the OR. It was my most favorite place in the hospital. She told me the pressure was too much there. I told her, are you kidding me? I so love that pressure! Maybe that was why I also became EIC last year of the university paper. I love the smell of pressure – and being able to deliver at the end of the day.

Back to the exams, I prefer identification type ones, than the multiple choice type, or God forbid, enumeration type. I find that multiple choice ones are a little too much complicated for me.

Before meeting me, my students loved multiple choice type exams. It was very easy for them. But now, they end up groaning each time I announced that we are going to have a multiple choice exam – simply because I introduced them to what a real multiple choice exam should be like.

It looks easy at first glance – after all, all you have to do is make a circle on one of the four choices provided. But I think that is the first problem with multiple choice exams. There are so many possible answers that you see, most of the time, all are correct but you must ponder which one is the best – unlike in identification types, there is only one answer, and you know firsthand that it is the right answer. Another things is, the questions are hell tricky. You are just reading the question and you have to analyze already what is being asked, carefully watching out for keywords like except, not, all, true, and incorrect. It’s like finding needles on a carpeted floor. You have to analyze everything, and everything will give you a headache.

But much worse than a multiple choice type of exam is real life, because I just realized that the exams we have here are multiple choice types – the one I dislike. Each time we will face a problem or a decision, always, it is multiple choice. The questions are of the hardest kind, the trickiest of them all, and the choices provided are as confusing as they are the best.

We are always presented with choices to take. We are always facing several doors, and the word two minds is not even a word because it is always ten, or twelve minds. But at the end of the day, with or without knowing any possible consequence, we have to make a choice. One that we have to live with, possibly for a long time.

What I find ironic is that, in this life, when given a choice, sometimes people choose to break our hearts, even when they know how bad it will hurt.

23 thoughts on “A Multiple Choice Irony

  1. payatot,
    tama ka. subukan mo lang hawakan yan at sayo tatapat ang bail LOL sige subukan mo hawakan sa monitor LOL

    i also like essay questions, especially the ones that are open questions LOL it seems like any answer i choose is correct – well as long as i can explain it really. LOL

  2. Oh, I love this post. Really, everyday we have to choose what to do and sometimes we are faced with options that seem good at first but turn out to be not-so-good after close analysis. This is why maybe my favorite kind of exam would be the essay types—because I could go and explain why I chose such things, why I made such moves, why I opted to say such statements. I find that in real life I also do quite the same. Justification is my favorite and at the same time most hated word. And in the end, for the person who has decided on something, there’s always justification

  3. ala mo ba na bumalik lang ako dito ulit kase ako’y natuwa masyado sa pusa mong namamaril..ang cute ng pusang yan!

    sarap kurutin talaga, kaya lang baka ako naman ang barilin nya..o, paano pusa este musang pala, aalis na ulit ako..babalik na lang pag may bago..

  4. bw,
    siguro nga mas madali umiskor sa multiple choice. sa RP din naman diba ang mga state tests multiple choice. that is true, minsan wrong answers lagi, minsan naman yung choices available to us all wtong.

    ganun ba? eh ganyan siguro talaga may oras para sa lahat ng bagay. kaya mo yan!

  5. hehe..biglang sumagi sa isip ko eh…

    alam mo, nagbabago na rin yung pinagkakainteresan ko…

    ang masaklap, mukhang matagal ko pang mapagtutuunan ng pansin ang pagmamaster nito…


    gud lak ma’am princess M


  6. That’s great – your students are really learning now šŸ™‚

    You would be interested to know that here, govt tests for licences – driving exams, hunting, fiream safety are muliple choice tests. The reason I think is it is much easier to score, where all you have to do is place a template on top of the sheet and count the blackened holes, if the match the correct choice šŸ™‚

    Mas madali yatang magscore sa multiple choice, kaya naging uso dito hehe šŸ™‚

    Tungkol sa buhay naman, minsan nagkakamali tayo sa choices. Ang ibig sabihin lang it will never be perfect no matter what we do subalit kung wrong lahat ang choices, yan na siguro ang katumbas ng bagsak talaga sa test šŸ˜Æ

  7. eli,
    sis kelan pa naging eli pangalan mo? nakita ko lang na ikaw pala yan mula sa iyong e-ad.

    ano nga ba work mo diyan sa HK? ako din ayoko na ng science LOL i am interested in IT these days, and advertising, plus interior designing!

    sabagay may point ka diyan pag pinag aralan mo kahit ano pa yan okay lang! kaso hindi ako mahilig mag-aral eh!

    these days teacher na teachr nga ako. nakakatuwa nga eh i am improving as a person dahil sa pagtuturo ko.

    modified multiple choice? magpaganyang exam nga ako sa mga students ko LOL! nga pala, first year college ang tinuturuan ko.

    correct! kaya nga mahirap maging teacher ngayon eh, yung mahigpit ba at disciplinarian, hindi kasi nageget agad. LOL

    mary grace,
    sabi nga nila, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. LOL. kaso nag-aaral pa lang akong magluto eh. LOL

    aba nabuhay ang patay!

