Revisiting Childhood Dreams

I do not remember much of my younger years but the little I do remember sticks with me like spilled paste. One of the fondest I got I remembered during my flight from Manila to Cebu when I was going to Palawan.

It gave me more joy to watch planes fly than actually ride one!

It gave me more joy to watch planes fly than actually ride one!

Looking out the window, I remembered telling myself when I was a little kid that when I grow up, I would ride a plane and when it is high up in the sky I would stick my hand out of the window and grab me one fluffy cloud for me to keep.

If only I can make a bed out of clouds

Clouds look like tasty cotton candy

Thinking about it now made me recall another dream of mine, this one I had when I was in high school. I remember somebody asking me about what I wanted to do with my life and my answer was, “I want to be able to lay on the clouds and just do nothing each day but rest.” Now I think that’s not a bad dream at all.

I'd sure love to own a bed made of clothes

I'd sure love to own a bed made of clouds

Thinking about all these made me realize that some childhood dreams we do not really reach, and some do change over time, but one way or the other, if we really think about it, our childhood dreams we still have somewhereΒ  inside, and some, without even realizing it, we have already achieved.


18 thoughts on “Revisiting Childhood Dreams

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  2. weeeeeeeee!!!
    ang ganda ng mga litrato.
    aeroplane!!! πŸ˜€
    grabe! parang tumatanda na tayo.
    tskk!wala na yung mga fantasy sa utak natin..

    ehe. parang ang sarap magpagulong-gulong sa alapaap tapos tatalbog-talbog ka sa mga malalambooot na ulap! weeeeheee! cloud 9! XD

    kala ko nga dati stalker ko ang clouds eh. hahaha!

  3. hello from Scandinavia!
    beautiful pictures and what a nice dream to have!
    have you read the book: “Illusions” by Richard Bach? perhpas that will offer you an explaination to such dreams?
    i love clouds and aeroplanes,too and on on of my websites, if you stroll down a bit, you can see the video of the danish aerobatics champion. it’s really cool!
    have fun!
    sarah sofia

  4. nyl,
    i agree – god indeed has his own way of doing and seeing things, and it is always the best way!

    i hate the ear pain that comes with plane rides!

    that is true. kids really have it good!

    now that is a huge compliment. thank you! ilyvm!

    at first i was thrilled but as it got longer and longer i got bored. LOL

    alam mo gusto kong panuodin ang adaptation na yun!

    well i’d have my bed of clouds on top of the floor.

    kaya nga dreams eh diba? LOL.

    unggoy! tapos ngayon magcocomment ka! LOL. congrats mon!

    inedit ko ang comment mo, para naman hindi nabroadcast ang identity ko. LOL. salamat ng marami!

    thank you so much! this really calls for a celebration!

  5. hanggang eroplano’ng papel na lang ako huhuhu. kainggit naman. pero at least hindi ako ang nalula, ikaw!=)
    unattainable dreams are the best kind. yun yon.^^

  6. ‘It gave me more joy to watch planes fly than actually ride one!’

    -pareho tayo.i dunno how to explain pero iba siguro talaga nung bata ka.astig pag may airplane akong nakikita noon.tatanungin pa ko ‘Where is the plane?’ sasagot ako ‘There.’

    sarap maging bata.walang iniintindi,walang problema,walang inaalala

  7. I just want to ride the plane again, i hope i don’t miss out on the clouds too, but thinking of where i am in the exosphere makes me nauseated, ack, i have a fear of heights, NOT! But i just feel uncomfy at heights.

  8. i like the shots. revisiting childhood memories would make me smile. minsan ang sarap maging bata uli.:)

    we can still continue dreaming even in old age. There is no dream too late to come true. God fulfills our dream right on time if we don’t give up..just dream on musang!

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