Query 2: How To Make Brain Milkshake

My Man and I got this tiny cute box of questions from papemelroti that went by the name Query 2.

A fun papelmeroti product

A fun papemelroti product

What do you know, we opened the box and it is really fun! There are card pieces inside with critical thinking questions – some appearing innocently simple but is definitely hard to answer. We got all excited about it that we decided to post some questions and our answers here.

As I am making this entry, my Babe is here beside me at my house, tinkering with my laptop because I have issues with its speed, hmmm… lack thereof more aptly.

Anyway, the papemelroti box is open and let us start to answer those queries for a healthy brain milkshake!

Query No. 1

Query No. 1

ME: That giving other people advice is not healthy. They should figure things out for themselves.

MY MAN: Wala eh. Hindi ako nagtatanong [Nothing. I don’t seek advice]. (PM: Ang yabang mo naman.)

Query No. 2

Query No. 2

ME: When you start doing things you do not want to do.

MY MAN: Pag malawak na yun pang-unawa mo sa mga bagay [When you have a wider and smarter perspective and understanding of things]. (PM: Mas matinong tao ka talaga kesa sakin no? MY MAN: Parehas lang.)

Query No. 3

Query No. 3

ME: Einstein’s, or Obama’s. Hmmm… maybe that of Mojo Jojo, right, right, definitely Mojo’s. LOL

MY MAN: (…cricket sound)

Query No. 4

Query No. 4


Query No. 5

Query No. 5

BABE&BABE: I’d want to hear you talking about me to your friends! (MY MAN: Sasama ko  sayo para malaman ko kung anong sinasabi mo pag kinekwento mo ako.)

Query No. 6

Query No. 6

ME: Tatama ako sa lotto! [I’d win the lottery!] LOL. I’d get a good job this year, and still be having all the wonderful relationships I have.

MY MAN: I’d marry you. (Awwwww…)

Query No. 7

Query No. 7

ME: Si Pope John Paul II, sina Mother Goose at Don Domeng, at ang Babe ko [The late Pope John Paul II, my parents, and my Man.]

MY MAN: Syempre ikaw [PM]. (Weeeeeeee… PM’s kilig.)

Query No. 8

Query No. 8

BABE&BABE: Definitely dead!

Query No. 9

Query No. 9

ME: Food! I’d end the world’s hunger.

MY MAN: Ay… sobra na yun. [That’s too much.] LOL.

Query No. 10

Query No. 10

ME: Una kong naisip yung tunog ng cellphone ko LOL tapos isa lang naman ang nagpapatunog ng cellphone ko – yung Babe ko. [The sound of my cellphone ringing when my Man calls.]

MY MAN: Pag tinatawag mo kong ‘Hubby’. [When you call me ‘Hubby’] (PM’s kilig again…)

Query No. 11

Query No. 11

ME: How the hell do you survive? Wala namang nagpapakain sa inyo ah? [When nobody feeds you?]

MY MAN: Ah… hello?

Query No. 12

Query No. 12

ME: Amoy ng ginigisang bawang at sibuyas na lalagyan ng tuna! Tsaka yung pabango ng Babe ko. [The smell of garlic and onion being sauteed, plus my Man’s cologne.]

MY MAN: Yung amoy ng ginigisa, lalo na sa kanin. [The smell of sauteed food with rice.]

Query No. 14

Query No. 13

ME: Ninja mode!

MY MAN: Happy.

Query No. 14

Query No. 14


Query No. 15

Query No. 15

ME: I want to learn martial arts, para astig pwede akong manggulpi! LOL [because it is cool and I can beat up people.] Or maybe I’d enroll in the fanciest culinary school, I am not that good in cooking yet.

MY MAN: Mixed Martial Arts! Or sing. LOL (PM: Bakit sing? Napaka astig nung una tapos singing? MY MAN: Eh ganun talaga eh!)

24 thoughts on “Query 2: How To Make Brain Milkshake

    • LOL pinag isipan namin ang sagot diyan! yung iba sa next post na lang madami pa! welcome to my site! your presence is much appreciated.

  1. OFF topic: Do you know that your wordpress.com blog is now integrated with Reply button? Go to your Dashboard – Setting – Discussion – Other Comment Setting – (choose Enabled Threaded Comments).

    Just FYI.

  2. I GoT IT!




    Now I know, na ang D ay after ng A, B, and C..at! 4th letter ng salitang panda… heck!




    pero kung tama yung hinala ko,

    ayun nga yun…

    yun nga ba yun?..:D


  3. sidney,
    welcome to my house. yes they are interesting kaya nga post agad kami eh at nakakatuwa kasi mas interesting ang mga sagot namin LOL

    gusto mo sheng padalan kita? ano ba mailing ad mo?

    LOL bawiin mo na. bibili nga din ako nung query 1 eh 2 kasi tong nasa akin. sayo ba? yung D? pang apat na letra ng salitang panda. LOL

  4. hmmm…

    hindi ko nagets yung “D!”…

    bulong mo naman…


    namiss ko yung query ko… nasa friend ko kasi… di pa niya binabalik, pero ok lang… LoL…

    nice answers…

    hanggang surbeys lang ako sa friendster eh..

    ui niadd nga pala kita!


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