Since it is valentine week, let me start the lovey-dovey, goggly-eye week by being ahead of everybody with this post. Give me the mush license because it is very unfortunate that I will not be with my Man on the 14th – starting from the 11th actually because I am going on a trip to Palawan, in Puerto Princesa City.

I will miss my Babe terribly. T_T

Later this morning we played ROSE on line together yet again and by the time it was 12, I had to eat with my family so I told him that I would brb, since the language ROSE on line uses is mostly that of IM, I jokingly typed ILYVM, short for I love you very much. We really had a good laugh about it.

Earlier this month I bought him a present from papemelroti. I thought this is the perfect post to share it with.

For loving me unconditionally for the past half decade

For loving me unconditionally for the past half decade

Definitely a kilig moment!

For doing all that and more.

Sorry for the bad photos but I think if you lean in close enough you will be able to read what’s written on it. I advise you to go get your loved ones one of this too!

Times like this make my Man and I realize how much we feel for each other, since it has been so long but we still have that kilig [warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you are in love] element in our relationship that is mostly abundant during beginnings, but I am happy to say we have not lost it, that’s why we are happy. I honestly think all this time we still have the biggest crush on each other!

I am so going to miss my Babe T_T. I have not left yet but I already want to go home! LOL.

ILYVM my Man.

18 thoughts on “ILYVM!

  1. kat,
    i just returned last night and i missed my man so much! yes it is indeed half a decade and we are only 21 years old, so imagine how long the way we still have to go!

    exactly! sometimes forcing change isn’t good. i should now. i’ve tried it and it sucked.

    LOL ang dami niyan ah, baka magtayo ng colony dito sa blog ko!

    oh my, we did not even celebrate v-day because I was in palawan. maybe we will go out today though. LOL

    LOL eh di patawag ka din sa iyong babe na my man diba? o kaya pasimple na style kunwai pabasa mo sa kaniya ang aking blog para makita niya LOL

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  3. They say there’s nothing better than loving someone for who he/she is, than what he/she has hehe πŸ™‚ May your love life even get giddier and exciting as the decades pass by πŸ˜†

  4. Wow, going to Palawan. I do hope you have a good time, even without The Man. Anyway, Valentine’s Day is just a day, not different from any other.

    Yay! to Babe&Babe. Half a decade?Amazing!

  5. dyanie,
    there is a press congress. it is for the paper. ganun ba? bakit naman hindi? pwede naman mag valentines kahit hindi partner ang kasama diba?

    actually pag uwi ko na lang, 14th ng gabi ang flight ko pabalik so 15th na kami magkikita. not bad. para hindi naman namin kasabay ang buong pilipinas magcelebrate. LOL

    oo ba abo ba address mo email mo sakin.

    will do so galdly!

    that is precisely correct. feeling ko lang everyday is balemtayms day. LOL

    but i can’t wait! LOL. i think that is something interesting sa amin, we can’t stand being away for so long!

  6. awww. πŸ™‚ nung nabasa ko ung title, wala akong idea. i love you very much pala. πŸ™‚

    dont worry ate, pwede pa rin namang maging Valentine’s Day kahit na anong araw, basta magkasama kayo.. ^_^

  7. haha…


    ipamper… natawa ako dun…


    mag-ingat ka dun ah…

    dala ka rin ng souvenirs…


    pa-DHL mo na lang..o kaya FedEx… o kaya LBC…


  8. ang sweeeet naman nito! yah! sa papemelrotti talaga madaming ganito! sayang naman kung di kayo magkasama.. well nandyan naman ang phone sa valentines di ba? i guess it wont cost that much! kaya lang for sure daming kumokontak so baka medyo mabagal ang connection! anyway, for sure pwede niyo naman siyang i celebrate ng advance or late di ba? kailangan pa bang dumating ang valentines day mismo bago i celebrate?

  9. wow anu meron? vacation lang? ang saya!

    hay naku, malapit na ang Vday haha! yan lang ang katangi tanging holiday na hindi ko cinecelebrate! hahahha πŸ˜›

  10. kengkay,
    LOL oo nga no? i think that makes it more interesting kasi madami kayo. LOL. pero okey din diba kung mag date kayo ulit like the old times minus the kids.

    number one siya sa votation sa new 7 wonders of nature!

    babe ko,
    ILYVM! LOL. andaya bakit ako ang sagot? dapat nga ipamper mo ko dahil namiss mo ko eh! LOL. i will miss you terribly.

  11. soo sweet >:D<
    ingat ka sa Palawan, sayang di ako makakasama. hehehe
    antayin na lang kita bumalik. πŸ˜€
    magprepare ka may date tayo pagbalik mo at dahil umalis ka at di mo ko sinama ililibre mo ko LOL. ILYM babe.

  12. naku ako hindi ko pa alam kung anong ireregalo ko kay kengkoy at sa mga little kengkays sa balentayms e. kapag ganyan kasi quadropol date kami parati ;D

    enjoy sa palawan

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