  8. “What I find ironic is that, in this life, when given a choice, sometimes people choose to break our hearts, even when they know how bad it will hurt.”

    -ano daw? hahaha lumabas na ko sa aking mahabang pananatili sa loob ng hibernating room. hahaha sinubukan kong magreklamo ulit sa blog ko. nagsisimula ulit. haha

  9. ahaha. cute naman. nakarelate ako. gusto ko rin ng pressure pero minsan parang hindi ko kayang i-handle. niwei. ung sa multiple choice, tama ka jan, mas nakakalito yun. kaya mabuti nang identification type.

  10. ouch, tama ka dun sa huli mong sinabi. minsan kailangan muna nating masaktan ang iba para malaman nila na para sa kanilang ikabubuti rin nila ang ginawa natin. pero sana maintindihan nila kung bakit kasi minsan hindi nawawala yung galit e ;D

  11. ang mahirap ay yung modifeed multiple choice! o dba haha šŸ˜›

    well minsan talaga kailangan muna natin magkamali at bumagsak para matuto sa buhay. sa mga panahon na yan, nalalaman natin kung paanu babaguhin ang mga napiling sagot para sa susunod ay di na to maulit.

  12. ma’am, i really like how you relate the multiple choice exams in a person’s life.teacher na teacher.hehe.

    btw, i so agree.masarap kumuha ng exam pag nag-aral ka at alam mong marami kang masasagot.pag wala kang alam,bokya.

  13. in this life, when given a choice, sometimes people choose to break our hearts, even when they know how bad it will hurt.

    siguro ganun talaga, minsan kasi di sinasadya na magkamali eh.. hayz!

    pero pagdating naman sa exam? madali sa akin kung pinagaralan ko talaga, mapa anong klase pa ng exam! ^^

  14. The OR is scary because the Doctors makes you panic – it is however one of the highlights of my Nursing years, not to mention completing 15 operation in “assisting the docs”. I almost failed you know.

    Multiple choice is not easy afterall, I think I always used my instinct in choosing the right answer but if you did study, it’s not really challenging.

    ahh, I don’t wanna go back to school learning stupid science. What I am interested now is culinary.

  15. panda,
    oo nga tama ka diyan, mahirap nga mag identification pag hindi nag review! LOL. siguro ganun nga yun, parang isang milyong tanong ng bata na walang katapusang bakit. LOL. grabe naisip mo pa yun ikumpara dun P!

    welcome to the wonderful world of musang, ma’am. you are absolutely right about measurement and evaluation, both in class and outside.

  16. In this life we always have to answer various questions of the day. As a teacher I am very familiarr about test construction, measurement and evaluation. I know that we do not only measure our cognitive abilities, but even our values and how we translate what we have learned into action. This world is the greatest school for all of us, and the most important thing to learn is how to live our life meaningfully. But believe me, learning is a life-time process. For as long as you can still manage to think, there are always things to learn.
    You can link with me here http://segundina.wordpress.com
    or http://secondlady.wordpress.com

  17. ako? it depends…

    kasi kapag nakapagreview ako, malakas ang loob kong magidentification type…

    pero kapag tinamaan na naman ng katam, naku! aasa ako sa 25% na possibility na tamang sagot sa multiple choice… hehehe…swertihan na lang kumbaga…

    hay naku…pag datinng naman sa buhay, walang katapusan naman ng choice ang nakatambak… kahit nakapili ka na, hindi ka pa rin tatantanan… alam mo yun? parang nagtanong ng limang beses ang batang makulit tapos sasagutin mo ng higit sa limang beses… haaay…

    anghirap iexplain…

  18. witsandnuts,
    and it sucks how much it hurts when we end up picking the wrong answer.

    i believe so too, kaya nga multiple choice ang state boards. it’s not what you know but how well you analyze. nakita ko na yung sagot mo sa tag, very interesting.

    yun nga ang isa pang problema, minsan mali lahat ng choices. hai.

    that’s the point exactly. at the end of the day we still have to make a choice. may masasaktan man o wala. we have to decide.

  19. sabi mo nga, pinakamahirap yung exam sa real life..totoo yon, kase di mo alam kung ano ang dadating na pagsubok sayo at kung paano mo ito gagawin ng walang masasaktan…

  20. Multiple choice is the most appropriate type to all standardized test not only test given in school but even to all board exams. And as you have associated the type of test to a real life drama, multiple choice will challenge all test-takers to choose for the very best decision or option at hand wherein they will be responsible with its outcome.

    nice musang..nga pala, have done your tag. thanks uli ha!:)

  21. I prefer identification type, too. In exams, it’s opting for the best answer among the choices. But in real life, we can’t just take the seemingly best option. There are times when we have to settle with the second best for that moment because in the end, that will be the best that we can have.

    I liked this post. =)

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